The Boiler Room Temecula

27911 Jefferson Ave, Temecula
(951) 695-2337

Recent Reviews

Donna Q.

very good food. nice crew working. great service. will come again with friends.

Stevo Johnson

Cool beer and food is really good here had good time


I can confirm the room has been boiled.

Rob A.

Hmm, let's run it down. Food is great, Shawnee is awesome, people there are great. Where are you? Try the boiler room. Are you intimidated by what you have heard? Try it in the afternoon. You will not regret it. I took my 21 year old daughter for daddy daughter night and it was awesome. Give this place a shot, you will not be disappointed. Thank you Shawnee for everything!

Randy L.

Please check your tab before they swipe your card. I asked the bartender before ordering about their Monday 5$ burger special, and she explained that yes it was only 5$, so I ordered 2. Tell me why when I asked to cash out the tab was way more expensive than it should have been. I asked why it was so expensive, hoping she would fix it and all she gave was the price of our beers. I then had to ask for a print out of our tab after she already swiped my card and found she had charged full price for the burgers. She played dumb to the situation like "oh I didn't give you the special?" It's funny because Ive heard that over charging was a thing here but didn't believe it till now. Save your $$ go else where.

Angie Terranova

My husband and like this place. Great Bartenders I would recommend going there.

Scott Weaver

Cheryl is great, good service

Steve Quintero

First time visit and definitely surprised with Taco Tuesday. excellent food and even better service. Looking forward to the return of live music as unfortunately the 1st time we tried to come here they were closed due to Covid and now hopefully they will return to normal within the next few months.

Keith Escalante

Not bad for the first night reopening.

Daniel Wolf

Ok prices and better service but $5 all you can eat tacos on Tuesday cannot be beat!

Bryan Doris

Great place for a daytime bar. Free pool on Mondays and the food specials are different everyday and taco Tuesday is all you can eat for $5


Cheap good food and drinks for an after work situation to bad they close at 6pm

Justin Mcfalls

Bomb food cheep drinks


Great crowds good vive

Adam M.

Taco Tuesday at this location was extremely satisfying. Their all-you-can-eat tacos are only $5, and their tacos are huge! Every now and then, they'll have rock and metal bands come and play live shows at their location, so if you're into local/underground shows, this is the place to try out.

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