Gushiya Sushi & Ramen

1585 Sepulveda Blvd Ste D, Torrance
(310) 539-2711

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Mary Rodriguez

Love this place??????...The sushi rolls are spectacular..highly recommend..

Rob Ram

Great service and the bento meal was just right!

Megan D.

Hands down the best sushi I've ever had! So much flavor and super fresh. The ramen is delicious as well. Can't beat the prices either. It should only have one $, not two. I also love that the owners are super friendly and attentive!


They are currently practicing social distancing so you get your own personal space in the restaurant and I loved it! The waitress was very attentive. The service was fast. The chef surprised us with a free sample dish that was delicious. It was generous of them. For a total of 4 rolls, we ended up paying about 35 dollars. I'd go back again.

Danny T.

Gushiya has the best spicy miso ramen I've had many of there special rolls as well and have never been dissatisfied. Rolls are nice size and prices are affordable. If you've never been I've give it a try

Joseph R.

I highly recommend this if you are in the area. Very good and is such a good place if your hungry. Amazing food and very nice servers. Very good customer service. RECOMMEND

Seol L.

I'm always wondering why there aren't more restaurants that serve both ramen and sushi because I often crave them at the same time. So of course, when I saw this place, I was immediately interested. I finally got to try this place for take-out, and I will definitely be returning. I worried about getting ramen to go, but it was impressively good with rich broth and perfect noodles. Spicy tuna roll, Philadelphia roll, and California roll were all well-made and hit the spot. The salmon nigiri wasn't the best - I've had salmon nigiri that's buttery and almost melts on your tongue - but it still tasted good and most importantly did not smell/taste fishy. Can't wait to dine in once we're able to!

Jothan Rodriguez

Got it on Postmates everything had amazing flavor even reheated.

Tiff A.

Great ramen, Katsu and sushi! They're open during the home quarantine for takeout! So happy they're keeping me fed :)


Dining in this establishment was just phenomenal. Before I ate here I viewed photos of what I'd like to eat, leaving me to choose the eye-catching ramen. The food here tastes as great as it looks. Dining here, we got a free side dish, which was completely amazing to savor myself upon. As great as the food was, the service was also great. The waiters treated my company with smiles and also was attentive to our needs. Overall, this restaurant was great to dine in, and I see myself coming back to munch on their sushi soon.

The H.

The sushi way surprisingly very good. Fresh and tasty. The mapo tofu, and spicy ramen was really good as well. The noodles had a bounce to it and broth was on point. Salmon collar was generous portions and delicious. The staff was very tentative and helpful. The chef actually introduced himself and asked for our feedback which tells you how much they care about the customer. Will definitely come back again!!! Can't wait to try other items on the menu.

Grace ..

Husband and I came here craving some ramen and sushi and were pleasantly surprised! Super delicious! The waitress and chef were very sweet and attentive. I got the bento box with chicken teriyaki and california rolls. My husband got the spicy miso with the crunchy tempura roll. Highly recommend the crunch roll! The chef gave us 2 pieces of sushi on the house for us to try we didn't get the name of it but it was soo yummy and very sweet of him to hook it up! We will definitely be returning!!

Tom L.

Great quick and easy sushi restaurant. The dining room is simple and easy, nice and comfortable. The sushi rolls were fresh, the flavors were there, good rolls, just a tad too much rice and I would of preferred a bit more avocado so I couldn't taste it because the rice overpowered it. The Gushiya roll I thought was covered in sauce but it reminded me of the lobster popcorn roll so maybe it was wrongly presented? The fried goodness turned out to be I assume soft shell crab? I didn't know what I was eating. The dynamite roll is good, I would prefer more spicy ness, the flavors were too tame. I wasn't dynamite enough and plus overtime, the roll is hard to eat when it cools down, it doesn't pull apart easily enough, then it destroys the integrity of the sushi rolls when I have to apply more force to separate.

Kristen C.

I have been here two times and want to share that this has been the only place I've ever ate all the pork in my ramen. It's so flavorful and not fatty as the usual ramens include. I only order the spicy miso ramen and the soup base is so tasty. Always greeted by the chefs and waitress with genuine smile. The chef has personally hand delivered sushi to try on the house. Clean environment. Would come back again.

Steven E.

Very friendly staff with quick service Our go to sushi place when in the area. Can't get past the sushi to try the soups... I'm sure they are good Favorites: Torrance roll Spicy Rainbow roll Geisha roll Spicy tuna roll Nigiri squid Edemami - both salted and spicy are good

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