La Esperanza Restaurant & Bakery

22832 S Western Ave, Torrance
(310) 626-6578

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Summer Nash

Handmade plump beautiful tortillas. The meat in the Caldo De Res is super tender and savory. We had a selection of the tamales as well. Everything is high quality, delicious, and full of flavor.The hole in the wall I pray to find on google maps.

Pedro Sanchez

This is one of my favorite bakeries here in Torrance. They always have fresh breads, cookies, cakes and of course small loafs of bread known as bolillos. They also have cakes and other pastries on hand. Definitely give them a try when in the area.

Leslie A.

What scam!!!! They don't put prices on their food and charge ppl whatever they want. Go elsewhere they increased their prices and quality of items decreased.

Salvador M.

This place is off the hook 100 percent hands down! If your struggling to find a place to eat and you see this review it's a sign from God to try this place out haha

Katie M.

Great food! Pupusas made to order, delicious plantains, the ensalada drink is just great! Really fruity, I would liken it to a South American boba/ sangria mix. Service is great! My Equadorian grandfather loved talking with the waiter.

Wendy Chavez

I had the pupusa plate and they were very delicious. The rice is very much Salvi as well as the beans are delicious. The prices have gone up a bit but where haven't they. I also had the platanos and they were perfect! Sweet and soft on the inside and crunchy, crusty on the outside. Great for dipping in the frijoles molidos. I also has the ensalada drink and they fruit tasted fresh and crisp. All in all I would recommend and will be going again. I am sad they took out the salpicon dish, it's my favorite. Hopefully they'll bring it back.

Duvalier C.

They take tooo long to bring what you order . And then you explain to them u ordered something 20 min later and then waitress says she doesn't recall you ordering something . Really bad customer service

Joseph Sax M.

They have a bakery is outstanding selling tres Leche cakes per slice. And their pastry ( pan dulce) ... I LOVE IT ALL... , but it doesn't love me back ;-( it keeps me going to the gym. So I have to love the the bread! The restaurant is ok, their pupusas are the item to get! They are delicious. Friendly service and besides the pupusas their are other items that are just ok. I would go back for the pupusas, but that's all. Great service!

Alan P.

Hadn't eaten here in a couple years. Have ordered the burrito mujato at least a dozen times. It's now a really expensive burrito that's mostly rice. (Disappointing) 3 stars instead of 1 because the flatuas are still good and they put the burrito in a plastic bag to help retain heat

Martin Mendoza

The popusas, caldo de res and michelada are really good here. The rice is very good and so is the service.

Inez C.

Delicious Pan Dulce. Loved everything. Definitely recommend. Get a champurrado for sure.


This place was Cousy and comfy.I ordered combo fajita and pupusas ( with a MUST TRY) comment on the menu. I also ordered to drinks as I will share a photo.My scores:Horichita ( brown drink) : too sweet to drink 2/5Tamarindo: ( orang drink) : smooth taste 4/5Fajita: taste good and smelled good 5/5Pupusas : I didn’t like it! Too oily which felt unhealthy! Maybe others liked it but I didn’tIn general nice place and friendly people, maybe I have to try other foods and snacks next time

Charlie Melendez

I used to love this place but the prices are ridiculous. $15 for two pupusas, rice and beans and horchata is $6. I know costs are up, but this place has raised prices more than the average restaurants. I used to come here about once a month, now its gonna be like once a year.

Kelli L.

I used to come here with my friends a lot. I like to order their tacos and quesadilla! There is a perfect amount of cheese and their tacos are full of flavor! The only thing I would say is that their food is kind of pricy I think they raised their prices a bit. Note: They have a few parking spaces available. They also have their own bakery next door. I never tried it but they have a lot of items to choose from! The staff is also super nice!

Maloli Lopez

When to buy bread and other goods at the store next to the restaurant, there were 2 employees. I asked them 2 questions, the young girl didn’t know anything. The older woman answered in a bad way. I reviewed with 2 stars due to bad customer service. You can find good bread with more affordable prices at a grocery store.

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La Esperanza Restaurant & Bakery

22832 S Western Ave, Torrance, CA 90501
(310) 626-6578