Fosters Freeze

1624 Cravens Ave, Torrance
(310) 328-1375

Recent Reviews

Paulina Arcos

A very nice place to have a soft icecream treat , they have a good menu . I really recommend this place !

Leilani C.

I ordered a chocolate vanilla twist cone, it was yummy! But for $2.75, my cone shouldn't have been stale. Nothing worse than a stale cone; while enjoying great tasting ice cream!

Prince Joel

Fast serviceLimited seating outsideAccepts cash only, they have an ATM outside for your convenience

Abigail Beauchamp

The shakes are alright, and the cheescake flavors have way too much cream cheese but the parfaits are really good and pretty much everything else. They ONLY ACCEPT CASH dont hand them a card, that will be very awkward for you ?

Adam Applebaum

I had the triple Berry Cheesecake and my friend had the Dirt and Worms. While the place is cash only, you'll be happy to see there is a convenience atm right outside the shop. That said you get quite a bit of ice cream possibly more than you can finish with the products shown in the images. If you're feeling classic they also have hot fudge Sundaes as well. I've been going there as a 4th of July Tradition after fireworks since I was at least 4 years old and my family probably even longer. I hope this place remains successful to delight future generations in a tradition of old school and new school ice cream concoctions. As for our specific treats I loved how there was actual cubes of cheesecake in the mixture and real fruit too. And the dirt and worms, don't worry they didn't use real dirt or real worms in it, it was those gummy worms most are familiar with from the 1980s and 1990s inside oreo cookie dust. That said neither of us could finish ours so I froze them in our freezer and we enjoyed a second sitting of it. Excellent bang for the buck when one considers how many servings we had. Hopefully I'll get to return again this fourth of July if fireworks are back.

Ayase Shun

I've always loved Fosters since I was a child and the taste has always kept me coming back everytime. Lovely stuff

Brenda P.

Ice cream is always good! Just always a bit slow because there is either only 1 or 2 people working. Cash only.

Lisa Hasegawa

Nostalgic experience! I got a mixed swirl cone

sharon downs

We celebrated the start of the weekend by getting ice cream. Foster's is the BEST!! We were lucky to beat the line. We only waited behind 2 people, and when we left, the line was 10+ people deep. Its worth the wait. My son's favorite is banana split, and I love the slushies with only one pump of syrup. Still sweet, but not too sweet.


The best Banana milkshake with malt. Service is an experience on the spot of the best, taste and feeling. I finalize my treat so great like freeze the spot tiger ? here. I got go get its lite......

Rose M.

Annie was very rude to us when we told her that we didn't like the slushy that we ordered. She goes throw that in the trash! Wow! Fosters freeze better do something about it. This is not the fosters freeze we grew up with! What a rude person! She did have our money back however she said next time don't order no more. Wow really? We're keeping you in business by supporting local in the community but please don't be rude to your patrons. I think I will stop going here from now on. I hope they close soon!!

Jason Calizar

Great ice cream shop in old Torrance. Extensive menu with every ice cream treat imaginable.

Chef Tony Anthony M Sesma

Maybe its old-school thinking like memories of how it was when I was a kid or believing in getting a good value for what I'm paying because there something quite missing at my first visit to Fosters Freeze in Torrance.I was surprised that FF was still around. I remember it from my childhood years when going to FF or DQ (Dairy Queen) and Baskin Robbins was an long awaited, exciting treat. Stepping out of the heat into a cool lobby peering thru the glass windows of the ice cream troughs choosing your ice cream flavors and then you point to the various toppings you want and it was an interactive experience to create your very own ice cream creation.At least its what I remember and kinda expected. The FF is in a beautiful setting of old-tiwn Torrance of small business shops & boutiques surrounded by leisurely walking streets in a neighhood of family homes like in those old Disney movies. And right there a Fosters Freeze. But like I said...something missing,.yeah good ice cream could be stepped up a notch, and its all service through an outside window and pretty it like...FF: Yes, what do you want or like orwish to order.. but I just the 'next'lookMe: I'll take a ice cream sundaeFF; What sizeMe: Oh I don't know (the entire windowarea was plastered with signs.depriving one of the view of at leastseeing their treat created. Nopecan't see nothing nor pick toppingsMight as well be ordering off asoft serve truckFF: Ok here you go $5,50Me; ( thinking $5.50 for a scoop of iceof ice cream that seemed to bea cheap knock off of a subdae.I mean its a very drab exoerience....if you gonna charge premium prices then provide the ambience, maybe ice cream parlor music, clear the windows cause I wanna see my text made, display toppings. I can tell when a product is made by someone who doesn't love to eat the product and probably didn't grow up and around the product culture. Otherwise its like buying ice cream from grocery store. So retail food service can be indifferent, robotic service but made to order food comes from a long legacy of street vendors, amusement & concession stands and cozy shops & parlors where you get a tasty good value product for a fair price and ...wait for it...And an enjoyable experience. Other than that its ice cream.

Lee Tamayei

Great place to get a shake or ice cream. Doesn't matter the time of the year. There's always room for ice cream any time of the year.

Christiansen Justina

I ordered a PB & J Twister, and it's exactly as advertised! If you're a peanut butter fan, this flavor is for you. The peanut butter ice cream with berry chunks was so yummy, and the peanut butter cuts the sweetness. I ordered a junior size which is plenty for one person already! If you want to share, the small size is perfect.

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