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21501 Hawthorne Blvd, Torrance
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24 Hour fitness attracts the type of people who do not have class or manners. The women here have no sense of personal modesty, and openly walk around naked without at least wearing a towel going to and from the showers. Once, I saw a giant obese woman, at least 500 lbs going in and out of the shower area with no clothing on -- not even wearing a towel -- just some sort of loin cloth. I cannot unsee that image -- frightening. Also, there are too many posers here not working...read full review
Maybe the employees should get off there phones and walk around more. The gym is nice enough, but I asked a simple question about part of the gym being open and come to find out its closed after I already changed. When I was leaving all 3 of the employees had there heads down on their phones. No "hello" when I arrived and no "have a nice day" when I left. I've already been disappointed by this 24 (even though it's only been open for a short time) so I will be going back to the...read full review

The gym is in a great location with nice amenities, but it?s not being kept up. The woman?s showers are full of balls of hair strewn about. The staff at night plays loud personal rap music through a large speaker positioned at the front desk. It really cheapens the experience.

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