In-N-Out Burger

24445 Crenshaw Blvd, Torrance
(800) 786-1000

Recent Reviews

Will R.

if you want In-N-Out just go to the one by Jollibee or any one other than this one. The line formation they have is ridiculous, food is very mediocre for an In-N-Out, I've been here maybe 5 times and no lie, every time they mess my order up. Not just like mess it up to where I'll still eat it, but BUTCHER it to where I lose my appetite . Some of the people working the register in the drive-thru are rude as hell. Just not a good In-N-Out location at all. Save your money time and energy and go elsewhere, maybe the Wingstop or L&L in the same parking lot!

Carlos R.

Food is great there but if you're not looking to eat at in n out. The parking lot is always block bye cars waiting in line at in n out making it difficult to get around the lot. They need to be more organized and be mindful of other people not going to their restaurant

Gloria Kim

In n out is always goood. The price, visual, taste and the special sauce. It is delicious so don't need to even read reviews. Just go and try if for yourself and you will be amazed for the price, freshness and taste.

Duncan Blount

Burger was fantastic. The fries were a bit cold and chalky. Impressive all together considering the volume that they do. Five stars.

Natally B.

I pulled in line and maneuvered my car to be straight in this line as I had pulled in at an angle and while I was in line, I had a security guard tell me that I needed to through the line a different way. When I first pulled in there was no big line and when she told me in needed to get in line a different way and get in the there was a huge line! There was no way I was gonna get behind all those cars just cause I pulled in a different way. I didn't cut anyone off cause there was no line when I got there! They need signs to where the line starts and how to pull in

Nana Yaw Mensah I

Great Food very clean and worth the money ? I would recommend this place here anytime the best one in town. No problems ordering or being helped.

JaLisa Moore

Im sure everyone knows about in-n-out, so no need to describe the food. The customer service is good. The lines of course, can be ridiculous. Which comes with the in n out experience.


Always a positive experience when I go here.

Theresa Mcdaniel

Haven't been here in a awhile. Always busy but you get your order perfectly fast. Same great taste, hamburgers, fries & shakes.

Vincent (Vincent)

i think it is the best food around LA. the price and quality are the best.

Anita Despues

After an extremely long day at work, I made the decision I needed to get something quick that was not completely unhealthy. Being able to remain in the car and grab a lettuce wrapped burger was just the right thing. The service is always with a smile and quickly prepared without mistakes.

Daniel Nesbitt

We grabbed a family sized order at the drive thru and our order was made correctly. I even added a soda at the first window and the associate was able to accommodate me. We will be returning to this location.

Norberto Quiroz



Never ever ever ever go 1 hour before closing. Its the same amount of cars waiting but expect at minimum 1hour and a half wait. Much different than during the day when the same amount of cars can be less than 10mins.

elaine yamano

John took my order. I even changed my order a couple times because I didn't realize they had different combos that I wanted. He was so patient & courteous. Repeated my order and was so kind.

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