Habana Vieja Cuban Cuisine And Cafe

1648 W Carson St, Torrance
(310) 320-0935

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Mom and pop business with authentic plates, shakes, and clientele. Plenty of options to come back to ?

Dianne Z.

Before pre-Covid we visited this establishment. I wanted the salmon plate the waiter advised they were out of salmon so I chose something else. Five minutes later a party sat next to us and proceeded to order the salmon plate. Why did the waiter say there was no salmon but other parties were able to order the salmon??!!

Christina R.

Seriously the best customer service that we've ever had. The staff went out of their way to make sure that everything was great and even made my dad feel special by brewing him his own fresh coffee. The food is delicious everything was fresh and tasted amazing! We will continue to come here and support our local businesses.

Leonardo C.

Infested with roaches. This place started under the supervision of a puertorriqueño, he was a very good cheff then they got ready of him and everything went to trash. Food testing like garbage now.

Batchellor Marcel

I go to this superb place every couple of days as I like the special air that is characterizes this place. The crew is very loving and qualified. The service is pretty quick. Most important, the food they cook is excellent. I ate there more than once and I was always happy. The expense is modest. I highly suggest this place to my friends and family.

Philip W.

The food here is sooo good. We tried the oxtails, the chicken, the rice, the beans, and the plantains. The portions are generous, and the atmosphere is family friendly. I can't wait to eat here again when the shelter in place ends!

Clara P.

Got Paella Del Mar to go for an easy bite through another hectic "work from home" day. Worked out just fine, for a mom and a dad who were each on separate conference calls all day and a toddler, who surprisingly enjoyed it. Just took bowlfuls per person while all of our eyes and ears were occupied and everybody chomped down happily. The photo doesn't do any justice, actually. They put it so all the good stuff like shrimps, scallops, clams etc were mixed into the rice and not so visible. But tasted wonderful and we thoroughly enjoyed it. PS. It came with a white sauce that slipped our sight bec we were just too busy. If you get a paella to go, probably good idea to check for the sauce in the bag.

Diana F.

I found this place randomly on google. I was looking for a lunch spot near work. I don't work in the area anymore but when I'm craving Cuban food, I go here. I've tried so many things from here. My fave is dipping the bread into that AMAZING bean dip. (PSA: I hate beans but I eat theirs ). It's a lil pricey for me, but then again I'm super cheap. Lol. Food is always we'll cooked and packed w flavor.

Michelle K.

Thank YOU Teresa and staff. My steak Salad was delicious! I so appreciate the hospitality and authentic Cuban cuisine. After leaving Florida it has been hard to find a great spot. Happy I found it. Cheers!

Michael N.

Awesome food, I love this place and it's one of my go-to's for authentic Cuban food in Long Beach. Large portions and great value. Will come here again.

Ron S.

Went with a group. Only having one server there during lunch time meant service was very slow, however the place was nice and welcoming. Even though things were very slow, once we got the food everything became worth it. The food was delicious! Everyone loved their meal. I especially enjoyed mine. We will happily go back again, we just hope they add more staff to help themselves out during busier times. 5/5

Alex W.

Came here for the Ropa Vieja. It was enjoyable, but very rich. I liked the meal, but am unsure if it was worth the price.

Ryan H.

Great food, as always. This restaurant has been a blessing, especially during COVID-19, since the food is tasty and the portions are large. If you can resist the temptation, you can save about half of what you get and have left-overs which allow you to continue sheltering-in-place. The employees were grateful for the support from customers as well. If you like Cuban food, definitely give Habana Vieja a shot!

Fed Ramirez

Delicious food! I ordered the seafood Paella and it was delicious! Only thing is that it takes a while to be made(~45min), call ahead and order before you come in in order for it to come out sooner! It's also a big plate, definitely shareable between 2 people!Shoot thru!

Steve O.

My son was kind enough to pick up dinner this week and he was craving Cuban food so we decided to try Habana. He and my wife had the pulled pork while I decided to go with the pork ribs Both dishes were tasty and portions weren't huge but it was enough for a nice meal. The ribs were a little boney but the flavor of the meat was satisfying. Dinners came with rice, black beans,& plantains. The plantains were excellent. Personally, I'd do a hard pass on the beans and ask if I could double up on the rice instead. We also had the flan with strawberry sauce. Thumbs up on that. They've got same kind of chicken dish you need to order about 45 minutes ahead of time. I'll have to see what that's all about Update Feb 2020 Based on a recommendation from a fellow Yelper, I tried the Cubana Sandwich and the potato balls. The papas were very good, very similar to what Portos offers. The sandwich was tasty and huge. My wife and daughter split a roast chicken which was juicy and flavorful. Another successful visit!

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Habana Vieja Cuban Cuisine And Cafe

1648 W Carson St, Torrance, CA 90501
(310) 320-0935