Lee's Sandwiches

1145 W Carson St, Torrance
(310) 328-3600

Recent Reviews

Miche'l Small

What can I say but yummy

Oskar Toruno

Parking is hell. Great service and the best ice coffee you will ever drink.

Riech B.

Like their ice coffee. Very strong flavor, keeps me awake????


Great place amazing sandwiches I’m definitely going back soon ?

Jeremy Smith

Great sandwiches and bread for a great price. You can't beat the price of a fresh baguet.

Joyce Lim

Ordered Take out of course. Ordered BBQ pork sandwiches with extra cilantro & pickled veggies. Came out fairly quickly given it was really late in the evening closer to 9pm... It was definitely clean inside given the whole covid pandemic. Bummed out to find out later after we got home that we were suppose to be able to receive a free drink that night but weren't offered one. This was last Friday evening 05.08.20. Nonetheless, I give this place a 4 star rating bc the sandwiches were typical. Place was clean. Service was good given that late. Well it was dead empty.

Thelma D.

I love their sandwiches and being able to buy freshly made baguettes for home is amazing. The staff is friendly and helpful.

Charm P.

I ordered by phone over 20 mins ago then I have to fall in line to pay n pick up. But when the woman showed up went up to the register ordered the same way without falling in line got her orders right away. I told the register that I ordered by hone too but didnt say anything. Next time will just walk in n Pau then take my orders.

Quynh Dao

One star for the service. Food is ok but the service from the owner who owned this franchise made me sick. I would never step in the store again. Unreasonable rude and disrespect to the customers. This comment is for the Lee's Sandwiches store in Annandale Road, Virginia.

Karen Ho

Thank you for the free meal for us first responders. Your sandwiches are delicious and I am grateful.

Eddie Quintero

Me and my girl had an iced coffee, BBQ pork sandwich, a spring roll and 2 fresh baguettes. They were really good and fresh. Friendly customer service and very courteous.

Jennifer T.

I truly had a great experience going to this restaurant. In addition to being very clean, courteous and kind, this restaurant goes above and beyond to accommodate their customers. Even during this time of the Pandemic when everyone is so stressed out, I had a chance to be serviced by the owner who was so helpful! I will definitely be going back here. Their sandwiches, egg rolls, and hot bread are so delicious. And the shakes are great!

Yoandra V.

I am genuinely furious at the customers that are there from 12:30-1pm. Not one of them has a mask on, they are not social distancing and the poor employees have to put up with those mean people being so close to them. I wish i could personally kick them out of the store. But alas i was here to pick up my order to go and get away from those mean people. I purchased a grilled chicken bunh mi and a lees coffee (i believe this comes with sweetened condensed milk). It was fresh, flavorful and amazing. They always use the best ingredients and its been consistant great the first two times I have frequented this place. Again I just wish those mean people would just put on a ducking mask!

Joe Diaz

Helpful staff and great selection. Try the egg rolls.

Laura Navarrete

Best vietnamese coffee..??

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