Chipotle Mexican Grill

21300 Hawthorne Blvd A, Torrance
(424) 254-2378

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Ursula C.

I am shocked at the skimpy burrito this shop made today. This is not my usual chipotle. I was in the area waiting for my 15 year old to finish b-ball practice. I wanted to have something for him to eat as I knew he would hungry. I ordered his usual which includes double wrapping the burrito. Let's just say I could have easily skipped the double wrap as my child will be eating mostly tortilla. I even asked the employees if this was the usual portion they served. They were like uh yeah. This seriously is the smallest burrito ever made for me. What this means is I will have to feed my child again. I love chipotle because I know what I'm getting. This is a true disappointment. Also if a customer is saying the portion is light, just add more. Seriously.

Janice B.

Not sure if it's just this location but the last 3 or 4 times I came here the rice isn't as good. They are all stuck together not like how they used to make it. I don't know if they went towards a lower grade type of rice or someone doesn't know how to cook it. Hopefully it will get better.

Brian G.

Horrible customer service. We have ordered hundreds of Chipotle meals, this was one of the worst.

Nesha G.

The stars are legit for this place . The line is so long. The workers are so slow . They never get the orders right. ... like can you read . Or can u hear ? Every time u ask for something they can't hear you for some reason . I asked for apple juice they gave me a fountain drink . I'm confused every time I go to this location especially in the late afternoon.... In my opinion skip this chipotle and go To another one

Angel Garcia

I just got myself a chicken burrito and it was the worse I've eaten. Dissapointly enough the Rice was uncooked and was still hard.Chipotle, for the prices you charge, you better do something about the food quality you are serving to customersNot the best!

Nïrmô A.

The rice wasn't cooked at all!! Awful really, I ordered one chipotle with white rice abd extra steak today but the rice wasn't even cooked seriously how you don't taste the food before serving it to the customers! I placed the order in the garbage I can't eat it like that ty..

Maribel Ortiz

This place only allows Out door dining.

Walter Vergara

They always seen to have little issues getting the order right, sauces and stuff like that but the food is always great. But I must say they always try their best to fix and make sure you get your stuff. Overall good place

Tom Marinello

Didn't get my order right so only 3 stars. But there was a lot of meat on it.

Jon B.

On March 18th I went to my local chipotle. Purchased a chicken burrito and went to checkout. I inserted my card into the reader and scanned for points. Upon returning home, I noticed I had two charges on my credit card. The first one was of the person in front of me in line. The associate didn't inform me I also paid for their meal inadvertently, so I called the store to see what could be done. They instructed me to contact their social media and they would be able to refund the charge and probably would give me a free entree for my trouble. I did this and contacted support through Twitter and Instagram. I created a support ticket and never got a response. My wife did the same and didn't receive a response until a month later. Because I was informed this shouldn't take more than a few days, I had to file a chargeback through my credit card. While the food is great, I'll be sure to avoid this location in the future. UPDATE: 5/11: They reached out and told me to report the experience, which is what I initially did. Did not serve a purpose as they never acknowledged or even responded when I reported the same details above.

Dave M.

If i could give no stars i would, the female manager was totally rude and unprofessional. i placed an order online using the app, showed up and was told the app ordering wasn't working and i could stand in line. i stated that i didn't have time and could i get a refund, she said no, i asked could i get a gift card with the amount and can come back to use it another time she said no, that all she can do is have me wait in line and order it. i asked to speak to a manager, she said she is the manager, i then asked for the district area coordinator name and number she said no. i asked for her name no, she said she didn't have to give that too me. i said okay i will email corporate and address my concerns. i went to the app and spoke to pepper, they credited my money back and apologized for their managers behavior. in short i will not be back and the manager not only needs customer service training and the ability to figure out how to problem solve when provided with a potential solution. if she was an employee of mine her attitude would be something i would not tolerate and probably fire her.

Gina M.

We hadn't been to Chipotle for a while, but decided to order using DoorDash. We were intrigued by some of the new items and overall healthier choice options compared to other fast food places. We ended up ordering a quesadilla and a burrito bowl with cauliflower rice. It took over 90 minutes for us to receive the order! Our first Dasher let us know he had been waiting for 30 mins and the line wasn't moving. After about 45 mins, he gave up and quit. We were assigned a new Dasher who also contacted us to let us know that there were a lot of delivery people there waiting and no real movement or organization. We also tried to call the restaurant a few times, but no one answered. Just before 9pm our order arrived. The cauliflower rice in the burrito bowl had soaked through the container and made a giant hole. It looked unappetizing. We didn't end up eating the food because it was so late by the time it arrived. Definitely not going back to this location.

Candace D.

Came in to get the new Quesadilla that's been on commercials. When I got to the food counter to pick my selections I was handed a flyer and told I had to order the Quesadilla online, couldn't get it at the counter. Had to download the app and figure out how to use it because the hostess that I asked for help just walked away mid conversation. The app has its own set of problems. The service at this location isn't service. Everyone seems very busy but there's a problem somewhere in their system because no one has the time or patience to bring any kind of friendly service. There were several people waiting a half an hour for their pick up orders. I placed my order for carside pickup up but noticed they weren't bringing food out to the cars. I went back in and my food wasn't ready so I sat at a table by the door. After about 45 minutes of waiting for what the app said would take 15 minutes, I went back in to check on my order and it was sitting on a shelf getting cold. I was told to wait outside and they were calling some names but not others. There's no system. Or they're not following it. As I'm typing this a woman in the car next to me who's been waiting in her car for her food to come out for 30 minutes has now decided to limp her way inside to check on her order she has an injured knee. Two other cars have pulled up for carside orders and no ones bringing food out. People are having to go in anyways. My food was missing my two sides that I ordered to dip my Quesadilla in, I had to go back for the two sides and asked if they could put the sides in the Quesadilla container so it's easy to dip and eat in my car (It's with the box was intended for), instead the employee brings me my box with the seizes in separate round containers. I had to get a fork and put them in myself. The two stars are for the taste of the food.

F V.

I was craving some Chipotle and decided to place a mobile order to pick up at this location. I have never been to this Chipotle location because I usually go to the one on Crenshaw and Lomita. I placed my order via the app and picked up my food. My food was done on time. The chicken burrito I wanted was accurate and delicious.

Leia H.

The three kids working the front/assembly line were so rude and disrespectful. They were giving me attitude as I put in my order. Never had a problem with this location until tonight. Whoever was working the night shift on Sun, March 28th...terrible customer service.

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