Del Taco

20135 Hawthorne Blvd, Torrance
(310) 371-0167

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james m.

in the middle of a shift change. they forgot my food. what do they say?? 9/10 people who have a bad experience they walk away and don't say anything. well i'm part of that 10% for this experience that thought this place was such a joke and it was such a horrid experience ...that i wasted KB and time to post this. and yes....i know, it's a del taco. i get it. but i honestly had low expectations anyways and still they just could not get it straight. smh

Eric Saunders

They have Great Carmel Apple Shakes

Alejandro J.

Came in couple days ago to try the asada,chicken, and crispy chicken tacos.i ordered with guacamole and no tomatoes. I came to eat my order,I got the opposite no guacamole and tomatoes. Which I paid extra for The tacos weren't good as I expected, the lettuce look old. I don't think I will.step.foot at this location


Fast service but only drive thrue.

Michael Leader

Years of coming here, and the management always seems to keep their employees engaged, and they work hard for customers. It's one of the few local fast food places I know I can trust.

peter boom

Drive thru was fast, food's fresh and still hot, no microwaves are used. Good & friendly workers that read my order back and make sure it's correct.

Chyna Nichole

Customer was average for fast food. My mini cheese quesadilla was nowhere near fresh. It was old and rubbery. It was a waste of food.

Ms K

I was surprised when cashier gave me the total! It's getting pretty pricey and I normally stick to my usuals. Friendly, attentive and professional thanks guys.

Debra Carter

I had the combo beef and cheese burrito combo was awful. The fries were cold, taco shell was stale the entire meal was terrible my companion had a tostada not appetizing at all we will not be going back there.. not all del tacos are that bad. I would not have even eaten it but I was being treated so I tried to eat it. If I had paid for it I would have definitely asked for my money back

Dave Palm

Always consistent. Ordered with the app, no issues.

L Patt626

Delicious food!! I LOVE the NEW TOSTADA'S!!! The Shakes and Donut Holes are tasty!!

mike s.

Gone here for years. Work down the street. Something has changed and not for the good. Have sent in 2 comments about this and no response. When you order and pay for the upcharge size of fries , then give the customer what they pay for.

Christine Barajas

Now I know why they are rated 2 stars.... Bad customer service....rude at the counter. Can't ask a question without them being short with you. Don't come here drive a little further for better customer service.

T Cole

The remodel looks really good very pretty building now. food is yummy especially the blueberry lemonade so good yum

Craigster Conant

$1 tostada not worth getting. $3 tostada isn't to bad.

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