King's Wok Express

1657 W Carson St, Torrance
(310) 212-7888

Recent Reviews

Lissett Mineros

Good food they give you big portions

Henry Hernandez

Excellent Egg Flower soup

Amy T.

I love fake Chinese food. My favorite place was King Wok in Altadena but that one closed down during the pandemic so I thought I'd give this a try. The food was very mediocre. Good portion for the price though. Beef + Broc: 6/10 Orange Chik: 8/10 Not bad, I'd get this again Shrimp: 4/10 No thanks, it's mostly dusty tasting outer batter. Pineapple and sauce is sweet and tasty. Just the shrimp and batter sucks. Fried rice: 7/10 Not bad. Not good. Chow Mein: 5/10 Was looking forward to this the most, but it was the most disappointing. No taste or seasoning. Just tastes like straight boiled pasta. (That's right no flavor)

Bad Mako

Inespensive and they give you a boatload of food.What i care about more though, is theyre curt but courteous and get you goingMy wife loves the place.Highly recommend

Goodbar L.

The skinny Asian lady got a god damn attitude problem she's always so rude if she don't wanna work there then go somewhere else it's not our fault she's always pregnant

Kristina Wilson

Good (by weight) prices. And the best Wor Wonton soup and fruit smoothies around!


Fire food and the employees work ready hard


Is definitely much better then the China buffet on pch....

sydney wen

I rarely go for takeout chinese food mostly bc it is usually too greasy, salty and questionable freshness. This place is like the A student, clean, fresh and well priced.

Jad Nolan

I celebrated my nomination this evening in this great place. happy to tell that it was a terrific evening and the venue was absolutely the reason for the happy meeting. The waiters helped in a very nice style, the meals were yummy and my friends were very pleased. We shall definitely visit again for more celebrations. thanks very much.

Rayan Chambers

The food is regularly fresh and yummy, cashiers hands out good service. I really like the cleanliness and mood. Will come back again.

Diane Gold

1st time I ate here and dont know if I will go back. The food needed more flavor, especially the chow mein and egg rolls. portions were a good size.The place was very clean and the lady that helped us was very nice.

marcos espinoza

Clean place and good food

Fausto Enriquez

Great food and service.

Christine V.

The food here is very good, the stuff is friendly and the prices are ok. The restaurant have implemented new measurements since Covid, for example you can't serve your food yourself from the trades as before, what I think is good, so only the"stuff" manages the food. BUT, I was very surprised when I saw the cashier receiving cash, then giving change back and then she went straight to serve food, also put napkins and forks on people's orders without even washing her hands. I understand if the restaurant doesn't have enough employees to have one handling money and another one hadling food ** So, If you are going to touch money, please wash your hand or put sanitizer before handling people's food** as they do in a lot of other small restaurants. That money could be contaminated by someone who is infectious. Cleanliness and care in these days are super important...I hope things can change.

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