3849 Torrance Blvd, Torrance
(310) 540-2500

Recent Reviews

Shane C.

Great torpedo sandwiches and great service! Nice staff! Yummy talian food!

A. James

Long ago it was good, however the last few times it was poor.- chintzy on the amount of meat & some other ingredients.- they charge extra for basics that are free at other sandwich shops.- way over-priced.Maybe the ownership changed, idk. Whatever the issue is I don't recommend coming here.

George McCormack

My wife throughly enjoyed her Italian Sub, while I enjoyed one of the best Meatball Sandwiches ever! Just the right Mount of Sauce the Meatballs we delicious and the bread was so soft. We enjoyed a bottle of Chardonnay with our lunch. Well worth the stop. Only problem is we do not have a store near us!

Scott Robertson

Stopped by for lunch. Haven’t been here in a long time and the food is as good as I remembered. Remodeled. Great range of Italian sandwiches and entrees. Wife got meatball sandwich and I had the sausage & peppers sandwich. Big sandwiches, very tasty, and a bit messy (I like them messy!). Also picked up some pasta, sauce, cheese and genoa salami. And COOKIES! Fabulous cookies! I love their cookies.


Don't bother with the bakery in the back corner. They're literally ALWAYS sold out of the one item I want! (Chocolate cake, in today's case.) Every single time. Without fail. They need to make their bakery shipments larger and/or more frequent! 0 stars if I could! ?????

Nunya Bisnes

The workers are awesome, the place is clean, and reading the other reviews it sounds like the deli and the sandwiches are awesome but unfortunately what I bought was fettuccine and ravioli and it sucked :/ it didn’t taste old or bad… it was just really bland and overpriced for what it was I spend $45 on two pasta bowls and 3 drinks. I wouldn’t go here for the hot food.

Art G.

Have been a customer for many years. The two things that forces me back is:The Torpedo & The Crumble Meatball sandwiches. 100% Guaranty you will be Happy and not hungry for the rest of the day.The staff are fast and very friendly.

jeanniebean griffin

My first time there.I was very well pleased with my sandwich. Very tasty worth the price.The portion of meat was much more than I expected. I'm one happy customer will be back.?

Jennifer Morris

I'm hooked on their bagel chips. They are made by Katella Bakery. Come to find out they add 50% to the original price to make their profit. I can understand a little addition. But taking a $10 item to $15 seems a little much to me. Doesn't stop me from buying them tho


Nice place to get a great tasting sandwich and some good sides.

Patricia CdeBaca

I always buy the torpedo and potato salad. They are delicious.

John Bustamante

The Best Sicilian/Italian Deli on the West Coast. Good memories going with my Grandparents to the one in Gardena when I was little (a long time ago).

Manuel Oaxaca

Amazing assortment of imported Italian goods, and delicious sfogiatella. Be sure to call ahead, their tasty pastries sell quick.

Shawn W

Came for pasta salads. They were good but I feel you can get the same salads at Ralphs and Vons for cheaper. Staff was helpful.

Linda Ellison

The best Italian deli I've ever seen. We come here once a week for beautiful, fresh bread, lovely pre-made savory detectibles, tempting wines and deli meats - shall I go on??

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