Temecula Pizza Co

44535 Bedford Ct, Temecula
(951) 694-9463

Recent Reviews

Gary Prichard

Best pizza I have ever eaten!

Mark Kelley

The BEST pizza in the Temecula Valley. Interesting, different pizzas. Give it a try. The Stromboli is pretty amazing too.

Hollis Lee

Always great. Love that they have gluten free pizza.

Derek VanderPloeg

Great pizza. Could tell sauce was made from scratch with pieces of tomatoes and onion in it.


We reserved the wine room for my Daughter’s Baby shower, it just made sense since we had been going to TPC since she was little and it held great memories for us. We arrived at about 1130 to decorate and the party started at 1pm. They let us decorate how we wanted and were so helpful!! Asking us right away if they could help or get us anything. They were pretty busy at this point, and the staff still made sure to check on us. All the food I ordered came out exactly when I asked for it, they brought out beverages and made sure everyone had what they wanted. The staff was so incredibly kind and attentive. They always make you feel like family when you’re there and this was no exception. We had the best time and everyone complimented me on the space and kept saying how wonderful everything was and how good the food is!!! Steve was incredibly kind in offering to help with clean up etc and was very patient with a stressed mother lol If anyone is looking for a lovely place to have any kind of gathering, I highly recommend TPC all the way around!! Carol is the absolute best!!! Love this place!!!! Thank you all for making my Daughters day so special!!!

Pierre Jacinto

Prompt service in for piping hot ? pizza☺️

Judy C.

Pizza is good, crust not so much. pepperoni and mushroom, barely saw the mushroom, added bell pepper on the second one. 2 16" pizzas and a salad for 5. Salad was good and fresh chopped romaine 3 slices of tomato some sliced red onion and fresh grated cheese. No choice on dressing, creamy italian. $$$83.00 won't be back

Julie Hess

Great food and super nice staff!

Byran N.

These 4 and 5 star reviewers have lost their damned minds. Full stop. The crust is terrible. I don't mean "passable". I mean that it's flavorless cracker crust that tastes like the owner has an "in" with a frozen pizza company and they're shipping them the un-topped frozen pizza crusts on the downlow. The sauce tastes like what you'd get if Chef Boyardee had a ketchup baby. They also "season" the toppings with dried herbs before baking, which is super awesome if you like the taste of burnt foliage in your mouth. I got a pepperoni and sausage pizza, and it was $30. The cheese they use is absolutely delicious. So... yay! They also put unripened thin slices of tomatoes under the cheese, which- while it doesn't take away from the cheese flavor, it also doesn't add a single thing. Unless you consider "bland" a thing, of course. You know the delicious italian sausage you get on the more expensive pizza joints? It's got bite, salt, fat, heat, and flavor. This place doesn't use that. Instead? They've opted to use what can only be described as a bad meatball in a sausage casing. Their pepperoni was... pepperoni. I cannot stress this enough: dry flavorless cracker with unseasoned ketchup and flavorful cheese. It's like the worst sausage, cheese and cracker platter you've ever had. But it looks pretty! So that's... something. So why two stars and not one? They were super nice. Attentive, even. And for a $30 two topping 16" pizza, they should be. But if they were just normal amounts of nice? I'd be petitioning Yelp to give half star reviews.

Michael Mancuso

We do not get down to Temecula very often, but when we do we also make time for Temecula Pizza Co. Their pizza creations along with the Olive Oil jalepenos are amazing.

Marissa A.

Omg, let me tell you I am not a fan of pizza, but I will eat they're pizza any day (white tiger). There salads are delicious as well.

Michelle T.

Just driving by fromSan Diego to Vegas. Kids were hungry and we got off the freeway, found this pizza place. Best cheese and pepperoni pizza so far in Cali. I would drive back this way for more pizza and salad

Kent Moon

We have been coming here for several years, and we always find friendly staffs and great service.

Liz B.

Great pizza, great salads, great staff, good selection of beers. Definitely worth the drive. We've been coming here for over 20 years. We LOVE Temecula Pizza.

David S.

This is from a while back - had been saved as a draft, but it happened so im posting it. Went in with my gf to pick up a pizza. When we walked in we noticed that the folks behind the counter were not wearing masks. We figgured that if someone placed an order they would then put on a mask. We sawto our surprise, a waiter approached us with no face mask! thats when we realized that they were just not complying with any of the the local covid mandates. We were both surprised and uncomfortable. The waiter recognized this and was pushy about us placing an order. we just left. Since then, Ive read posts by them saying basically "if you dont like it, scr** you." well my reponse is, "no.sc** you. we are NEVER going back."

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