4604 Del Amo Blvd, Torrance
(310) 318-0489

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Alex Perez

Let me start off by saying that the chocolate is easily a 4/5 in terms of taste and quality. However, the cleanliness of this place really made me question if I should have even taken the first bite. If you had children and their room looked like this, they’d be grounded forever. Hopefully this changes.

John McMahon

Great place to get hand made chocolate and coffee.

Lisa Connolly

The google maps info is incorrect; this store is NOT open on Saturdays, we drove quite a ways to get there, very frustrating.

Razan S.

I felt like I was in the movie "Chocolat"! I don't think I'll ever buy from a store again. Ive been wanting to try great, high quality handmade chocolate for a while and no matter how much I spent at specialty stores, it always felt like something was missing. Marsatta's owners clearly understand the art of making chocolate and will educate you about bean sources and how that changes the taste. I'm so impressed with everything Ive ordered so far; almond bar, hazelnut bar, peanut butter bonbons. You name it, she won't disappoint.

Jan Wilson Morris

I love chocolate and this is some of the best anywhere - plus they are local

Raquel H.

This is my second time visiting Marsatta chocolate. I have to say, the chocolate is absolutely exceptional. I worked and managed a chocolatier years ago, and Marsatta is FAR more delicious and better in quality in every way. Generally, I would say that impressions of a business is important - and it truly is. My first visit was months ago during the beginning of the pandemic. I assumed that everyone was struggling during this time, so I gave the first impression of the front store a pass. Naomi was incredibly sweet and helpful and made me feel as comfortable as she could while I was there. Today I decided to go back in and get treats for my family. I walked in again to the same front store. Though the front is crowded and seems lived-in, I knew how great the chocolate was and I knew that I wouldn't get chocolate like this elsewhere, so I will absolutely continue as a customer. Naomi and Chef Jeff are very passionate about their chocolate and do their absolute best to discuss their product, especially Chef Jeff - listening to him talk about the pieces and what he was working on was awesome. My advice, as a customer and someone who truly does love the chocolate, would be to hire a front manager to organize, tidy up, and clean the area where customers will be. I would absolutely recommend stocking the chocolate so that there are more choices. There's no BAD choice of chocolate here, but I would have loved to see a more available variety. I love that this is a family-owned business, but I feel that it would benefit heavily to hire someone to help organize the front and make it more presentable for future and continued business. Chocolate and customer service - 5 stars Presentation of front store - 1 star Again, this is coming from someone who truly wants to see this business do well because of their quality of the product I've tried and supports family owned businesses. I do not know them personally at all.

Charlie Brown

I was skeptical at first because from the outside it doesn't look open. Also, the price of chocolate there is higher than you might expect so don't be shocked at first glance. The chef and family were very friendly and easy to talk with. You can tell they enjoy what they do.On to the was awesome. Tried a small bite of 100%, 76% and 60% (or so). No bitterness at all. Also had a few samples of their other chocolates and ended up buying almost $30 worth on that visit. Looking forward to going back.

anna d

Chocolate made from scratch, tastes amazing, the interaction in the store and service - unforgettable. I highly recommend this local gem, I myself will be coming back for sure!

Scott Decker

Pricy, but high quality chocolate.

Jason Loomis

We've been wanting to stop in here for a while. Amazing, I'm glad I did. And the Sipping Chocolate! It's thick and rich and smooth with subtle spices. In other words, everything you could want it to be.

Chris Jones (cjonesy20)

Haven't been here for a year. Forgot how much better this chocolate is than store bought high end chocolate.

Serendipity R.

OMG, this place is INCREDIBLE!! I stopped by late in the day and the case of chocolates was nearly empty. The owner felt so bad, he scoured the back and located some for me to buy (and threw in 2 extra for free, because I happened to mention the Smog City Beer one he gave me would go to my husband). I'm very picky about my chocolate and can really taste preservatives and such in most chocolates you buy at a store. This was a 5 star experience for sure!!

Chris Jones

Haven't been here for a year. Forgot how much better this chocolate is than store bought high end chocolate.

Sophia L.

their sipping chocolate is insanely good and the 8 oz. is $5 which isnt bad considering its real chocolate. its super rich and worth the price. i also tried the meyer lemon truffle which was also good but i couldn't see myself paying $3 for it except special occasions. like the other reviews said, it is a little cluttered on the inside, but i didnt mind it too much, it definitely felt a lot more homely than any other gourmet chocolate shop. if you're around the area and you like chocolate, definitely at least try the sipping chocolate!

Michelle C.

I used to get my chocolate @Godiva and one day I came to check out Marsatta and talked to the Chocolatier himself. I won't forget the lessons I've learned about chocolate. I tried 1 of their chocolates at the beginning and I wasn't used to it because I thought I wanted it more sweet. Little did I know that the sweeter it is the less amount of chocolate. Through the years Ive tried 3 different kinds until he made me try one with less sugar. Since then I never get any other chocolate but my triple dark.

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