In-N-Out Burger

730 W Carson St, Torrance
(800) 786-1000

Recent Reviews

Chris Geronimo Seeh

I think I have not been to any In-N-Out where I had a bad burger, keep it up guys!

Amanda W.

Really love and appreciate moneka's customer service, very polite and professional. One of my favorite locations. Food always yummy

Oskar Toruno

This place is extremely dangerous to get in and out of. I've seen so many accidents. Yes, the food is good and service is great. But the headache comes when you're trying to get in and out of this place. I'm not sure the burger is worth trouble.

paul zastrow

Good food. Extremely busy. Difficult getting into the lot

Antonio Chavez

One of the best services for a fast food place. Nice fresh hamburger and fries. Very clean.

Austin Garlick

There is just something about going to In-N-Out in the Los Angeles area that is magical! Or maybe that is just my Well done Animal style fries... always worth a visit!


The service was great.I got my food on time.Lots off peopleLow cost.

Santos Cezs

Friendly and accomodating crew!

Chrisina Denbaugh

Always delicious without a doubt best fast food burger around..Don't forget to order the grilled onions. Try the animal ? outstanding


It's just like want other in n out I suppose. Good, but way overrated. But they aren't bad

Grace & Grandma

Always the business!! See all you have to do is focus on a few things and get them right every time ? great burger ?

Joshua Vuong

Ordered a double double protein style without spread. I enjoyed it even if it didn’t come with the bun. I’m from Atlanta so we don’t have these places back in GA. Every time I’m back in California in n out is always my first stop

Sailor Joan

Lately, their french fries are cooked well done and burnt. I have requested a lite well cook fries many times from this branch already but it still came out over fried and oily. ?

Nadine Rodriguez


chiigo meheeya

First time going into an In n Out, lines were long but took at most 10mins, ordered Double Double meal, animal style loaded fries, XL drink. Enjoyed it and prices are good for the food. Attaching photos for reference and would come back again, cheers

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