Louis Burgers IV

1311 W Carson St, Torrance
(310) 320-0022

Recent Reviews

Michael Houston

Louis Burger. Bomb! You get full at this joint. Burgers are freaking huge. Only 1 size fries. Couldn't finish it all. And im a big dude too. In my prime I would've finished it. Burgers are so big you can eat have and finish the rest later. All you can drink. No combos. Everything sold separately.

Dailene T.

I only give the one star because I can't give zero stars. The food is not worth it. It's not worth the wait, it's not worth the money, & above all, it is not worth the attitudes you get. The funniest part is that the attitude you hear over the intercom isn't existent once you get to the window.. Needs better customer service training.

vanessa pineda

A great place to get a bite to eat for a burger or sandwich and fries. Staff works at a fast paced and are good people. I would say I'm definitely a regular and proud of it.

Tonie M.

The food is pretty good. Ordered the chicken salad, chili fries with chicken, pastrami chili fries and a double bacon cheese burger. Quite busy but worth the wait.

Tina Montesano

Oh my wow!!! Mushroom burger to die for!! Great service too!!

Janssen Hayes

I'm from FL and drive trucks so when ever I come here they NEVER Disappoint. Food is alway fresh and never a long wait....P.s there is no designated parking for semis, so it's best to come BT.

J c.

Amazing! Best chilli cheese fries EVER! And they were fast in making my order happen! Keep up the great work!

Justin Hamasu

I have been going to this place for years now and the food is consistently fire! Would definitely give their burritos a try with an order of fries.The costumer service is great and you get your food pretty quickly when its not busy

Freshanna Bailey

This location in Torrance is by far better than their location other locations. The food just tastes better. The fries are more crispy and fresh, the burgers are better. I’ll have try some other items on the menu and do an update review.

Nicole M.

The last few times I've been here the food is cold and dry. This used to be a great family place to dine, not sure what's changed but again food temp is off. Staff isn't friendly, it's like we are cattle moving through the herd..

Moto Jojo

Amazing burger and fresh hot fries. Also freshest veggies I've had on a burger in a long time.

Mario Galindo

I'm from Chicago and this burger was amazing one of the best burgers I've ever had...

Amelia Vargas

Good was delicious! Service was average. I have been there three times. This is only time service was average.

Jeremiah R.

Excellent customer service along with the best onion rings ever, had to give a shout out, stayed open late just to let me have the onion rings I crave weekly, thanks a lot to the owner who is doing business the way it should be done, thanks 1 million, by the way they made a great charbroil double cheeseburger as well!

Doris M.

This is the second time I've ordered a tuna melt and it is ice cold tuna salad on toast. I asked for cheddar and was given white American it seems. I generally like this place, but with such a consistent critical error I won't even comment on the other food and it ruined my meal. I'm very dissapointed and wasted $8. I hope one day they teach the evening chef how to make a tuna melt.

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