Luna Grill

21540 Hawthorne Blvd Bldg. 413, Torrance
(310) 214-0722

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France Y.

1) Kid's meal chicken kabob (3 pieces) - came with basmati rice and carrots and 3 slices of soft pita bread. Our kids LOVE the rice, chicken and pita - yaaay! 2) chicken kabob Plate (5 pieces) - basmati rice side of hummus and pita. Chicken is cooked perfectly - not too dry!! Yum yum yummy in my tummy!

Pedro Shorter

Fantastic atmosphere and super amiable service. The meals were fresh and delicious. Will definitely recommend this place to anyone. Fair rates and big meals. Great job.

Marie-Pier I.

Extremely overprice for what you get.. what a rip off. so disappointed. Not to mention that the gyro plate was freezing cold when it arrived and I live only 10 mins from Luna Grill! I ordered two red velvet cupcakes ($4.50 total) thinking it'll be a decent size even tho it says "mini" ... guys this is not mini... this is like a cupcake bite lol. $2.25 for that tinny cupcake really??? I couldn't believe it!! The gyro plate comes with two little pieces of pita and a spoon of tzatziki sauce I'll stick with La Zeez because that restaurant is BOMB and you get enough food for left over

Alfred George Milan

Love this fast casual Mediterranean spot within the massive Del Amo Fashion Center complex. With the assortment of options, from the salmon kebab plate, to the chicken kebab plates (only ordered those 2 items so my knowledge of the entire menu is pretty biased), Luna Grill offers visitors access to healthy cuisine to those who prefer to not spend their money in the mall’s higher end, table service restaurants but also caters to those who seeks for more diner fare than what the mall’s food court has to offer. Overall, Luna Grill is a strong addition to Del Amo Fashion Center.

Colette J.

I really love this place! The food is great and clean, not greasy at all so no guilt! I always get the Chicken Kabob plate and am very happy. The chicken is flavorful and the pita always tastes fresh. It's great to go or dine in. They also give a discount if you work in the mall, so mention that if you do!

Isabel S.

I am really bummed that Luna grill doesn't serve fried carrots any more, I literally stopped coming here because of that. They do serve carrots but are not able to fry them anymore, I also stopped eating here because you guys have literally cut your food in half but now charge the same. A really big bummer I would eat here weekly.

Gary Live

great place to eat dinner

dell k.

2 years later and Luna Grill is still giving 5 star service ! 5 stars to your amazing customer service Naas! I love that I can grab delicious gyros and pita and count on a consistent product every time. I always visit at non peak times. They serve fries as a side which is a kids favorite , okay , adults too. They have coke products at the soda fountain as well as teas and lemonades still. They have cute little desserts. It's a great sit down place to chill with out a loud environment.

Zack Espinoza

DO NOT EAT HERE!!!! BOTH MY WIFE AND I GOT SICK FROM THE UNCOOKED CHICKEN! We went here because it looked like a nice cozy place to eat and hang out. We ended up getting horribly sick! Chicken was almost raw and we didnt notice till we were almost done eating. Didnt think much and then we started getting HORRIBLY sick!!! DO NOT EAT HERE! THEN DO NOT COOK THE CHICKEN CORRECTLY!!!! NEVER AGAIN WILL I GO TO THIS PLACE! NEVER!

Gus Fan

Excellent Bistro Fillet Platter. The store front is inconspicuous, but food is surprisingly good. The price is slightly on the high side.

Tania Montoya

Great food! cute quiet place! quick and friendly place. Perfect spot for a quick bite or full dinner. Nice menu!! highly recommended

Tasha A

First visit here. Food was not bad, but could use a tad bit more basic seasoning (salt & pepper). Salad was served without dressing which was a little odd. Used the vinegar & oil to make my own dressing. Staff was nice and friendly though.

E. Ramos-Jones

I ordered from here because they said on their website they deliver and i didnt see see any Grub Hub, Postmates or Door Dash logos on their website. I dont use those services because service is terrible and food always arrives cold because it always takes minimum 20 mins to find a driver to pick up the food after your food has been prepared. it takes minimum 10 minutes for the driver to arrive to the restaurant to pick up your food and then its still has to be driven to you. And

Mayra S.

Called in an order the man on the phone said 10 minutes. I waited 20 minutes for my food and I was late to work which caused me to get a write up DONT QUOTE people a time you can't actually meet. Awful.

Amber J.

This place was our slice of heaven in the mall! Healthy, fresh food and amazing staff. Fills orders correctly, and fast. I must eat here at least once a week. My coworkers the same if not more. But this is the second menu change they have had. We missed the lemon soup on the first go around but we're able to move past. This time, omg... everything we love is gone! The tabouli, carrots, arugula salad and more. We are beyond sad! The new menu is missing some old favorites! I ordered lunch yesterday. And there was a gentleman right before me that had ordered his favorite and was not available. Two people disappointed in a row! The day before my coworker was disappointed because you no longer offered what she ordered. Any chance of bring back the favorites?

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