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21215 Hawthorne Blvd #5501, Torrance


Reviews for Curry House

Closed for good. This LA Times article gives good information about the closure and how the new parent company that took over in June pulled off some really shady tricks.

To all our loyal customers, friends, and family. We, the Curry House staff, want to express our dearest gratitude for letting this restaurant be part of this community for over 30 years. Along the way, we were able to make many sweet memories and smiles. We were open every day including holidays, and we were happy to see family and friends come in making new memories here, while reminiscing the past. We couldn't ask for a better community. Maybe the hardest part for us full review

I was just going in for a Pork Curry Cutlet and my usual trick.. order a Pepsi...knowing they do not carry Pepsi only Co-c-ke... (say Coke with Japanese accent to understand my childish prank) WELL... The trick was on me this time!! Closed for good people.. Apparently Trump has banned curry imports.. Another victim of Corona virus.. PS. Someone that came out while I was standing there said that all Curry Houses in Los Angeles were closed

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