Hong Kong Express

1400 W 190th St, Torrance
(310) 618-8181

Recent Reviews

David Lai

It's alright

Curtis Lee L.

Great pricepoint, great variety, great portion amount. I'd take this over Panda Express every time

Nicholas H.

Worst Chinese food I've ever had, and I've tried countless places. It's so bad I literally can't even eat it. Unfortunately ordered off door dash and was unable to see the quality of their food before hand. Kung pao was 4 GIANT junks of chicken (nearly half the size of my fist) with no veggies, never seen it prepared like that before and it was awful. Chow mein was terrible as well. Do yourself a favor, and go somewhere else...

Gladys D.

Disgusting food and Customer ServiceI bought 2 combos . As we were eating I discovered a long hair in my combo. We got so disgusted that we stopped eating. I went to ask the cashier for a refund and showed her the food with the hair, in it she gave me attitude. She gave me a refund for 1 combo. I told her I wanted a full refund as neither one was able to eat the food. She asked to see the other combo so I went out to get it. Cashier complained that the other combo was eaten more than the first one. I explained to her that we were eating when I discovered the hair and both of us stopped eating out of disgust. Any how to make a long story short, after a couple of back and forth argument with the cashier she finally gave me a refund for both combos but refused to give me a refund for the sodas. I don't care about the money, the correct thing to do would have been to issue a full refund, and at least apologize .... ANYHOW FOOD IS DUSGUSTING I WOULD NEVER BUY FOOD HERE AGAIN. DISGUSTING FOOD FLAVOR WISE AS WELL AND DISGUSTING CUSTOMER SERVICE. DO YOUR SELF A FAVOUR TAKE YOUR BUSINESS SOMEWHERE ELSE.

Honorio Imperial

Great cream cheese wontons!?

Greg K.

BAD FOOD. I had food from them many times without a problem since food is cheap and was acceptable. Two days ago I got again and I have been suffering since then. Crazy diarrhea stomach pains and a huge discomfort. I noticed a bad smell but I did not take it seriously. Taste also was bad and had nothing to do with previous experiences. If you want not to have a similar experience avoid this place. NOT FOR ME

breanna s.

Place is so dirty Worker refuse to wash her hands before making my food when I asked her please wash her hands she told me no she can use hand sanitizer I will never eat here again. That has a problem with washing their hands before they serve peoples food should not be in the food service business with a pandemic going on right now they should be more than willing to wash their hands with soap and water frequently

Alondra R.

I work in the area and was craving Chinese food. Stopped here and with only a half hour lunch was anxious to eat. Order the combo plate. Service was quick which was great. Wish I could say that about the food. Kung pao chicken was gross!!! Had no flavor tasted like broccoli wAter orange chicken was ok. Other than that nothing has flavor. For sure won't be back.

Crystal Aldana

fried rice is fireeeeeeeee but they greedy af with there sauce and chilli paste

M J.

This place has gone from serving good Chinese food to serving left over crappy food. Have been coming here for over 10 years. The food has been good until yesterday. We were there when they first opened and ordered 2 items combo. Noodles was soggy and mushy. You could tell it was the previous day leftovers. Same crap with the orange chicken. What a shame. Took a thriving business and threw it out the window just to save a few bucks at there customers expense. Too many other Chinese restaurant in the area to choose from. WILL NEVER EAT HERE AGAIN!

James Johnson

I always go here for the won tong soup!

Daniel Z.

Best Shrimp fried Rice in town.. I would recommend it to everyone.Girls at front are great. Has a variety of food choices. Great ace to take the family to eat.

Frank Lemus

The Wonton soup was amazing! Both me and my clients love it.

howard smith

Just don't do it.

Pris Sirpmaii

I simply asked was it kung pao chicken and she said yea before I could say if I wanted anything she had a bowl filled with dried out stale rice and plopped a spoon full of their “Kung pao” in top I was in a rush so I didn’t complain. But after getting back to work to attempt to “enjoy” my lunch break, ewwww!! Now I’m hot, hungry and agitated! I wouldn’t feed this to a person dying of hunger. Hell not even my dog.

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