HomeTown Buffet

3520 W Carson St, Torrance
(310) 921-6546

Recent Reviews

ryan wyatt

The food that they serve is slightly above average but the diversity of food and dessert bar makes up for it.

Trish Rob

The cleanest I am visited so far. And you get fresh food. I went for dinner on a Friday. The other ones I been too give you food from like 2 days ago.

Ofelia Gonzalez-Lara

Food is great and fresh. The service excellent...very friendly and welcoming. Took a couple of pies home...delicious????

Bren Currin Belda

Good buffet. Kid friendly.

Tino Gonzalez

excellent service, and very nice place to be with family .....

Nobelean Cooper

Harassed by waitress about my receipt when i paid to go and the only way to get containers is when you pay and given too. Wasn't clean enough.

Alfredo Gibbs

I admire this venue a lot. there is a special ambiance. The kitcen is splendid. the service is effective and the team is friendly. The pay is modest. extremely recommend.

Nela O

Food tasted good and looked fresh, busy location, and they kept on bringing food replacement trays. They probably don't have enough staff to clean up floors. Too many Hispanics don't watch their kids, who run around and throwing food all over - you know what they saying: " you can bring Mexican out of Mexico...... you obviously can finish that sentence!

Rolena I.

I haven't eaten at a Hometown Buffet in I believe at least 5 years when my location closed up. I was in the Torrance area one late December Saturday and decided to eat here for dinner. The food at all of these Hometown locations is subpar. Golden Corral is a little better-tasting. Also, for the same price, you get better quality food at Souplantation (aka Sweet Tomatoes), but you just don't get the food variety that Hometown has (mainly the meats). I don't know why I came here this time. I think I was just hungry after not eating all day and this place was right here. Life is too short to eat food like this! I need to promise myself to never come to any of these locations again no matter how hungry I am.

Gary Preston

The service is excellent you pay for your plate then you load up whatever you desire!

Duke F

It’s always a good idea to stop in and eat they are all the same extremely busy no matter which one you go to but they move you in very quickly and they cater to your needs and make sure you are comfortable for the fast pace and many people that are waiting to get in the team does very well to cut the time Frame short they really do work hard family oriented and reasonable prices for the variety of food they put out.

Drew T.

Interesting story how we ended up here. We were originally heading to a buffet a mile away; but upon checking the reviews (Thank you Yelp); were turned off by the recent complaints of illness. I quickly searched through Google maps for the nearest buffet in reach as we had a group & wanted the lunch specials. I did not visit a Hometown Buffet since I was 16; but had nothing but positive memories. $8.99 for the lunch special until 4! If you buy a drink for an extra $2 they have unlimited refills on coffee; teas; sodas; Icees (Red & Blue), and so much more! There were many, many stations to choose from. Baked chicken, steak, stir-fry, macaroni and cheese, turkey, salad bars, fruit, finger foods, stuffing, cornbread, & too much else to remember. I must have went back at least four times & did not leave nearly a crumb! The waitress came to our table twice to both check up on us and clean our plates; but we were definitely not rushed. We spent a good 2 + hours at our table. Come dessert time; I HIGHLY recommend the banana pudding, & the ice cream to match. There are sugar-free cookies available, as well. The bread pudding tasted like Cinnabon sticks, which was rather odd. They also have jello and tons of fruits by the salad bar. Only knocking one star for the crumbs left on quite a few of the clean bowls (nothing too serious), and the dinner rolls were definitely not fully cooked. (Soggy too) However, I definitely left full and healthy! I have colitis, & is dangerous for me to venture to such a place. This place is very sanitary; very fresh! I will be back soon!

Glynda Russell

It was ok, there room for improvement with variety of foods. Our sever was selling pies, I guess hometown need to get rid of them.

Michael Brigham

The food was good and the staff is friendly but they need more selection.

Gladys H.

The food was garbage. Dry chicken, salty cookies. Over worked bread Doug, many food crimes

Jack Favors

This place is worth a try. They serve large portions for affordable prices. Always clean and with great atmosphere. Will come back again.


First and last time customer. Food was very low quality food. Crowded during lunch hour and always running out of the better foods like meat loaf and beef and not replacing during our stay. Not recommended!

Betty Boop

Today was Thanksgiving Day and the food was actually pretty good the turkey was very good and so was the stuffing and all the other stuff that they had. And they didn't raise the price it was the same lunch price as it is everyday. And it's better than the restaurants because you can have all you want of anything you want unlike at other restaurants where you get a set plate with just what's on your plate and that's it.

Mahogany Rhodes

Solid food experience. Never fancy but you definitely can count on their standard faire being palatable. Already a good value but sign up for their club and get those coupons!

Daylin O.

first time coming here and the food was disgusting the soup had a funky smell and the ice cream was bullshit. horrible customer service and i will not be coming back ! shakeys has way better food even though it is more expensive it is definitely worth it.

Debra Smith

My Favorite All You Can Eat! Fresh Great Sections!

Asia Landázury

I love to go to this place since the hometown buffet in hawthorne closed I love all the food!!

Conna Condon

Honored vets. Very good food. Good people

Jonaven R.

This was our first time going to this location and honestly the good things about this location was that their cakes were big slices and great. The food was ok they had black eyes peas drowned in water, silverware filthy cups dirty service was bad they care about their job too much to check us on our "water cups" poured out our drinks returned us dirty cups and brought manager over to confirm what we had but also gave us attitude when we told them we have dirty cups gave us more dirty cups. It was a bad experience with this location sadly not going back again

Bodhi Ellison

Would absolutely recommend trying this spot. Great character, delightful food, great service. I recommend this place.

Jairo Martinez

Love coming to hometown buffet they have of so many options to choose from, their desserts are great and the price is great All You Can Eat !!

Quiana Murphy

Food is always good on a Thursday for family night.Sunday is also a good time for lunch or dinner. I come here to eat with my kids at least 3 times per week. I would not come back on a Tues, Weds, or a Friday due to the selection of food for Italian cusinse. Today's visit on a Tuesday wasn't the greatest selection of food of choice and they ran out of their regular menu.. the corn chowder soup was very thin then there were no chicken in the chicken soup, the French bread was very dry and hard. Chicken was either left out too long and very dry. Limited amount of food choices for the kids. Maybe they should have family night 2 or 3 times a week. Me personally, I would come and eat at a restaurant that my children would enjoy a meal of varieties that they like. Children are picky especially if they have food allergy. If kids like it then parents would be happy to continue to bring business. Sorry but kids generally don't like veggie pizzas with onions they prefer pepperoni better. Chicken strips and corn dogs are better choices then chicken pesto or chicken marsala. Salad bar is always good choice. I know my kids prefer chicken nachos or chicken tacos then ground beef. Just my input. Mash potatoes should be as usual just plain instead of pepper already made with it. I had to create my son his own chicken nachos.

Maggie Cui

The food is good what they need to do is open up more restaurants nearby

Intifada F.

Best Hometown buffet ever. Place is very clean, great service, food is delicious... Definitely will come back here...

Landon is pro

It's a great place to go with family and friends but not as much when you alone.

Ja Murphy

Great fresh food and different choices. Wish they have more non dairy desserts. Men bathroom is terrible compare to the women's bathroom.


Assistant manager was not so courteous, Sunday afternoon lunch and she was not in a customer service mood. Its my guess breakfast service took away her smile.

Thug Knife

Terrible over priced food. No wonder its empty . Food was cold even the "fresh cut" station. Quality was the worst. Stay home and microwave a hungry man for better quality.

Esther Hernandez


June M

It was good. There wasn't anybody cutting prime rib when I went to get my food. I saw someone there when I went for dessert. But it was good, besides that.

Amanda Ramos

Food is always fresh. Good variety, delicious salads, soups and desserts. Good attention and plenty of parking spaces. Love it!!


Not a fancy buffet but they have a decent selection of meals for the price.

Leslie Flowers

it was delicious food i always take my family there

Truman W.

4.5 stars for takeout service. I only wanted their delicious fried chicken and got a large styrofoam to-go box which I filled with 12pcs of Southern fried golden crispy goodness. $12 with tax, what a deal! FYI they don't take coupons for to-go orders. Would be 5 stars if they also gave a soup bowl and a salad box like Sizzler's takeout. Parking can be a challenge because all the LA Fitness peeps park in the same lot.

Michael G.

I really don't say bad things about places but the food at this hometown was really bad. The service is great but the food seen old and it was not impressive. I know it's hometown but still I probably won't go back.