Fiesta Grill

1153 W Carson St, Torrance
(310) 787-8313

Recent Reviews

Lou L.

Food is tasty. It's mouthwatering. Reasonable priced. Love Mediterranean food & the convenience of ordering from UberEats.

Jen M.

I love the food here. Their portions are generous and you really get your money's worth. It's enough food for 2 meals, maybe more. I've only ordered the #2 combination plate, but I'm looking forward to trying other items on the menu. The young lady who works behind the counter is friendly and attentive.

Silvia G.

Absolutely delicious!!!!! Ordered the Chicken Barg.Chicken was very flavorful and moist. Saffron rice was fluffy and tasty. Hummus had a smooth texture and taste. I would definitely recommend this restaurant!

Tita Berry B.

This is the best Persian restaurant in Southbay! The kobideee here is Bomb thats why I keep on coming back because this is my Mom's favorite food!

Litty S.

Food was The service was really good. Got two combination plates. Fam was super happy. We'll definitely come again.

Hobbes H.

This place has been around for a while, and we just never tried it. Today didn't disappoint. The chicken kabob was moist and not dry at all like I thought it might be, so I was pleasantly surprised. The portions are generous, so we had our chicken soltani, combination #1, and salad for lunch and dinner. My only request is that they serve lavash instead of pita bread.

Nikki S.

The beef kabobs and koobideh are delicious and go well with rice and salad. Simple but delicious and flavorful. Lunch specials are a deal.

Amie C.

Delicious, first tiMe I tried it. It was really good! The salmon was a little dry but that's the only criticism I have.

Clara P.

COVID19 takeout success! Ordered combo #1, fed 2 adults busy working from home and a toddler busy destroying the house, with some left for snack. Was quick, friendly, and food was fresh and warm. All the meats were juicy. Little restaurant in the big plaza on Carson and Normandie, I would've missed it if it weren't for Yelpers, so thanks Yelpers!

Lynda J.

Ordered dinner for 65 at the nearby county hospital, and they were so great about working with me to get the order right and to get it on time (and warm!) to healthcare workers on the front lines of the COVID19 crisis. And they threw in free sodas for everyone! Heard the food was delicious. Thank you for helping make this happen.

Kyung E.

Fiesta is the best Persian food you can get delivered to your door if you are in the Torrance area. I'm not Iranian, so I'm not sure if their Gormeh Sabzi is the best, but I've had a lot of Gormeh Sabzi in my life and I know they are at least good! It's pretty delish. They also do kabobs very well. My recent order was the family combo of 4 kabobs: jujeh chicken, koobideh, chicken and steak shish kabobs. All very good! The koobideh had the right traditional flavor and the kabob meats were juicy and well charred. They also ALWAYS include the grilled tomatoes (A MUST) and grilled onion. We generally make at least 6 meals out of our order since they give you so much rice and meat! And the rice is so good. Buttery, toothsome, the best rice you ever had. If you like Medi food, give Fiesta a try. I suggest the Shirazi salad (tomato, cucumber, onion, vinaigrette) to match the meats in your meal! I am hoping to try their lamb shank soon. Happy eating!

Amber M.

This place is so good ! I work next door to here and cannot get enough! The girl in the front is always so nice & the restaurant is clean !

Marco Isabella

I use to go for lunch, very good meals, my favorite is the soup, amazingly good.

fazel darafseh

I had the beef kabab and got food poisining.the owner told me its becuse i was old.

Yusef Mirza

Great Persian food. Friendly courteous staff.

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