King Mediterrano

4354 Redondo Beach Blvd, Torrance
(310) 370-9438

Recent Reviews

Mechie S.

Always delicious and fresh! My favorite is the hummus and the chicken skewers. So yum!

Raf Ladha

Excellent food! Their king burrito with gyro is so good!!! It’s definitely big enough to share. Also, their falafels are some of the best I’ve ever had and I’m middle eastern so that’s saying something.

Karen L.

I ordered the chicken kabob plate. I like this region's food. Very healthy.

Charli B.

The Hamburger is worth driving for. Awesome taste. Awesome food. When looking at this place you would not think much however when you taste the food you would want to shake hands with the cook. A must try.

Teoy T.

I still love them. They've made a few changes to some of their menu items. Like the King salad, no longer falafel etc. It doesn't change the quality of the food nor the service. My weekly go to (It's sad), is the kabob plate and I add the fried zucchini and bed of salad instead of rice. Everything you order tastes best with their King sauce. I'm not sure if the fried zucchini is made in house or premade and just cooked to order. Either way, I and my teen enjoy it. There's currently no seating as we're still in a pandemic and they ask you to maintain your social distancing when placing orders and waiting. I call ahead and my cooked to order is never a long wait. Give them a try, you'll love the family owned service and great food.

Sammi A.

Highly recommend. Their food is spot on and taste so good. Their chicken skewers were juicy and not dry. The gyro was good with the right amount of seasoning. Perfection. You can choose your two sides for the half and half plate that comes with a side of pita. Would recommend everything on the accompanied image: hummus, salad, gyro, and chicken skewers. Also it comes with white sauce ("king sauce") so no need to pay extra

Daniel P.

I used to go there to get the king burrito with beef shawarma and DRENCH IT WITH THE KING SAUCE. But as I got older I realize I have to eat my veggies lol. MY go to is their greek salad which is compiled with carrots, purple cabbage, spring mix, tomatoes, onions, olives, and feta cheese accompanied by your choice of meat (beef shawarma is a no brainer). BOY DO THEY LOAD UP ON MEAT. With a drizzle of their king sauce, which is comprised of vegetables and spices, I have one of the most satisfying keto friendly meals. Following a keto diet it's hard to get take out, but this has been my favorite for keto 1000%

Nick Kahler

What a find! A colleague and I stopped in for lunch on a Tuesday and we are so glad we did. I was so happy to see someone combine great Greek style menu items in the ‘bowl’ format with a mix of rice and greens. The gyro meat was warm and well portioned and the gyro dressing was perfect. The freshly made falafel was the perfect complement and it was just the right amount for lunch. I’m glad my office is moving nearby and that their indoor dining opens very soon. Fantastic!

Pranav Krishnamurthy

Falafel was mushy and soft. The wrap lacked a variety of taste and was overwhelmed by the mushiness of the falafel. Not the best Mediterranean food around.

Debora K.

It was my first time trying this place. The food looked so good online. We called on a Friday around 6:30? They didn't pick up their phone, so we ordered it to-go in person. They hand you an electric buzzer after you place your order for pick up. There were no people waiting and no lines. It took about 15 min for our order to be ready. Always keep in mind their work hours, which is different from Monday-Thursday and the other days they're open. I found out this info over their answering machine. We ordered the King bowl with chicken kebab and beef shawarma and Mediterranean gyro fries. If I were to give the menu items a rating, I would rate the bowl as a 4 and the fries with a 3. The bowl was very colorful and full of different textures and flavors. I liked the fact that it came with salad and rice, but the rice reminds me of the rice they fed in middle/high school. The fries were okay, but it was too much sauce and slightly salty. I think it would've been better if the fries were thicker, but since the fries are as thin as a pencil or shoelace the sauces were a bit overwhelming especially because there were jalapeños, olives, and cheese (which all add salty factors). The sour cream taste was strong, and I recommend you balance it out with some sweet ketchup. If I were to order the fries again, I would eat it as a side rather than an entree with bigger groups of people and take out the cheese and olives. The best protein was probably the chicken kebab bc it was very juicy and tender. The gyro was ok and the beef shawarma was good but it was finely chopped. I would recommend the chicken kebab as your choice of protein. BTW, they have a couple sauce options you could get for an extra charge and if you already have sambal at home, don't get the chili sauce bc it's just sambal! The store is very clean looking. I didn't know until I came in person, but they aren't structured like the typical restaurant. The inside of the store is just for employees and the seating area is outside, which is currently closed off. Next time I plan on trying the burrito!

Joey Garcia

Go here!So good! I had the new Carne Asada burrito and it was insanely good! Great value. Yes, $13+ is a lot for a burrito, but this is large enough for two burritos (If you can stop).The swarma plates are massive and so delicious.5/19/2021Takeout only

CM Galaxy Jam

Reasonable prices, generous portion sizes, quick service, and friendly customer service, not to mention the great food, make this my new go-to for Mediterranean. Plus the location is so convenient, very close to the Sugar Free Shack.


The food was so good! The falafel bowl was so full of greatness! It had falafels, French fries, garlic sauce on the side, yellow rice, and salad. They served a lot of food and I couldn’t even finish, but I wish I had!

Jean L.

This is my favorite Mediterranean food restaurant! The food is very flavorful, the portion is generous, lasts me 2-3 meals, the owners are super friendly and caring, great business!

Denisse S.

My go to spot for Mediterranean food. The owners are so sweet and the brother sister duo is pretty great. Been coming here since they opened and will continue to get my fix when I'm in the area :)

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