Mr K's Liquor Marts

3405 Torrance Blvd, Torrance
(310) 316-7676

Recent Reviews

Patricia Watts

Watch your change. They will cheat you

Jason Middleton

I go through every day ? nice environment

Bryon Rivers

Stop by there to get a shot or 2 on my lunch

Innyong Choi

Good store

Tom Dragna II

Go to when your feeling lucky ?

Juan Garcia

In my 3 times being at this store I had to explain what I needed multiple times because the skinny cashier couldn’t understand what I was asking for, u would think that being in the city of Torrance that they would have an English speaking cashier.... took my business over to Caps n Corks where they at least speak proper ENGLISH

Rub Gard

Chill and Tranquini

Roxy M.

This place is ok but for delivery who ever they have doing that needs some basic training and they need to drop the attitude. I will never order anything from this place again i had a horrible experience. The girls delivering my order wouldn't come to drop of the order saying they don't have the house number. Its on the delivery address than left with the order and it took over 3 hours for me to get it after calling and emailing over and over.. just to show back up this a bossy and nasty attitude towards me.. um (im sorry but what did I do??)

Blair T.

We ordered alcohol from here through drizly. Their stuff is overpriced, but they always have inventory of the hard to find stuff we like at the moment i.e. pineapple high noon. Overall very happy with our orders from this place and glad they always have our favorite drinks in stock. :)

Matthew Madrigal

Great beer and blunt wraps selection. If you want them to stock any alcohol they will

Connie Griggs

Great selection and the friendliest staff ever! They clearly prioritize great service and quality food. Meat and produce prices are comparable to a larger grocery store, maybe even cheaper. Canned and packaged stuff is more expensive. The house made juices are a treat!

Joe Marquez

Great place to find Wisemen Brand Torrance t-shirts. ?Follow me on Instagram @StreetBuzzDistribution

adam bell

Awesome selection and decent pricing

Sarah M.

I love Mr. K's it's the only liquor store I can find with a fridge to get cold shots and liquor bottles. If you are on your way to a party and want to show up with cold liquor ready to start the party Mr. k's has got you covered!

Takuro T.

Extremely rude. They might change workers but still too rude. They don't respects customers. They don't try to understand people. I never visit this store again. Awful.

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