Burger City Grill

3605 Artesia Blvd, Torrance
(310) 819-8486

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Shaon B

Burger was A1 for sure. I got the BBQ burger with the onion rings and my sons had the regular cheese burger combo. All of our burgers an fries tasted amazing. The prices were also pretty good when you compare the high level of quality ingredients that you can taste. My only complaint would be the overall customer service was lacking and not as polite as i wouldve liked.

Bluesocks 11

Mediocre burger at best. The patty its self really lacks flavor and doesn’t really satisfy. Although fresh, I compare the burger’s taste that to a frozen burger you heat up in the microwave. You’re not missing out at all from this establishment. Ya it’s nice to support these independent businesses, but then again it’s pretty pricy for the quality you receive. Even McDonalds makes better burgers than this place. Do yourself favor, save your time and try some other place.The only positive is that their milkshakes are amazing. Thick and sweet! Just the way a milkshake should be. Also, the fries are also okay, not the best, but just meh.


I had great hopes for this place and was really looking forward to trying them. However, all that hype fell flat. The assembled burger and all its components were put together nicely and the bun had a nice toasted buttery texture, however, the star of the show, the Burger Patty itself, was more of a leftover extra from a previous showing. The meat was dry, flat and flavorless. It reminded me of those cafeteria burgers I would eat in high school. I'm pretty sure this patty was prepared hours earlier, and maybe in its past life served a greater purpose. But for me it was a big disappointment. The fries were so-so, dry and hard and a salty minefield. However, the chicken fingers were delicious, Nice crunchy exterior and a hot and juicy chicken breast.... Probably because it was fresh.

Cal C.

The best burger I have had in a very long time! Everything was so fresh and delicious! I had a Cheeseburger meal and it was so good, better than In-n-Out and that is saying a lot!

Dee J.

Was looking forward to a Santa Fe burger for dinner but when I got home from the drive-thru, the meat was burned, dried up and shriveled! I was there 2 weeks ago for lunch and that burger was wonderful. I'm not sure how food quality can be so drastically different each visit. May try one more time but not sure as this visit was so disappointing!

V R.

I was very disappointed. I ordered two cheeseburgers, onion rings and. Chocolate shake. One hamburger was okay, the other had no bun. Seriously? No one noticed there was no bun on a cheeseburger? I had been told this place was good. I will not be returning. I gave two stars for the onion rings and the shake. Those were good, not very large for the price, though.

David V.

Cold, shriveled, inedible fries. Usually get good food here, but these look like they were sitting in a corner for awhile.

Liz C.

First time here, it was good food, & clean overall, but these 3 cashier girls were rude, couldn't answer my simple questions & purposely didn't let us know when our order was ready. If you don't want to work here, quit & find another job? 07/01 345pm

Julia W.

We love this location. We are walking distance from the Lomita location and love how efficient, kind and professional the staff is. They are consistent with their service no matter the day or time of day. Thank you for being such an asset to our community.

Bea P.

So excited for my Shroomer burger till I got home and opened the box & found a long black hair intwined with the mushrooms….gross!!!! I called Burger City immediately and was told to go back & they’ll refund my “change”, no apologies! Wow

Mark F.

Yesterday i went to try a shroomer burger and chili fries and drink. I think they were having some serious problems with less then normal crowd but they weren't used to it i think from the minimal crowds during covid. This was at dinner time and there was 2 families in front of me. This took over 30 minutes to get food, and my shroomer burger which costs 8.80 with cheese had 6 slices of mushrooms that were burnt black, and slapped on my burger with burnt onions as well. They should add a new burger, the charcoal burger because that's what i tasted. The chili cheese fries, i thought had more flavor before. For 6.50 the chili on the chili fries was dark and tasted unchili like, hard to explain the taste of a thick chili that doesn't taste like chili. It wasn't good like even a simple chili fries like at Steve's burgers were better and fresher tasting. Hard to explain, but this must have been a bad day. Also, they are watering down their 2 dollar sodas, so overall everything was bad. I hope they can get the food back together as they used to be a decent alternative to the other fast food burgers.

David S

Used come to this locations a few years ago. Been there a few times the last couple of months. Not as good as back in the day.I was in the the area went there to order some food. I walked in, someone said they help me in one second.Another employee walked up and said they are no longer taking orders and then walked away when I was trying to ask them a question, that's not good business and I wont be going back.The employees back in the day at that location where in top of things and were great, this group of employees do not come close to the customer service their predecessors had.

Greg Y.

I love burger city grill because their hamburgers are always made fresh. Today's hamburger though was a bit skimpy. I'll still keep going but I hope I don't experience another burger like this. Do better BCG.

Wendy Williams

great food!! great staff!

Michael Thrasher

Food was great, counter and table servers were awesome. Hit the spot for kids as well. I love burgers, and this pace does it right!!

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