Maruhide Uni Club

2130 Redondo Beach Blvd, Torrance
(310) 323-2864

Recent Reviews

Stuart Underwood

Very neat and convenient spot. They provide generous meals and for reasonable prices. I loved the menu very much and the waiters were very friendly and chatty. I recommend this place.

Nelson N.

If you are visiting the L.A. area this place is a must! Forget everything and come here! Seriously!! I flew in from NYC and made this place a priority! I drove a little over an hour in traffic from East Hollywood to make my reservation at 7pm (not sure why I planned it during the heart of rush hour but I did) This is located in a strip mall has limited parking may e there's parking near by but I don't know I am from here lol. I came with four friends. We order our own dishes but order two unit's to try. I think we ordered two of the ensui uni sashimi and let me tell you it is out of this world!!! I have uni from Maruhide before where they FedEx it to me over night (35 bucks) but nothing beats fresh and eating at the restaurant. I have also had uni from Vancouver and it's doesn't compare. For my main I ordered the uni club don which consisted of fresh fish over a bed of rice, seafood and you guessed it more uni!! I was able to make my own uni handrolls which was good! Over all, this is a fantastic place. I want more!!!

Tian H.

Came here for a second lunch with my partner on a Tuesday early afternoon and it was dead inside as expected :) Like every other place in Cali, seems this joint is the anchor store in a strip mall. Normally you'd be worried about the freshness of the ingredients when a restaurant is so slow at a certain time, but it wasn't an issue here at all. Delicious, slippery, bright and fresh Santa Barbara uni was what we wanted and Maruhide Uni Club delivered. We ordered the Uni w/ Toro 2pcs appetizer to share and also a #12 Uni Kaisen Gozen (6 kinds of sashimi w/ chawanmushi, rice and pickled veggies) and the 60g uni tray to share. The sashimi (especially the delectable scallops!) were fresh but they weren't at all the star of the show - the 60g UNI tray was awesome! I wish we had been gluttonous enough to order the 100g or even the 250g uni tray, but that would definitely have been overkill with only two people and as a second lunch ^.^ I have to mention that the white Japanese rice was on point - delicious fat morsels of short grain rice that glistened and were just the right stickiness when my chopsticks picked them up. The only thing I didn't love was the chawanmushi - it had a slight fishy smell and taste (partner agrees, in fact, he pointed it out) - I prefer my chawanmushi with a light egg taste only. Totally wish we had an Uni Club with consistently fresh sourced uni in bulk like this in Honolulu, I'd be there for lunch every day :]

Kiyori H.

I love Maruhide Uni Club! I had Ensui Uni Gozen because I wanted a lots of uni and my husband had Uni Cream Pasta for lunch. Uni Gozen, you can enjoy uni sashimi, uni donburi and Temaki uni. Gozen cones with Uni tamagoyaki, otsukemono, miso soup, tuna salmon sashimi, uni syuto. Tuna and salmon sashimi wasn't that good maybe because uni was amazing.

J N.

I re-visited this restaurant after 2 years since my last time dining in here. The quality of food is still amazing and you will find the best Uni you could taste in LA. There are a new menu so I tried Uni ramen. The soup was so tasty with rich seafood flavor, and serve with a box of Uni. I also tried some sushi and sushi chef seems very experienced and talented, all of sushi piece was very fresh and authentic. Highly recommended.

Jennifer W.

We had a reservation for 2 people at 1 pm. At 1 pm we walked in the door and were told to wait 10 minutes even though we could clearly see our table and three other empty tables. Service was lacking. We think it was because they had only two waitstaff for the whole restaurant, but, it also wasn't very crowded, so your guess is as good as ours was. The food was excellent. Their uni was large, plump, and had great consistency. Best of all: it stayed in tact (wasn't soggy). It could have been an off day, or, they could need to hire more staff, but we were pleased with the food and displeased with the service. In sum: mixed thoughts.

Alex H

Good place for UNI! Many iterations of uni. Highly recommended if you love all things uni. The other sushi was mostly okay. If you are not a fan of uni there would not be much for you here. The presentation also excelled!


Serving fresh and juicy uni!! You can choose to-go and get it with reasonable price!!

Christina S.

I've been waiting to come to this place for so long but never had the chance to. Ugh I feel like I've been missing out. Everything was fantastic. The food, the service, and the ambiance was great. I'm normally not a fan of sashimi but WOW so many different types of variety and the freshness is insane. Definitely beats some of the higher end sushi places that I've been to. If you're a huge uni fanatic like me this place will sure satisfy the cravings + more. The service was great. The ladies were so nice and checked in on us often. Can't wait til the next time I come back. My new favorite spot overalllll!

Emily T.

So happy that I finally got a chance to eat here again! Reservations // highly recommend! This place is always so busy! Also if you have a party larger than 7 or what Open table allows you to book perhaps send them an email, I called 2 days in a row multiple times and I never got a response. We booked 2 tables of 4 and they noticed our last names were different so they called us and asked if we wanted to put our tables together Service // very friendly and attentive Eats // - uni gozen 40grams (they didn't have the 60 grams available the night we went). Everything in the uni gozen was tasty and so fresh! From the sweet uni to the bluefin tuna! Loved the uni chawanmushi!! Overall // this spot is perfect if you're looking for high quality sweet Santa Barbara uni!

Kha N.

UNI UNI UNI UNI UNI ROCKING EVERYWHERE If you are an uni enthusiast like my girlfriend and me, you would love this place. There are so many options for uni, and it's just so great. The plates are filling and the uni just melts in your mouth like butter. I got the sushi platter which includes a tray of uni as well. I wish I could try all of the dishes if I could afford it! It's in a little plaza and parking might be a little bad, but you can just park at the laundromats in the parking lot next to it and walk over. 10/10 would come back.

Michael Y.

Came here on a Saturday after the lunch rush and it looked pretty open but we did have a reservation just in case. Omekase looked tempting as did the Uni club Don but my wife and I settled on two omekase. Son got the uni pasta with scallops. He devoured his so I'm assuming it was good. Lol. Omekase was 6 courses of a great variety of dishes, each with a taste of Uni incorporated perfectly into the dish. Sushi sampler had a great assortment of fish. My favorite of course were the Uni and the sweet shrimp. Miso soup also had a fresh shrimp head.

S W.

Good first experience! I was surprised that I was only one of a couple of people there at the time. I like the undersea decor, particularly the shark. Considering the photos in the menu, I expected the portions of uni to be larger. They were very tiny, so at $15/portion, I think they need to be larger. (ex: matsutake mushroom uni) The pasta was very good, exceedingly rich, however (heavier than I have eaten before), with enough for me to take home. Nice side salad! Good first experience - I will return and update.

Yue Yu

Sea urchin taste very close to Japanese sea urchin, very fresh and sweet, no fishy taste. Sashimi is also very fresh. The set has great value. Definitely worth what you paid for.

Monica H.

Uni lovers can definitely appreciate this restaurant. The menu items and restaurant decor are all things uni. This restaurant offers uni appetizers, sashimi, rice bowls, pasta, and even ramen. Their entree uni items are mostly served with uni on a wooden box. There is a refrigerated display case at the restaurant for those who want to pick up an uni box to go. My party and I went during their Matsutake Mushroom Collaboration and ordered the chawanmushi and dobinmushi from that line. Both items were good but the dobinmushi really stood out. The broth was light and refreshing but still full of flavor. Our splurge of the night was the premium grade uni sashimi. It was expensive but we figured what the heck, how can we go to an uni restaurant and not order it. Yes, it was worth it and yes I would order it again. The premium uni was incredibly fresh and delicious. Service was slow but it wasn't our server's fault. She did the best she could running around all night because there was a staff shortage. I appreciate that she gave our party that warning when we arrived for our reservation. There were a few items my party and I wanted to order but the server informed us that they were out.

Mimi L.

This uni restaurant closed for a few years and reopened, I think the ownership has been changed too. We came in for a Friday night dinner and surprised to see that it wasn't as packed as before on a weekend evening. Chose to sit at the counter as usual, ordered two small bottles of Dassai 50 cause they didn't have bigger bottles. I think the menu has changed a bit too and it's pretty much all uni dishes. Hubby really likes uni but I don't care for it, in fact I have stopped eating uni and most raw fish these days. I don't like raw that much anymore for some reason, and I'd feel sick if I eat too much raw. They serve addictive free Santa Barbara uni so the quality is good. We decided on small fresh oysters which weren't small at all, a few orders of sea snails, chef's sashimi, shishito peppers, US Wagyu beef & uni over rice, also side of dry seaweed. The raw was fresh, but honestly I don't think it was as fresh as before. The same goes for uni but the portions were generous, also the beef & uni don was huge! Prices weren't cheap but at least the portions were very healthy. I loved the giant snails and the juice in the shells was so yummy and flavorful. Service was very friendly but definitely on the slower side even though the restaurant was almost empty on a Friday evening. Still if you love uni this is the place to eat and they give you enough uni to satisfy your cravings that's for sure!

Johnny N.

Uni! Uni! Uni! What an uni lovers paradise!!! And to have the plaza renamed "Uni Plaza" is just the cherry on top! Before ordering we were already forewarned they were down 2 people due to illness and service time will be impacted but I just didn't realize it would be impacted so severely. We were also very disappointed that several of the regular menu items and special items like the Matsutake Mushroom Uni Shutou Sushi were not available and they only had one Uni Matsutake Dobin Mushi left. That was a true bummer! Irregardless, the remaining items we ordered off the menu tasted awesome as we went a little overboard with all the Santa Barbara uni dishes. We ordered: 1. Uni Shutou Matsutake Mushroom Chawan Mushi: The egg custard was super smooth and the matsutake mushroom aroma in it was yummy! 2. Uni Matsutake Dobin Mushi: I was so sad I had to share this soup with the other 3 in the group. I love matsutake mushrooms and the aroma of the mushroom along with the uni in the soup made it pure ecstasy in the mouth! 3. Uni Cream Sauce Pasta with Crab: The sauce wasn't too rich, but mix in the crab and uni was just pure delight. 4. Uni Wrapped in Fatty Tuna: The fatty tuna along with the Uni mixed together in the mouth was quite interesting and good. 5. Uni & Seared Scallop Carpaccio: Probably my least favorite dish of the night. The mixture of the uni and seared scallop produced a bitter after taste. 6. Grilled Sazae (Turbon Shell): Very small turbon shell and not enough meat! 7. Uni Club Don: The various assortment of fresh sashimi along with the uni and rice was melt in your mouth delicious! 8. Uni Cream Chowder: Surprisingly delicious and creamy. I had my doubts about this dish but it turned out to be a winner! And last but certainly NOT least, 9. Box of Premium Grade Uni Sashimi: I never thought I would say a $99 box of Uni sashimi would be worth it but that was some damn good Uni! It left me still dreaming about it the following morning. Aside from the high prices and subpar service, the food was great and should be a MUST GO place for all uni lovers out there!

Kyung E.

Maruhide is a paradise for uni lovers. If you love uni, you start to realize that uni only comes in certain packages such as nigiri, or maybe a don of some sort. And you never get a lot of it. Enough maybe, but not a lot. Maruhide decided to take care of that and create a menu that is just about uni that include gozens with an entire tray of uni for you to yourself! A tray? Not unthought of or never done in private, but at a restaurant, this is my first experience where an entire tray (140g? 200g?) of uni was the main. Loved it. Worth the money. If you're going big with the uni gozen that includes the aforementioned full tray, this is going to set you back $50 before tax and tip pp. But I ask, how many 1 pc nigiri orders would equal the same number of joyful bites that this gozen offers? It's a steal.

Gene T.

You have to call and reserve. I love uni. This is a uni specific restaurant. If you like uni, like I do, you will like it here. I highly highly recommend. You should drink a lot of sake. It helps you to chill.

Lingrou Wang

Uni — Fabulous quality for the price!

Yoki W.

Uni -- Fabulous quality for the price! Sashimi -- Slightly above average quality. Oyster & Conch -- Ok quality (would not recommend). Uni Pasta combo is fairly good. I think it really is an Uni club, so why bother ordering anything else lol.

Mad R

Their Saturday's sushi is the best. Friendly service. Cozy atmosphere. Reasonable price for the quality we received. It is highly recommended for special occasions.

Luke L.

The South Bay has a pretty big Japanese community and the area got two uni specialty restaurants (Maruhide Uni Club and Miyabi Uni). Recently I stopped by Maruhide Uni Club for a quick dinner and honestly I didn't expect the meal to be this expensive ... I made a reservation on Yelp 30 minutes before my scheduled time on Tuesday and honestly it was really unnecessary because the restaurants was literally half empty when I got here. If you are an uni (sea urchin) lover, then you will LOVE what the restaurant has to offer - uni don, uni pasta, uni ramen, uni sashimi, uni chowder, uni shutou shooter, etc. Most of their bowl orders come in two different uni sizes - 40 grams or 60 grams. Apparently Santa Barbara uni tastes a bit sweeter than other uni from Japan. As other Yelpers had already pointed out, orders can take some time to come out of the kitchen. *** Uni Cream Sauce Pasta (uni wooden tray, salad, bread - 40 grams, $26.80): Super fresh uni and the restaurant definitely lived up to its reputation as an uni specialty restaurant, but portion for pasta could be ... more generous? Creamy sauce wasn't too shabby, but it wasn't as creamy as uni sauces from other places. Salad was actually pretty good and the salad dressing made this dish more tasty than it should be. ***. A good restaurant to splurge once in a while, but just beware that you may end up somewhat hungry if you ONLY order uni pasta.

Sandy L.

the uni is so good!!! it's creamy, but doesn't feel like heavy! you don't have to share your set, because you'll regret it when you do. the night we went the hostess is nice, but then the waitress was not as friendly and didn't recommend anything to a first timer.

Alexander B.

The uni is the freshest and tastiest we've tried. As my wife said "This is the best uni I've ever had in south bay." This place is a family owned and they are the ones that processed the uni from harvest to table. That explains its freshness. They also supply the restaurants in southern california. Their uni is world class and the best that you can get. We were satisfied (and full) with our meal.

Erick T.

Maruhide Uni Club is all about the uni. If uni is not your thing, this restaurant might not be the best place for you. I came here on a Saturday 6:30 pm with reservation for party of three. The restaurant was not busy at all, there only one table beside us. We got seated immediately. We all ask for water and one green tea. The green tea was not complimentary and the waitress did not tell us. It's also our fault that we didn't look at the menu carefully. From my experience, most of the Japanese restaurant I went to all have green tea as a complimentary choice of drink. It didn't take us long to order because we already know what we are ordering. We order the uni cream sauce pasta, uni wagyu beef don, and the uni kaisen gozen. The soup and salad came out first, and it didn't take long for the rest to come out. I had the wagyu beef don. The beef was seasoned very well and cook perfectly. The egg that came with it goes really well with the rice, beef, and uni altogether. The uni we had that night is from Santa Barbara. I personally like Santa Barbara uni a lot. It has a sweeter taste to it compare to other types of uni. The other dishes look excellent as well. I tried some pasta and had the bread with the uni sauce and uni altogether, it fantastic. As we were almost half-way throughout dinner. The restaurant is getting more crowded and more and more people are coming in. I strongly suggest going early if you want to avoid long wait. Overall, I had a great experience at this restaurant. It's on the pricier side, but you get what you paid for. The amount of uni you'll get is very decent. I recommended this place to anyone who is interest to have a lot of uni. I will definitely come back again on my next visit to Los Angeles.

Jimmy L.

I used to love this place a lot as their sole focus is on uni. Maruhide is one of the main suppliers for Santa Barbara uni and their product is used all across California. The first time I came here was a few years ago and I remember ordering the uni donburi which came with fatty tuna and an uni flavored soup and salad with uni dressing. The quantity was good as well as the quality. Price was reasonable. I've had their uni pasta as well before the original chefs left and the sauce was so creamy and decadent. It was slightly sweet and buttery and the plumps of uni dripping with uni cream would melt in your mouth. Its unfortunate that this would be my first time eating uni pasta as it set the bar very high. Then, the chefs left and the restaurant had to close down for some time, though you could still pickup your wholesale uni orders and they sold uni bento boxes for lunch time. When the restaurant reopened again, I went back to see if it was still good. Immediately I noticed the menu was missing one of my favorites: grilled uni. It's a different taste but it's definitely one of my favorites. Slightly charred uni with a dash of sea salt sprinkled with lemon juice, delicious. So when it wasn't on the menu during their initial grand opening I was kind of sad. Pasta was still good but not as good as before. I went again recently and, well, they don't give you the premium uni as standard anymore, just the fresh uni. Makes sense. The cost of a large uni tray 3 years ago was 60.00. Now it's 100.00. They also don't give you uni soup, which is unfortunate. I would also prefer they give me just a couple pieces of the premium uni topped on the pasta than a 40g or 60g box of the regular fresh uni, which was slightly bitter and not matching with the cream. This part is also strange: they used linguini instead of bucatini. Bucatini is pretty much the go to pasta to use for uni pasta as it allows you to taste significantly more of uni cream sauce. Lastly, and this could also be a consequence of using linguini instead of bucatini, the cream sauce was a little more.... subtle than it used to be. Could have been because each bite would have slightly less sauce with linguini instead of bucatini. Overall it's still a good uni pasta, and if you want a menu full of uni items then this is the place to go. I gave it a four stars because I think the shift of using regular uni instead of premium uni takes away the flavor, and the sauce being lighter than it used to be. Still better than EMC but not Miyabi Uni (which is where the maruhide chefs went to open a restaurant).

Hannah E.

Easily one of my favorite restaurants! So many different options and each one is wonderful! I always get the Uni Shutous.. the Yuzu Chili being my favorite of the bunch. They're delicious, creamy, well flavored without overpowering the uni, and pair very well with crackers and cream cheese.. The Uni Pastas are good if you like cooked Uni, but I prefer it in its simplest form, straight from the tray to my mouth! Or better yet, from the shell! This place exceeds all expectations I had for an Uni House, and I can only wish I lived closer.


I would give this place ten stars if I could. This place is amazing. All the food here was delicious! Service was great. All the staff was super friendly. Nice relaxing environment. I haven't had Uni this good in a while. And the prices are super reasonable. Oh man, so good!

klvas palma

I got say for the first time trying this place its delicious... very nice gentlemen friendly and the place is clean.

Keira Rianes

Had a great lunch with my husband at Maruhide Uni Club. Seriously, if you are Uni Lovers , this is absolutely the right place to go.


the guy who does the gmm tour is very funny and deserves a huge promotion to ceo

Justin S.

Some time ago, my friend had mentioned Maruhide to me and vociferously demanded that we try this venue, since his co-worker had beamed about this place. He had forgotten, but I had not. A few weekends later and a reminder afterward, he and I ventured off to Torrance. As we arrived, I wondered why the plaza exterior looked so ... understated. Someone seemed to have brought me through a time machine back to the mid 90s style of strip mall and plaza design. Any such superficial concerns, however, found themselves dispelled upon entering the Uni Club; the interior seemed tastefully yet subduedly decorated with light wood floors, a similarly colored wine rack, and ample lighting. To start, my friend and I ordered the uni shutou (marinated uni) sampler. One order has 2 flavors; we ordered 2 samplers to try the original, ika, yuzu, and chili flavors. The uni shutou arrived in their marinade jars along with crackers. These all tasted delectably rich, though different from that of fresh uni. The palate had more umami and less fresh ocean breeze, but still remained creamy. The ika flavor had bits of squid inside for texture contrasts, and yuzu flavor added citrus acidity that cut the richness quite well (as one would expect), and the chili flavor (which also had yuzu, apparently) provided a novel experience of spicy uni. For my entree, I ordered the Uni Club Don with 60g of uni, 6 kinds of chef's choice sashimi, tamagoyaki, and miso soup. 60g of uni costs $39.80, whereas a smaller 40g portion costs $33.8. Essentially, this looks like a chirashi don w/uni. However, the quality and freshness of *all ingredients bears mention. Unlike neighborhood joints, Maruhide serves sashimi at proper temperatures much like wine, which should not arrive refrigerator cold. Moreover, the sashimi here rivals the freshness I experienced in random restaurants in Kyoto (never mind the price delta). Lastly, the dish comes with freshly grated wasabi, not the ubiquitous colored glob of horseradish one normally receives. I judge sushi restaurants on two metrics - freshness and price point. Maruhide addresses both in an exemplary fashion; it managed to evoke my memories of Kyoto trying out improbably fresh kaitenzushi and a restaurant hidden away to the side of the old Tsukiji fish market. The price, though perhaps high in absolute terms, seems well worth it.

Daniel Calloway

Some of the best uni I have ever eaten! I simply loved their quizen and overall atmosphere!

Keira R.

Had a great lunch with my husband at Maruhide Uni Club. Seriously, if you are Uni Lovers , this is absolutely the right place to go. We ordered 160 grams Uni in total for both of us, the price is very reasonable $106 including Tip and Tax. All the Uni tastes so fresh and sweet ( today we had Santa Barbara Uni) We are very happy with the service and food, will absolutely come back again and recommend it to friends and family.

Teeeforfour C.

We were in uni heaven! Love the variety and freshness of the uni. We made reservations as recommended. The service was attentive and the food came quickly. We loved everything we ordered except for the daily grilled oyster special.

Bin Lin

food is okey, but doesn't worth the price. And the service is below the average...

Sandy Rezentes

If you love uni you will love this place. Splurge and get the premium uni.

ramon M.

The uni is always fresh and the food is delicious just make sure you double check the bill. I've been overcharged a few times but I've caught it

Victor L.

All uni lovers rejoice! If you love uni, this place will grant you the opportunity to get uni wasted. We all know uni can be terribly expensive, but this place offers it slightly cheaper than other restaurants. The majority of the dishes come with a whole tray of uni which explains why the average of each dish will run about thirty dollars. I decided on the scallop and uni cream sauce pasta. The dish was very good, offering generous portions of both scallops and uni. The sauce was rich and flavorful. I cannot think of any other place that sells trays of uni like they do. I would recommend this place to any and all uni enthusiasts!