HomeTown Buffet

3520 W Carson St, Torrance
(310) 921-6546

Recent Reviews

Maggie Cui

The food is good what they need to do is open up more restaurants nearby

Landon is pro

It's a great place to go with family and friends but not as much when you alone.

Ja Murphy

Great fresh food and different choices. Wish they have more non dairy desserts. Men bathroom is terrible compare to the women's bathroom.


Assistant manager was not so courteous, Sunday afternoon lunch and she was not in a customer service mood. Its my guess breakfast service took away her smile.

Thug Knife

Terrible over priced food. No wonder its empty . Food was cold even the "fresh cut" station. Quality was the worst. Stay home and microwave a hungry man for better quality.

Esther Hernandez


June M

It was good. There wasn't anybody cutting prime rib when I went to get my food. I saw someone there when I went for dessert. But it was good, besides that.

Amanda Ramos

Food is always fresh. Good variety, delicious salads, soups and desserts. Good attention and plenty of parking spaces. Love it!!

Leslie Flowers

it was delicious food i always take my family there

Truman W.

4.5 stars for takeout service. I only wanted their delicious fried chicken and got a large styrofoam to-go box which I filled with 12pcs of Southern fried golden crispy goodness. $12 with tax, what a deal! FYI they don't take coupons for to-go orders. Would be 5 stars if they also gave a soup bowl and a salad box like Sizzler's takeout. Parking can be a challenge because all the LA Fitness peeps park in the same lot.

Michael G.

I really don't say bad things about places but the food at this hometown was really bad. The service is great but the food seen old and it was not impressive. I know it's hometown but still I probably won't go back.

Luna B.

Dirty, hot, and stinky... Those are the three words to describe this place. Food was awful. Don't get their shrimp, it doesn't taste right. Actually, just don't come here at all unless you want to get sick... God bless...

Brad Fowler

Bathrooms were a mess. Prices are expensive. Orange chicken was good, Friend fish and baked fish had hard pieces and bones, tacos and enchiladas were good, fries Mac and cheese and chicken Alfredo we're bad they all lacked flavor were soggy and extremely watered down, fried chicken and baked chicken were good, steak was all gristel on one piece and the other was good,rolls looked good but lacked massive flavor and we're extremely doughy and we tested many rolls, Fish was good.For the same price or less you could go to Denny's or Golden Corral or even McDonald's would be BETTER. Do your self a favor and go to a different HomeTown Buffet (which may be better) or go to a Golden Corral.

Derail Jaymes

This place is great! First of all, the surprisingly good food quality, selection, and options make it a great place for family night, date night, or any night! And the staff at the Torrance location are equally as amazing! Always courteous and helpful, tables and dining rooms are kept clean at all times, and the foods are constantly being refreshed. There are almost always coupons available for lunch or dinner too that make it all the more affordable. There is a great salad bar that has healthy options for those who are trying to stick with healthier options. There is a also a great dessert selection with many choices. This place is kid and family friendly, and can accommodate large parties. Overall, it's a great place to come and enjoy different kinds of food, all at a great price. I would recommend this specific location to anyone in the area or visiting the mall. My wife and I come here often we were are in the area and want a little bit of healthy for dinner or lunch. The wait time is usually quite small and the team works hard to get everyone through the line and seated. There is a ton of seating and a private room in the back for large parties. There are many options for drinks and coffee as well. Overall, you cannot go wrong here. My wife does the ketogenic diet and is able to make healthy choices here while I indulge and partake in many carbohydrate dense meals. Come one, come all!

Gibran Godinez

Food was good and trays on the islands were changed quickly so we always had options of food that was just coming out of the kitchen. Staff here was very friendly and attentive to our requests. Despite how busy it was due to Fathers Day we still felt very comfortable and we had great time hanging out for a bit. I would come to this Home Buffet again.

Jay Yoon

it's great buffet to me. Affordable and keep the quality and sanitary. A little bit salty, but u can control. This place is better than any other hometown I ever visited.

Cortney Koch

Thank you to our waitress for dealing with our mess, 4 adults, 1 child, 3 toddlers and 1 baby later, with a smile!! She also noticed we had a birthday boy in the group and she prepared a cake and sang Happy Birthday to him. The restaurant and bathrooms were clean and tidy. Food... Well it's a buffet... 😉 Wasn't to shabby.

Eileen M.

HomeTown Buffet on Carson in Torrance has fantastic food and the manager is beyond wonderful. The wait staff was polite and friendly and when I asked about different meat, they were quick to get it. I am totally impressed with the restaurant and have eaten in more than a dozen Hometown Buffets. This is by far the best one ever. Eileen M.

Angie V.

This Hometown Buffet is our favorite location Antonio the manager is very curtious. my husband and I love the fact that the food is kept at a good temperature so it is never cold. the employees here are all very nice too. very clean restaurant. we will definitely be dinning here very soon again. SHOUT OUT!! to Antonio the manager and all the Employees. keep up the good work guy's

Joshua W.

The service can vary, slow to fast, depending on the time of day; I can recall times where plates were left on my table by servers. The food stays under headlamps. I like it most when they serve ribs and carved roast beef and ham. They serve breakfast on Sundays and it's full most Sunday mornings when they open at 8 am.

Jose Belmonte

My experience at this location wasn't great but it wasn't bad either. I used to enjoy going to Hometown but they have changed their menu a lot and I miss them older menu items like ribs thursday. Overall it was OK but nothing to be impressed about.

Vicky Urbina

The food is good and and the service was excellent!!

Diego Acosta

This hometown buffet is pretty good good. It looks like many of the other hometown buffets there are out there, has the same food and all. On the plus side it is located right next to the Del Amo Mall where you can head right after to digest the great meal you had. Customer service in this hometown buffet is also good. Just keep in mind all hometown buffets are really alike .

Cynthia Gonzalez

At this location, food did not taste fresh. I came on Sunday for the after 11am dinner time, and the glazed bread looked good but tasted expired, the mash potatoes were a bit watery, the cheese macaroni had little taste, the baked potato was stale, and just the food wasn't amazing. The only thing that was okay was the dessert. Also, it felt very humid inside the building, and you can tell the restroom cleaning were not maintained since it smelled like urine on the floor and was missing toilet paper. The people who refill the food trays can work on being more friendly too. I wouldn't recommend or return to this location.

D Ward

HomeTown Buffet is pretty good. It seems as though their food selections have suffered over the years along with the number of restaurants they have. I'm sure it's difficult enforcing the rule that under 10 years of age need to have an adult with them at the buffet. I noticed a little girl grabbing/touching french fries with her hands which made me happy that I didn't want french fries. I really like the meatloaf, one of the best I've had. I enjoyed their baked beans as well but I never see them on the buffet anymore.


Went on Wed for lunch. Plenty of parking. No lines. Fresh food. Clean establishment and friendly staff. They have military discount on Mondays. Will come again

Jeff LaBarre

Fairly typical all you can eat buffet. Good salad bar. The hot food selection wasn't so great but ok - the fish looked particularly unappetizing. They sell whole pies including pumpkin but this wasn't a choice in the dessert selection. Fairly high pricing even for senior lunch menu. I would definitely not order a drink again as the price was ridiculous - free water glass is available. Plenty of free parking. Seating included both booths and tables. Fairly clean but uninspired decor. Does not compare favorably with the nearby Soup Plantaion.

C Hogan

The food was average. Good value for the price. They had most things well stocked.

Elbert Jones II

Food at this location was better than the others. Fresh salad and the cook at the omelet bar was great and she allowed me to get scrambled with vegetables.

Brian H.

Not bad for buffet food BUT we avoid Family Night here like the plague because of all the unsupervised kids allowed to run around this restaurant. This is a big problem even on regular nights as there are always a lot of unsupervised little kids running around not looking where they're going and making a mess. Low-class parents need to watch over their kids and teach them manners in places like this. You and your rude little brats aren't the only ones here to eat.

Miguel O.

The food is what you expect from a restaurant that hasn't updated to the modern era: not bad nor great. US nationalism is present around here, so expect military veterans, especially on Mondays. The people who come here appear to be Baby Boomers, fat, low to middle class, and/or diverse. The employees here feel sad, but some (like my waiter Lucy) are chill. At least there's Wi-Fi, but the service speed is poor.

Bella T.

Overall I'm satisfied with the service here from the staff they work really hard to accommodate and make you feel welcome. I love the food they have here as well our server recommended us their specialty for today was albondigas it was actually pretty delicious. I May have just found another go to spot for my weekends to eat with the fam

April S.

HORRIBLE FOOD!!! The prices are way too high for what this place offers. First, the cashier argued about the age of my little brother and ended up charging us the adult price for him because she didn't believe his age. Second, the food was terrible everything was cold and just not good at all. I would compare it to cafeteria food. Flavorless. I'm normally not picky and I found myself forcing myself to eat just because I paid so much. Would not recommend anyone to waste their appetite or money here.


Perfect old-fashioned restaurant you visit when you don't care how many calories you consume, just this once! All the comfort foods you could possibly want and call me crazy, but I find delicious, carb-loaded, creamy dishes that I have always loved and in which I don't often indulge.

Sedrick M

Not the fanciest of places, but you get what you pay for. The food is decent. The draw is the amount of food of course, and there is a large variety. The place could be cleaner if I'm being honest, but it's not really dirty, just not neat. All in all, I went for an event, I wouldn't really go there myself.

Gwendolyn C.

The atmosphere the customer service and food was Awesome.. I was their on this past Saturday 12/29/2018 at a Women's Prayer Breakfast -Given by The Wrecking Crew Deliverance Ministry...Thank you

Love K.

Worst food I've ever had. The food has very little flavor and has little salt. I could make better food at home. The dessert was good, but that's probably because they bought it at the store. The place was also very dirty. The only good thing about the restaurant was the waiter, who was super friendly and nice.


Took pictures with Santa’s friendly self. Sat down to a lovely meal with my guests. Everything, and I mean Everything, my guests and I had a craving for was there and tasted delicious! Atmosphere was so awesome that, after we’d finished eating we stayed and chatted. It was an awesome time for us! Happy Eating to you all!

LaMeca Simmons

Relaxing place to dine and enjoy with family, or solo. Good healthy food selections. Enjoy as much as you woul like in this smorgasbord

Andrew J.

Very underrated. In the South Bay it's the only restaurant I know of that offers so many types of cuisine & desserts for one moderate price. And the unlimited portions are a bonus for occasional gorging - or to keep/put the weight ON (so definitely bring your football OL kids ; ). There are many options sure to please nearly everyone, from healthy to decadent to 1,000's of calories - lol! As a former managing partner of a highly rated fine dining restaurant, and 37 year commercial real estate broker who's done biz w/many restaurants from across the spectrum, I judge each based on how well they accomplish their goal at a price commensurate with what we customers receive. So for example, no one can compare a hot dog stand with a Wolfgang Puck fine dining restaurant. Yet BOTH can 5 Stars, or even just 2 Stars (though Puck would surely have a heart attack & close any of his restaurants rated that low! He doesn't know it, but we go back to 1977 when he was a young chef at Ma Maison and I was an 18 year old UCLA freshman trying to impress my first college girlfriend who came from Bay Area royalty. So I "interviewed" the best restaurants within 10 miles of our dorm and spent ever dollar I could save - haha!). So don't unreasonably judge Hometown Buffet. It isn't "Haute Cuisine" or "Alta Cucina", nor is it intended to be. Yet many of its offerings are actually as good or better than many popular casual restaurants, especially average quality national chains, yet you get a lot more for your money. Even crappy fast food places can cost an adult guy $10+ and we're still hungry! My mom was an amazing woman, but good cooking was pretty much her only slight weakness. Thus many of the offerings here are as good or better than what I received at my home growing up (sorry mom, but you were truly great in every other way...). And with Torrance as my literal "hometown", I thoroughly enjoyed my recent visit here! So forget the low ratings, they're not justified based on what you receive for what you pay! p.s. the staff here works harder & hustles more with a smile than nearly every other restaurant I've been to in recent years. So please don't forget to give a good tip!