21 Square Bar and Kitchen

3635 Fashion Way, Torrance
(310) 543-6034

Recent Reviews

Michael S.

This is a great little place to eat especially staying at the Torrance Marriott. The staff always stands out as knowledgeable and very friendly Seating is good and very open , clean feel. The food all of it from the appetizers to main course you can't go wrong. Recommend if with a group , get a few things and share , that way you get a great taste of all Now remember this place is inside the hotel , so the prices a little on the higher side , but worth it and if staying here a must Enjoy

Bob G.

Located in Marriott I was was staying at. Tried for breakfast and discovered this lovely parfait. Fresh and tasty.

Elisa Gutierrez

Our favorite Italian restaurant in the east bay by far. You can't have a bad meal there, in my opinion. 21 Square Bar and Kitchen is a favorite but it is certainly filling. The 21 Square , steak 21 Square is excellent. Everything is good there. The staff is also very professional, very helpful and very pleasant. Love this place even though it's getting harder to get into. :)


The prices are high, but if you want the convenience of not moving from the hotel you're staying in, then this is worth it. Avoid the fish and chips if you prefer a crisp batter like I do. Hamburger is excellent.

Stephan Goodwin

Good food, with some vegetarian options.


Very nice. Food was good. Wait staff very friendly. Love the look. Very low key the night we went. Outside is very inviting. Would eat here again.

Elisa B.

A fun low key spot for cocktails. Nice outdoor patio area with fireplace. Plenty of seating options. They have yard games like corn hole and a giant chessboard. Pretty little raised bed garden area with all the essentials for freshly muddled cocktails. Rendezvoused with my team here at 6:30 for pre-dinner cocktails, we were a party of seven and took up residence on the outdoor couches. Service was attentive and cocktails were yummy. I had a tequila jalapeí±o margarita type drink which went down easy. Good selection of wine and beers. Overall we were very satisfied with our experience.

David M

I went to the bar on two different days to unwind and both nights were staffed by excellent bartenders who were friendly and efficient. Unfortunately I forgot their names.

Chris A.

Didn't meet my expectation but still I'm giving it a good review. Food is good, the service is a little slow. Staff are friendly.

Nicolas Baume

Nice bar with some pretty good food. The beer menu deserves to be wider. Having a drink on the terrace is 👌 😎


good service, interesting and healthy menu. Egg white frittata for breakfast, ahi tuna salad or protein bowls for lunch, among others. Indoor or outdoor seating, and full bar.

Ian Chan

Food is a bit too salty imo... I prefer their quinoa bowl instead. Wings are too spicy for me.

Phillip H.

I'm parched and hungry at 10pm after arriving at this Marriott after a long flight from Tampa. The easiest thing to do is take the elevator, grab a table, and order the first thing that tickles my fancy. I was immediately seated and got their 21 Square-made beer, and shortly after, some fish tacos. The beer was solid. If I hadn't known it was made nearby, I would've assumed that it was a more well distributed beer. The tacos were light and tasty - definitely appreciated that the next morning. The chips weren't fresh, but c'mon, this isn't a Mexican restaurant. The main downside is price. With the company paying, along with the convenience of being just downstairs, the price makes sense. I wouldn't go out of my way to come here and pay $27 for 3 tacos and a beer - but if you're looking for good food and a cool place to hang, this is the spot!

Briana P.

Best part of this restaurant was the hostess Fran. She was so full of life and accommodated us with what we needed. She was super special, came up And checked on us even though she wS not our serve or our responsibility and me sure we were having the best of time. Drinks were always filled because of here and there we loved her hospitality

Stefanie C.

After a long two days of leadership training at this Torrance Marriott, we all met up for drinks at 21 Square Bar. I felt instant regret when I took a seat on the patio because it and the pool were gorgeous, but there wasn't more time to enjoy any of it. I sank into my chair and enjoyed the nearby heat lamp. Not in the mood to socialize, I ordered the Vintage cocktail... It felt more approachable than my usual whiskey neat. For food before my plane flight, I got an ahi tuna salad. My friend and I were the first ones at the empty restaurant, but it still took 30 minutes to get my salad. What the heck?! The wait staff seemed a little clueless too. Maybe I was tired and impatient. Perhaps I should be more forgiving towards these young men probably working their first job. They had a hard time understanding the international crowd and got nervous. Props to them for keeping their professionalism though. If I was staying at this hotel again, I think I'd just sit at the bar for some of those tasty cocktails. The Vintage was amazing so bring on the other liquors. Hard pass on the food, since there are so many other restaurant options around Torrance.

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