1452 W Carson St, Torrance
(310) 320-2097

Recent Reviews

Jaxon Judd

Great stuff, I love their hashbrowns

Mrsking Queenadamson

All ways a playful fool of faith and love.Never a tool to disregard play with.lot hot fries with just the right amount of salt and a dollar drink

Anthony Wilder

I only go here because it's close to home. Sometimes the drive thru is really slow.

Jonah Dacrane

Non speaking spanish lad thinks she owns McDonald's needs to give What the customer desires noT picking the same race to give whatever they want thats discrimination!

Vickie Faust

An above average restaurant. Quick, friendly, and good food.

Victor Marquez

Orders are always wrong, and the wait times are beyond acceptable, hire more staff. Fast food at it's slowest.

Alice N

The employees here during the night shift are very nice. Didn't get the same impression from some during the morning shift, but the night shift employees' kindness and courtesy makes up for it. I work the night shift at a hospital near by, so I stop by here for coffee before work and they're always smiling, and it's so nice to see that before work ? Thanks, guys!

Stanky Valentine

Love mc donalds very clean good staff

David Koscielniak

Only crowded near the front counter, plenty of seating. I try to avoid the drive thru cuz of the large vehicles at the exit so I walk-in to get my meal.

J Bdl

Stopped in after a bad doctor's visit around 1pm & asked for 2 sausage mcmuffins with egg & was told no, not today only lunch available. Aren't these sandwiches available 24/7?

Stephen S.

My burger was pink inside, and half of my order was missing. The workers were absolutely rude and refused to give me more bbq sauce with my nuggets bc I exceeded the amount of sauces

Frank R.

I found paper in my breakfast sandwich. I come here all the time but it will be my last.

Marjorie S.

No stars worse service I've experienced since covid! I'm a health care worker and it couldn't get service for lunch. Disgraceful 15min for a tea! Manager on the floor too! Wow McDonald's you get a negative

Casa de Guadalupe

It's MacDonald's and it's near. They get the orders correct 90 percent of the time.

Annie Hovsepian

Typical. I love their coffee

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