Carl's Jr.

21112 Anza Ave, Torrance
(310) 371-1586

Recent Reviews

Bill G

Just another Carl's, they got my order correct, so there is that...

carol morelos

Best fast food restaurant in town. Fast service. Everything you order you get. Thanks

Margherita Massaia Di Martino

Everybody knows Carl's Jr., so my stars are more about this specific location than the food. This location is clean, staff is friendly, quick service and it is never too crowded. Plenty of parking spaces available.

Chris Dement

My nine year old daughter was happy with her big Carl my wife and I were not so lucky I don't speak fluent Spanish yet but the order speaker could not understand my English Spanish was ok but our famous stars did not have Carl's sauce had used thousand island dressing I try another location next time

Durward J.

Biscuits and gravy is very good. Only served 6am to 10:30am. Resturant is old, but appears clean. Staff during my visit were friendly and neat in appearance.

Bugs Ugh

Their always trying to up sell you. Never mentioning regular size only if you want a medium or large. The buns were stale (they even smelled stale) the soda was flat and tasted like dirt and they over cooked the onion rings. However the guy at the drive through was very nice and polite spoke slow and clearly, which is why they got 3 stars instead of 1 star.

Zahra N.

I don't know why this location can never get your order right!! I mean come on it's not that hard to listen!!!!

Andrew G.

They literally got my order wrong three times then yelled at me. Unacceptable on all measure

Sarah Hendrex

It's Carl's Jr. It is what it is. If you're expecting a gourmet literal "5 star" burger you will be seriously disappointed. If your coming here , you're in a rush or don't feel like cooking, etc. With that in consideration, enjoy it for the food that it is, and yes it can be a little sloppily put together sometimes but hey it's burgers that are put together as fast as humanly possibly for our consumption. And this one does a good job at doing the best they can with what they have.

James T.

The food is alright here but you need to check your receipt. I went here a couple of times and the cost seemed to be a bit high but I wasn't given a receipt so I didn't make a big deal of it. Today I got a receipt and now I know what they are doing. They don't give you the combo price, they ring up everything separately. Seriously $2.59 for a small soda and another $2.59 for a small fries?

Liz A.

My son and I got burgers here and they tasted like chemicals. The meat gad a weird consistency. Really disappointed. Too expensive as well.

manny arvlo

There service is to slow. They need to hire more people or get a person younger.

Charles Desherlia

Honestly... It's rare that I ever receive a burger from Carl's that actually looks like the one in the photo. Once again, 2 smashed, flat big Carl's that stacked on top of each other would probably be about the size of the picture promoting the burger. Definitely dissatisfied. And I love Carl's too so it's kinda sad.

Natalie Purnell

The food was well prepared

fam padilla

I’m coming from (LA CA) I order a western BBQ cheeseburger comboI pay 11. 27 and the burger was so dry the sauce was like they spread it the bacon tasted salty dry and the meat super dry nasty!!!What ever happened to the fresh made to order?

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