Charo Chicken - Torrance

1255 W Carson St, Torrance
(310) 381-0010

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G K.

This has been a our spot for the last few years especially since we work with the hospital unfortunately the quality has gone down and the employee at the front is not the smartest person. My partner and I ordered the fitnes meal and both chicken breast were undercooked we went back and told the cashier to give us a new order and he placed the same chicken that we had tried back on the grill. So much for hygiene and COVID-19 regulations! The manager is reading this please hire new staff.

David C

Good food. Friendly service

Clara P.

7/25/2020, around noon (since things are changing constantly), Charo chicken was open for take out and no inside dining. They don't have outdoor seats. All the guys were wearing a mask inside and outside of the kitchen as far as I can see and were friendly. Food prepped quickly and efficiently, the sides with liquid were in tight plastic containers. Chicken was delicious and made a nice quick eat for work at home. Toddler enjoyed the chicken, though he didn't touch the beans. It also

George-Supreme G.

This place SUCKS! Customer Service SUCKS, you place an order with specific instruction and I guess they don't know how to ready because the entire order was wrong. The taste is of this food is nothing but dry with almost no taste to it. The price does not match the food at all!! I would say you stay away from this place and take your business somewhere else... Oh btw we paid extra to get extra chicken on my burrito and I am half way and this shit does not have any chicken, we also instructed not to add salsa and rice to a burrito but they still did it just because they fell like it even when we said NO!!! Do they know how to read over there?!!! This is truly unacceptable!! AGAIN, take your business somewhere else, during these times there are other business who will appreciate your business and they are not going to be rushing you at 7:40pm because they close at 8:00pm. The lowest of the lowest!!!Btw You can tell how much the owners of this place cares about peoples complaints and concerns by how he never answer to the comment like any other business that cares but at the same time I should not be surprised...

Brad B.

Great service and great food as always! This place is so much better thanJuan Pollo, Pollo Loco, etc... Just wish they had a location closer to our home.

LaQuintice Jeffries

Way better then El Pollo.... Sides just ok. Chicken is fantastic.

Amanda W.

I come here often, I don't eat meat but still enjoy their food. If you like el pollo loco you'll love Charo chicken. I visit the same location each time and the customer service is always great when Liz takes my order. she has great customer service and Fernando the cook always makes my food yummy. Besides the owner looking like a grouch when he's there, this place is

Jose Alvarado

Delicious food and good customer service.We drive 15 miles to go get this chicken at city of Torrance, whether it’s the spicy one or the garlic one the recipe and cooking process is good. Definitely recommend it

Calvin Drew

My brother in law said, "It's better than Pollo Loco"!!

Jenn K.

Pretty much garbage, the quesadilla I got says it comes with sour cream, pico de Gallo and guacamole. Also should have been a blended cheese... I got a cheddar cheese and chicken quesadilla and just chips. Also just kinda shoved into a small container It didn't fit in... The mashed potatoes are clearly just flakes, shoulda just gotten kfc and Taco Bell. Pretty sad the best thing I got was a baked potato for over $4. Won't ever go here again.

Laura Dave

Way better than El Pollo loco....I found Charro will never Go to El Pollo no

Christopher Labarda

Horrible customer service . The Cook Jose was rude and told me there was a shortage on Salsa that i could not get more salsa cups to go . They have me 4 tiny cups of Salsa i bought Burrtiro and whole Chicken with two large sides close $50 . Why is the cook Jose in front anyway. Chicken was old and dry . I am never going back to Charo Chicken again. Many other choices to choose from. Salsa Shortage LOL WoW

Rosita Bonita

Love their spicy tostada salad

Armando R.

Went today, got myself a 3 piece with a side salad and my son a Chicken Bowl with nothing besides the Chicken, rice and beans. Chicken was very tender, and the salsas were delicious. Rafael was very informative on what I wanted, and even let me know what was on the chicken bowl. Definitely be back again. It's pricey, but a lot better quality than Pollo Loco

Andre G.

I'm local and come here all the time, ordered 10+ times from here and never had an issue. The chicken is always on point and never dry, the staff are always in a good mood, and the wait times are short. Rafael is one of the best staff and is always hospitable when I come by on Monday nights. Make sure to try the spicy chicken if it's your first time, it's packed with flavor and worth the trip!

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