L&L Hawaiian Barbecue

40573 Margarita Rd suite g, Temecula
(951) 296-2988

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Jess O (bouncerdjwife)

My husband ordered katzu and fish with Mac and rice. I got shrimp plate with Mac. While both were fine, the brown gravy and Mac are not the same as the older locations. We love the cypress location and we’re thrilled to find one here in Temecula. While the meats tasted the same, the mac and brown gravy were not the same like the recipe was changed.

Mason Gilbert

Went in stood there for 10 minutes waiting to place my order. None came, called out no one answered ended up leaving

Ulises Galvez

Seaweed on the Musubi was way too chewy but the spam and sauce was delicious! I wasn't a fan of my bbq combo plate but my wife loved her chicken katsu. Personally, I wouldn't eat here again but I'm sure my wife will drag me here once again. My rating: 5/10. My wife's: 8/10

Melita B.

If i could i would give a NO star!!! This is the worse L&L ive been too. I ordered the garlic chicken plate and kalua pork and cabbage plate. Worse food ever... The garlic chicken was a no for me. Chicken was not fried crispy, macaroni salad was bland and watery, rice was mushy. I did not enjoy it at all. As for the Kalua pork and cabbage it lacks flavor. I was so disappointed. All in all they need to fire the cook and hire someone who can cook. It is ashame to the local hawaiian food L&L chain cause this place does not represent L&L.

Clyde N.

Mac salad on point. Loco moco gravy on point. Chicken Katsu perfectly cooked not overdone. Curry perfect not skimpy.

Susie T.

I liked the workers there! So nice and helpful. Also very quick and efficient. I've come here a few times and the workers are quite good. Funny thing is, the L&L in san diego tastes good, bur service is slow and the establishment is dirty! I only gave it 3 stars because the flavor was so lacking. It didn't have that taste I was expecting. I was sooooo disappointed in the macaroni salad. No taste! No flavor! My favorite thing at Hawaiian bbq and it missed. I got the kalbi combo with chicken. Just very underwhelming. At least this place was super clean and organized!

SnapShot 3.

My local cousins from the islands (Hawaii for those that don't know the phrase) said this L&L is an embarrassment to the ones back home. They even said the people that cook it and whoever owns this place doesn't have that Aloha in them and don't know the culture. In their own words their food is welweli meaning bad or terrible. I'm pretty sure those that been to the islands, locals or natives would agree with me.


Shout out to Sammy (Assistant Mngr)/L&L Hawaiian BBQ Temecula! Decided to get dinner at L&L. This place now has Daily Specials for $8.88 and a medium drink is included! Decided to give the Fried Fish a try instead of waiting for Friday. The fish was cooked the way I liked it...it wasn't fried too long where it would make the fish to crunchy and I feel the 3 (three) pieces was a great amount. The next time I order the fish, I would definitely ask for extra lemons...the 1(one) was not enough for my taste. I also got the Loco Moco for my lunch for work tomorrow. When I mentioned that, Simon offered to put the gravy and the mac salad on the side which I really appreciated. Decided to leave the mac salad so I can enjoy it while my food heats up. And of course I needed to get the lumpia...always get an order when I go there! Now my Tuesday is all good...much Mahalo Simon. *not on the Daily Special...Musubi Monday! Spam musubi for $1.85! Simon was very apologetic that this location did not participate in National Spam Musubi Day yesterday...told him no worries, maybe next year.

Jeff P.

Kailua pork is perfect! Like their macaroni salad and rice. Generous portions. Love that they are back!

Darius X

This location has been open for about 3 months, so we decided to give it a try.They have a very diverse menu with the standard Hawaiian fare along with a few extras.I ordered the barbecue chicken plate which came with rice, macaroni salad, and grilled chicken over a bed of salad.And this is the impressive part: the full platter was only $10.89 but it came with a very nice helping of chicken ( I didn't think I could eat it all in one sitting).I enjoyed the meal and was very satisfied. Also, the attendant was nice, patient, and helpful when we were asking a lot of questions about the menu.I will definitely be adding L&L to my list and would love to come again. Highly recommended.

David L.

Lau Lau s on Friday!!!!! Treat yourself to and amazing culinary treat!! Appreciate you cab find such a beautiful thing off the island!

Gladys R.

They are open 11am-9 pm Monday to Sunday. Confirmed from them as of today July 14,2022. So go out there and place your orders!

Maribel Avelar

The food as always is delicious. On the other hand, if you are used to earning points on your app for your purchases or trying to redeem a coupon, this location is not set up for it. They don't even offer military discount. This is the first L&L in Temecula owned by the same owner as most of the L&L's in San Diego.

Herbert Quintana

Everything is delicious, I had had L&L at different locations. This one is brand new and in walking distance from my home. The cashier was a little lacking in customer service, she did not seem too happy to have customers or interested in being there. I ordered the BBQ mix and my wife hot the hamburger. We waited about 25-30 minutes. There was one other couple there waiting. When the food came out my BBQ box was just filled with fixings no meat. I explained the mistake and the cook corrected it pretty fast. The seemed to not believe me at first about the missing BBQ so they asked to see my receipt. I

Fernando C.

Usually don't ever write yelps but I've became a regular I guess you can say as I go almost every weekend.. And boy I can say they do not mess around! The environment is amazing and very welcoming they take pride in what they serve the cook, Aliyah has already memorized my usual order lol. Man I've seen that girl hustle during a rush she will get the food out and still come out to the front and help the girls hand out orders if that doesn't show hustle I don't know what does.. So I for sure will rate this place a 5/5 for it being an amazing, clean, and most importantly delicious new local restaurant. I'm a man of my word and promised I would download yelp to write a good review! - Fernando Cortez

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