Auntie Anne's

21540 Hawthorne Blvd Spc 514C, Torrance
(310) 370-5852

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Gary L.

My pretzel was burnt! Ask for another one! and it was burnt twice! Never again I will come this place! I'll just stick to the one in Lakewood mall!!!

Iris V.

Question? Why do you wait until you're out of pretzels to stick a new batch in? Makes no sense to me. A 15 min wait for one pretzel when you just want a quick snack to grab in between your shopping. They could be more productive i think.

Kat M.

I echo other Yelpers in stating that this location does not care about customer service. Our pretzels were tasty enough, but I would not eat here again. There was one employee lazily helping all the people that wanted to order, one employee making pretzels in the back where you could only view her head, and 3 employees visibly sitting around on their phones in the back. It seemed like a long wait for a simple pretzel. They must get enough mall traffic to not have to hustle or care very much about retaining customers.

Bella B.

Ordered an almond with no butter. Ten minute wait. Cool. I understand. It has to be freshly made. But to wait ten minutes for a BURNT pretzel? That's not cool. Unfortunately I didn't look until I got into the car :( see pic for sad burnt pretzel

Ana Muneton

I got a free pretzel thanks to T mobile.

Taylor U.

First time eating at Auntie Anne's Pretzel. Got free pretzel from T-Mobile Tuesday. I got the salted original pretzel. I had to scrape some salt off because the salt flavor was very overwhelming. Not sure how much anything is.

Judy T.

I came here with a T-Mobile deal for a BOGO of equal or lesser value for a classic pretzel and the owner (assuming) a lady with an extremely loud voice was yelling that the free one is only plain or salty. She was very rude even though the sign lists all of the flavored ones as "classics." The Free one is just one of equal or lesser value. They had ready pretzels with jalapeí±o and pepperoni and just pepperoni...but no sweet almond or just jalapeí±o on site. She was very reluctant to have us order that saying they don't have it. She also had just plain and the cinnamon one. I said other locations can make it I don't mind waiting. She was so angry at that! It's like's on the menu though so...why are you giving me so much attitude for ordering something on the menu? This is a combined Cinnabon and auntie Anne's and Carvel by the way in the topmost floor of the Del Amo Mall.

Los Angeles

Always good and fresh!

Michelle W.

The customer service was good, they even had samples of the lemonade which was nice. I only gave 3 stars for the pretzels themselves. My friend and I ordered 2 flavored pretzels, a sour cream one and the garlic one. This is kind of our fault for not asking, but we thought somehow those flavors would be cooked into the pretzel. When we got our pretzels we realized that it's just a powder they put on it. So you basically get a plain pretzel with pringles powder dumped on. It wasn't great, especially for $4.

LosAngeles Foodie

Always good and fresh!

Patricia D.

Name a mall that doesn't become a shopping battle arena come holiday season? It isn't just because of the Christmas spirit that I gave this place one more star, I was impressed at how well organized the store was being ran during my visit! Yes, there was a long line for ordering but it moved in a good pace. The wait time after was non-existent. I just moved aside after I paid to wait for my pretzel and cheese dip. (Cheese dip is a must!) The cashier was calm and friendly, processed my purchase correctly! I can empathize with retail workers, it isn't an easy job and it takes a large amount of patience. I got the cheese pretzel with their cheese dip! It was yummy and it helped with the shopping! It's been a couple years since I've had wetzel pretzel so I can't make the statement if Auntie Annie's is better, the same or worst!

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