El Burrito Jr

21141 Hawthorne Blvd, Torrance
(310) 944-9200

Recent Reviews

Joy Kennelly

Salty. Chefs seem to think they can blare their house music loudly to compete with the normal Mexican music playing. Not the same caliber of restaurant it used to be.

Nate P.

Ordered for pick up and when I got there 15 min later they said they never started! That's super lame... Can't be waiting all day otherwise I'd go somewhere else. Que triste. Also yes it's true they have a b rating

Francisco Herrera

Breakfast lunch and dinner loved the food and cervice will come back soon.

Fernando Resendiz

Service was good but food was not great for my taste.

Nick H.

This was really a bad experience. I left the hospital next door to pick up food. I had discovered this place, and after having been here a couple times i thought the food was good and had told my family so that they could come here too. Problem was tonight the young man who took my order was rude, insulting, and when i asked him a question about the menu because i didnt have my glasses he pulled the register reciept, crumpled it up, threw it down, became agitated and then said he decided to charge me an additional 2.50 for the burrito. When i asked if there was a manager he said there was nobody in charge. He said that he needed to make his point that was the only way he could communicate and didnt care what i had to say. Im sorry i told anyone to come here, that will be reversed x 50 immediately.

Allen Luedemann

I went for lunch and ordered a pork tamale. Thesalsa was too spicy and the tamale had too much Mazza and not enough meat. The waiter told me that the burritos and tamales are pretty made and frozen. Then delivered to El Burrito Jr. So much for " Authentic Mexican Food ?. If it's frozen, it's not Authentic. Terrible service as well. The waitress I had, was taking to two Mexican ladies while I tried to get her attention. The same happened to 2 other guests. If the waitress wants to talk to them, do it on her own time.

Ana Vargas

DO NOT RECOMMEND,Costumer service experience with cashier was horrible, and not only with the cashier and with the server too! food is not as good as it was many years ago. Disappointed. I would NEVER COME BACK! Straight up

Jeffrey Ignarro

I ordered the shrimp and garlic plate and was very happy. It came with lots of fresh ingredients and a good handful of shrimp. I put quite a bit of their house salsa on it and it was great. I took about half of it home and used it to make huevos rancheros for breakfast this morning. So, for about $20 I had 2 delicious meals, sounds like a great deal.

Michael J.

It was closed by the plague of cockroaches and mice, I am not sure to eat there after that, we know that it happens anywhere, but they already have the same problem several times,Besides that it has the letter "B", and the service is terrible at times, showing its lack of professionalism in all the employees.... Too bad.. I don't want my burritos with cockroaches good luck everyone.. and be safe and healthy this place ins't it.

Alex C.

We ordered some food at El Burrito Jr after a doctor's visit at the hospital next door. El Burrito Jr is certainly a local favorite and a busy location during lunch. We tried a combo (enchiladas and taco), Chile Relleno a la carte, and a quesadilla (plain). Great food, fast, and clean. It was a very enjoyable lunch (to go) and the staff wore masks and sanitized properly. If we're ever in the area again, we will try more menu items. I would like to try their menudo next time.

Derrick E.

I love Mexican food and you can't go wrong with ElBJ (Laker fans, see what I did there. ). Their taco deals are a great fill for my three boys, while their carne asada burritos are delightful. Add a chicken tostada and some ceviche and you're all set to go. I eat here about two to three time a month.

Kristel Dumas

This used to be THE spot. We came here for years because the food was so good. Including after we moved down to Irvine. Trips up to the South Bay were made better by a stop here. But the last several months have been nothing short of terrible. Today was the final straw for me. I don’t mind paying a little more. But when I pay more and consistently get cold food, that is unacceptable. The cheese in my bean and cheese burrito wasn’t even melted, it was so cold. My dad’s taco combo was cold - especially the generous portion of beans and rice. The only item that was hot was the taquitos…and the guacamole next to them. It’s sad and unfortunate, but we’ll be on the lookout for a new Mexican food spot.

Vicki Wallace

Cute little place, service is excellent and the Carnitas Tacos on a crisp shell is great. Great prices too

Laura C.

Ordered the carnitas and it was the worse carnitas we've ever had. It was tough and chewy and didn't have any flavor except tasted like orange juice. Lady that worked there didn't care when I complained to her she said that's just how they cooked it and couldn't do anything about it for me. Will never eat there again.

Brian H.

One of my favorite Mexican restaurants in the South Bay. Their chips and salsa don't compare to any other Mexican restaurant. Their super deluxe burritos are great for leftovers since they are so huge!

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