Golden Pheasant

1077 W Carson St, Torrance
(310) 320-1030

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leo K.

They should change all prices on this yelp there prices I think are trying to bring you in it's more than double price for a lot of the items I thought it was cheaper but it was more than double

Davaa B.

Always tells u the kitchen is closed even when u come around 7:40 pm They claim they close at 9 but come on there is and hour and 20 minutes left. This place doesn't clarify that. Have been turned down 3 times now. I don't understand why they would post their closing time this far and doesnt go with it

Wendy Trammer

We just tried this place last night. It was recommended by friends and family. There were six of us who met for dinner.Everyone enjoyed the delicious food. They have a lazy Susan, mid table. Most of us shared our generous and yummy dishes! Our waitress did a good job. We will return again soon. I ordered the eggplant dish. I asked that it would not be too spicy. It wasn’t. The orange beef was delicious. Walnut shrimp perfect. Egg foo young was a great choice too. The cream cheese wontons were to die for. Go!

Vivien N.

Delicious food and fair prices for lunch menu during these inflationary times. Appreciate the very Large portions for lunch that our friends took home leftovers!! Major complaint is they need to improve is the pre-ordering should much more organized: because they misplaced my order list (for 20 lunch orders) for office event the next day and I had to resubmit all over again at 11am and it was a mad rush for them to cook everything again before 12noon deadline! The cashier lady began to lecture me "on why I didn't come earlier" but they did not open their front doors until after 11am! What the heck?!? FYI: I really would give only 3 stars because of this nasty spat but the food was good enough to salvage the review!!

Shirley A.

Another great find by Yelp. My daughter was in the mood for Chinese and we found this local place. The restaurant looks a bit dull from the outside but it's much livelier on the inside. The waitstaff was extremely pleasant. We ordered several dishes and none of them disappointed. We will definitely be back.

Addie R.

It's been a few years too long since I've last dined at this old family go-to restaurant and I am so glad we finally made it back. The entire restaurant has been renovated, first of all. I do miss the old school look but the new look was much needed. The food was amazing and if not better than what I remember. Dinner portions were huge but delicious left overs to enjoy. Service was great also, everyone was so friendly. Overall delighted that I have rekindled an old love for this restaurant. Looking forward to returning.

Samantha T.

Honestly legit hong kong style chinese food! I love love love love this place. Have you tried their lunch specials?! Epic and affordable. For almost 12 dollars i think you have your choice of meat, rice and drinks. Portions are HUGE by the way. Even for the lunch specials. I am madly in love with this place abd eat here everytime im around the area.

Deanna P.

Best Chinese food I've come across in California. This is the real deal. Down to the way it smells when you walk in, this is an authentic Cantonese restaurant.

Philline E.

If you're looking for a local Chinese restaurant, you have to try this out. They both have dinner and lunch menus. If you're on a budget, their lunch menu is the way to go and it has a lot of options. It usually gets packed during lunch and dinner hours so you might want to call ahead for pick ups. If you plan to dine in, try to go before the peak hours. My fam's go to orders are: - sweet and sour fish fillet - sautéed green beans - chopseuy - salt and pepper pork chop - salt and pepper squid - kung pao chicken I also love their hot dessert with the tapioca pearls 10/10 recommend

Freesia Nighsty

We went on Sunday afternoon and there’s a lot of customers. There’s a waiting line, so just go ahead and write down your name plus how many people will dine in. Took us more than 10 minutes of waiting, another wait time for the waiter/waitress to attend to get your order and last waiting time for your food to arrive. We ordered kung pao chicken, chop suey vegetables, dry/ fried chow mein, wonton crème cheese and fried fish fillet. We already finished eating our meals and the fish hasn’t arrived yet. So if you’re very hungry, don’t just order the fish! Otherwise you will end up watching people eat while feeling hungry lol. The fish fillet came after we’re done eating so we just had to take it out including the rest of our orders. There’s no parking spot on this restaurant so go to the nearby grocery store (numero uno) and park there in case you can’t find parking spot.We also ordered tea— love it. Overall, it’s 4 stars because there were not enough parking spot available.

Froggie B.

One of The Best Chinese Restaurants Ever!!! Staff were super nice and friendly and the place was very elegant and clean. The food was prepared FRESH and steaming hot! It's very rare nowadays with restaurants serving freshly cooked meals, but this is one of them! The food is so delicious and the price is not too expensive. Also I had some leftovers and when I ate it the next day it was still very good, usually bad Chinese food goes bad really quick. But this still was tasting great the day after. 10 stars would recommend!

M Comans

I absolutely love the food here! It has been a while since I have been here, so I decided to treat myself and my family to dinner here.Best decision for dinner!!

Aj H.

Great local spot. The food is flavorful and the portions are pretty generous. Price wise, it's a little more expensive that other Chinese food spots. Overall I still recommend going here.


We stumbled on this place after shopping. We went with the Google reviews and boy were they right! Everyone was really nice to start. We ordered the lunch specials with soup and rice included. They came family style and the portions were huge! We ordered the garlic chicken and Szechwan shrimp and both were delicious. To boot everything was reasonably priced. We’ll be back!

Vaihiria Kelley

Large portions. Really tasty food. Definitely will come again.

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