Aristo Cafe

3768 W 242nd St, Torrance
(310) 375-1600

Recent Reviews

Kathy B.

Love the food and the friendly atmosphere. Been enjoying the food and the service for many years. If you'd like you can bring in your wine, the will supply the glasses.

Tee B.

I cannot say enough god things about this wonderful restaurant. It's DELICIOUS and the family that owns and operates it is wonderful. I generally get the chicken and the lamb and both are amazing!!!!!!!! I find the food to be well priced and the servings to be high in quality and generous in size. This my new go to spot for Mediterranean food!

Miss J.

I spent my last thirteen dollars on the lunch special yesterday and this is my first Yelp review - life-affirming seasoning and herb situation, everything was the perfect texture (creamy hummus, crispy outside on the kabobs, how the pita got after being in the container straight on the meal instead of in a separate bag - an important decision), there was a lot of everything, the toum!, the gentleman who took my order was very nice and it was ready when he said it would be, 10/10 - didn't love having to be in Torrance, don't love counting pennies, love feeling the love through food made and served with care, made my day a lot better, so thank you!

Mo M.

Wow! It has been so long since I've been to a restaurant and before I finish eating, I can't wait to go back. It was my first time trying this place and I'm so glad I did! I really wanted Greek food but the thought of going to some franchise (*cough chicken maison cough*) wasn't appealing at all! So I did a Yelp search... From the tabouli to the eggplant parm to the cauliflower, it was all so fresh and delish! Also the beef shish kabob and chicken kabob were very flavorful! Again, I cannot wait to go back!

George N.

One of the few last places that has that special homely touch. A place to visit when you want a pretty good volume of Greek food. Taste 5 Friendly Volume excellent Service 5 Price $$ but makes it up in taste and volume Came back 2nd time already, definitely coming back for more. Food prepared with heart and spirit that matches the service, definite must try for all.

Jessica F.

Aristo is one of our go to places for fresh, delicious Mediterranean food. My husband and I discovered Aristo by walking by when we used to lived down the street. We still go back, even after moving further away. We ordered take out tonight and they were kind enough to throw in a baklava dessert and extra pita. Aristo has very nice staff, consistently high quality meals, and prompt service. We appreciate you all!

L Craig

Great Family spot, they even put some complimentary watermelon for us to was such a hot summer day too.....HOW THOUGHTFUL. The selection is phenomenal, everything was really flavorful and cooked to perfection. I love the flavor of the yummy....Can't wait for you guys to open back up the dining room, so we can enjoy the atmosphere. Glad your in the neighborhood, we'll be back to visit soon. Be well and Stay safe.....Blessings for you all!!!

MissAmber C.

We yelped this place because our favorite Mediterranean spot was just to far of a drive today & this place did not disappoint!!! The prices are close to what we pay going to our normal spot & the only reason I am rating 4 is because the hummus & garlic wasn't exactly were we would like it to be authentically.... Other then that the management/ owner / workers were nice & gave us wonderful service. Thanks.

Shobi Q.

Nice lunch place. Healthy food. Small place. Wish john ( owner ) would get a bigger place and stay open for dinner.

Laura A.

Today I had to order lunch for a work meeting. I order from here well cause I like it, usually get the beef kabobs lunch. I love it, i should probably try more things on the menu and I will someday. But when I opened my bag noticed there was another box, I thought hmm. Boy was I surprised a thank you baklava from the restaurant. So awesome and so appreciated! I order thru door dash, hopefully soon I can order at the restaurant. But the food was amazing, always is!

Keun Lee

The garlic butter spread (made on-site) is absolutely divine, haven't found another place which comes close to rivaling theirs! Must add it on everything to enhance their already delicious food

Cavasi King

I their food it’s delicious and fresh! Friendly and quick service! Thank you!

Hanna G.

amazing service! we got 2 pita sandwiches that were absolutely phenomenal and I recommend trying out their baklava!

Mark R.

Food is absolutely delicious! Owners are very nice and accommodating. Kebabs were amazing, as well as the hummus and baba ganoush. Gave us extra pita and garlic sauce. Highly recommended!!!


The food here has been fantastic every time. You can tell they make everything with love and care. The restaurant has a very cozy atmosphere and everyone is very friendly.

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