It's Boba Time Torrance

2370 Crenshaw Blvd Suite J, Torrance
(424) 558-3699

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Eric C.

I came here today afternoon around 2 pm, August 11. I don't like the girls working here today. They are so rude and i can't even hear the cashier because others is laughing so loud at the back even the cashier is giving you an attitude and rude like busy at her phone while taking my order? Thumbs down! I'm always order here but today is the worst, I hope you trained your workers right specially how they treat customers.

Cecilia Diaz

They take forever plus there people just standing there talking and talking and not working and u just waiting while there people waiting for order

Giovanni Gacho

Good place get a milk tea and boba! They do get busy so it always the right timing.

Veronica D.

I have never been so unsatisfied with a pitaya bowl smh the only reason why I came here was because açaí bowls was closed smh also the girls working in there where just laughing n chitchatting so unprofessional n lazy and to top it off the girl told me 20 min for it to be ready smh the worst place ever !! If they can't make a good pitaya bowl then just stick to what you could do...


I had a very pleasant welcome, I got my Taro boba right away in 2 minutes! The service is fast. Would recommend if you want some boba. They also have Macarons they have all different type of flavors, Personally I would get one Coconut Macaron and one Raspberry Macaron. Enjoy you’re visit if you ever come here!

Joseph V.

So I come in today and when I went to pay the lady who took my order clicked on a tip and told me to press continue if I wasn't paying attention I would have been charged extra and to top it off she took a hard look at my receipt before handing it to me to see if she got her tip which she didn't to tip that off every time I come in my drinks are overflowed with milk I can barely even drink it it's just a cup of milk one star

Ms. E.

This is quite literally one of the few places I go to for my boba needs. If you're lactose sensitive (like me), Boba Time offers a variety of non-dairy options, including almond milk and oatmilk, the latter of which is my personal favorite. If you're in the mood for a smoothie, try to steer clear of some of the more "one-off" flavors, such as lychee and kiwi, which tend to be rather gritty, and stick to flavors that are smoother in texture. My new favorite is the fruity cereal shake with oatmilk and strawberry popping boba because of how thick and perfectly sweet it is.

Jay S.

they dont honor the stamp cards here but the gardena one does. doesnt make sense but whatever...

Mj S.

We ordered the Tiramisu Foam Milk Tea with and without boba with 50% sugar. The sweetness was perfect for me. I will surely try other flavors next time. The Choco crepe is nothing special. It's the same taste as chocolate cake but made with crepe. The reason I gave 3 stars is because of their service. We waited 25mins for these 3 orders. They even forgot to prepare the crepe. I had to tell them about it and even showed them the receipt. And my husband needed to go back because they haven't given us a straw. I hope they will do better on my next visit.


The boba here is great, but the staff is eh. Some are unprofessional, and others are just there to do there job. If you want some good boba come here, but don’t expect amazing customer service


My daughter Loves It’s Boba Time - Crenshaw Branch only though

Ingrid A.

What I noticed from ordering the same drink from 3 different shops , it varies a lot. I always order Cheese foam Match Jasmine at 25 % sugar. I'm Pre diabetic . One store placed frozen matcha ice cream and that drink was sweeter . Another shop said they can't make it that low in sugar. It was sweeter.

Ms. C.

Omg when I say so good!! Customer service is beyond top notch!! It was my first time coming to this boba shop! I ordered a large Oreo Strawberry smoothie & a Earl Gray Milk Tea with boba!! Boba 10/10 I will definitely be back! I love It's Boba Time

Jenica G.

So delicious. Wish It was nextdoor to my house. I LOVE BOBA. They have done such a wonderful job with their menu and display of macarons. Its a cute little shop, I visit everytime im in the area.

Arturo Luna

They have some very good healthcare drinks here.

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