Fiesta Grill

1153 W Carson St, Torrance
(310) 787-8313

Recent Reviews

Diana Matooch

Found this place on DoorDash I’ve never had the food dine in but it’s great even in a To-Go box 25 minutes later.

Leticia Mancilla

Good customer service and great food

Claudette H.

I absolutely love Fiesta Grill! The food and always fresh and flavorful. I never have had anything to complain about.

Junior M.

Was pretty good. I had little bit of dry mouth so was kinda hard. Saved it for later was good. Also ordered the lentil soup for my grandma, warmed up next morning she loved it. I had walked by this place many times and wanted to try but never hungry. It was the first one that popped up on yelp so guess it was meant to be. Would order again, want to try the chicken next

Hossein Amini

It was first time tried that food from Fiesta. It was such Great food with Good quality. Strongly recommend. Thank you

Bren T.

Idk how I stumbled onto this spot, but damn glad I did! The flavor is outstanding, the price is awesome, the portion are large, and the location is convenient! You will not be disappointed coming here, and the staff will make you feel so welcomed! I will for sure be coming back

Sarah T.

Rice has no flavor, humus has no flavor, chicken has no flavor. Was really craving some good Mediterranean food and this food sucked. Would not recommend and will not order from there again. What a waste of money

Mar S.

We have been a regular of this establishment since Covid-19 and ordering at least once a month. They are consistently good, very generous with the servings especially the rice! I use online ordering and when I go to pickup, it is always ready. The staff are always so pleasant and place is always clean. Keep it up!

Steffi K.

A brand new favorite place my mom and I are fans of Mediterranean food and this restaurant is exceptional. Order to go and it was already ready when I went to pickup the service is fast and the portion sizes are huge plenty to go around my mom and I ordered the combination #4 and between the two of us we still had left overs plenty for my dad who is a big eater. Definitely a go to spot now for us whenever we come to Torrance.

Loren H.

Had a great experience with delivery on a couple appetizers and a combo platter. Food arrived early, was the expected temperature for the different dishes, vegetables in the salad were crisp, and the meat was very well spiced and tender. We especially enjoyed the chicken kabobs and the Kashke Bademjan.


Good and service is really good!!

Camellia A.

Service was not good. I've been coming here since they've opened this restaurant and since the food and service is usually good I've been a loyal customer. However, today I had a horrible experience. I had let the young lady on the phone named Alma know that I wanted enough pita, and butter for my $60 family meal. I wanted her to make sure that the meat was NOT burnt because sometimes it is burnt. . Also that I wanted the Sumac spice packaged.. well guess what I got instead.. sumac in a mini container, cut up onion wrapped in plastic wrap and just open forks and spoons in a bag. HELLOO we are in a pandemic!! Any covid precautions? You should be giving away wrapped plastic cutlery packs, and spices in the mini packaging. On top of that my food was burnt and I got NO pita. I had asked her once I got there if there was enough butter, and she said there was only three. I had asked if I can have a few extra butters since it is a lot of food and she said they charge extra for butter... are you kidding me??? Butter and pita should be complimentary and you want to charge $1/each for a few extra. Pretty stingy. Do better. I usually don't like writing bad reviews for small businesses..that is why I had called the store first to tell them my complaints. And again the young lady Alma picks up and is NOT apologetic at all and did not care for anything I had to say and did not help me.. Just kept saying 'ok' to all my complaints and did not care at all.

Byron M.

Always delicious whenever I go ..... good portion sizes as well...... hummus and warm pita bread is always good

Anthony Davtyan

Nice, good people. Had everything on time. I'd use them again.

Marvin Zapeta

The worst place ever, the meat is mixed with some Mexican meat because it doesn't taste as the original from other persian restaurants I've visited, the chicken koobide is mixed with egg so it's not 100% chicken they do that so they won't spend to save money on the meats, also the salad has a lot of water they don't dry the lettuce, I honestly don't know how people can give 5 stars to this restaurant it mus have been people that haven't eat persian food before.

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