Golden Camel Mongolian Bar-B-Q

21006 Hawthorne Blvd, Torrance
(310) 371-6638

Recent Reviews

Joshua Story

This site is my preferable place. Of all restaurants I know I love it most. I always suggests to my friends to go to that place. everytime I feel like having a delicious lunch, this restaurant comes straightaway to my head. superb and varied food and a large menu.helpful staff, and pleasant atmosphere. And very important, the tariff is reasonable. I sent my friends to this place with no doubt.

TheLovely Jax

There's no more Mongolian BBQ! ? We've been coming here for decades. How could they?! Heartbroken.

Leticia Loza

So disappointed, my party of 15 arrived and they do not have the all you can eat Mongolian barbecue, we have been coming for decades. Will not be coming back.

Marco S.

No more BBQ!!! I don't know what they were thinking. In a city full of ramen spots our beloved Golden Camel which was messing around with a split personality for a couple years, made the full switch and has turned off their famous grill. HUGE HUGE MISTAKE! Golden Camel was by far the best Mongolian bbq in the South Bay. The original. The best. The one in the mall is a poor comparison. Everyone knows if you want Ramen you go to Gardena to one of the many thriving Ramen eateries. This yelper is crushed. Message to the owner, that nice gentleman with the warm smile. Please, Please bring back the BBQ. The South Bay is flooded with Ramen.

Glo C.

We went there tonight with Mongolian BBQ on our minds only to find out that as of the first they no longer serve Mongolian BBQ, super disappointed. Golden Camel was a great spot for Mongolian BBQ, sad they no longer serve it, also bummed I didn't know this ahead of time.

M Hermin

they are closing their mongolian bbq portion of the menu on january 1. get your fill now. less than a week left.

Carmelo M

Surely a spot worth stopping by, the food is great and well prepared, the cost is affordable and it is always well organized here. 5 stars.

Helen Landreth

great for family celebrations reasonable prices to eat all you want.

Gracenal Fuller

Tried The Pit Room for an early dinner on Saturday. We ordered the three meats plate that included two sides.


Well all things change, the name of the restaurant did change but it still says Golden Camel on the outside of the window.. It’s still the same good quality food and the inside has been updated. I’m so glad that I got to come back after so long and eat your fantastic food.

Betty Boop

The Mongolian BBQ is delicious

Renee Ray

The atmosphere was quite an experience.

Jorge Alfredo Hernández

Amazing Mongolian Bbq ... needs to have more staff to be able to have quicker service.

Chris Ervin

Fun and delicious

Jorge Alfredo Hernández

Amazing Mongolian Bbq ... needs to have more staff to be able to have quicker service.

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