New York Deli

2424 Sepulveda Blvd #4335, Torrance
(310) 891-1229

Recent Reviews

Ingrid Willett

It's been a few years due to covid. It was excellent like always

Margaret Ferkin-LiVoti

We've been going there for years and we've never had a single complaint. Food is always excellent and the service in the restaurant is very good!

Heidi Ward

NY Deli matzah ball soup is so tasty. It is also enough for two meals.

Barry Snyder

Always fresh always fast best Ryebread in town

Ashley Sanchez

These sandwiches are so good and they really pack on the meat. The potato pancakes were so delicious and huge. Do not miss this delicious. You must go here.

David M.

Great place to grab an excellent NY style deli sandwhich. I came here and got my team some sandwiches for lunch. I got the New York, which is a triple decker corn beef and pastrami. I also got a brisket sandwich and turkey sandwich. The New Yorker was excellent. Lots of meaty goodness. The coleslaw on top was to die, so is the potato salads. My team also said their sandwiches were excellent. The staff were friendly and service was pretty fast. Plenty of parking when I arrived and easy to get in and out of the plaza. Overall, definitely one of the better NY style deli I've been to. This place is definitely an establishment in Torrance.

Peijean T.

We found this place on a whim and were pleasantly surprised when we walked through the door. They serve legit New York style food here, including huge, HUGE, sandwiches stuffed with corned beef, pastrami, French dip, etc. They do not skimp on the meat and give you true NY portions between your bread slices. Five, no 10, stars alone just for the Matzo Ball soup. It is not "balls" because it is a giant, GIANT ball in a large bowl of soup. Probably the most legit matzo ball soup I've had outside New York. There were chunks of chicken and tons of egg noodles and the chicken broth tastes like fresh (not from a can) stock. I'll come back for just this alone and thank the restaurant for doing this so well. I also love that with their sandwiches you get lots of choices of a side salad: potato, coleslaw, carrot, 3-bean, cucumber salad. My only criticism here is that the potato salad tastes sugary, and I've heard that some of their other salads are sweet too. The portions are big and the value is good. You can get a pretty hearty sandwich for around $15-$16 which is comparable to Langer's Deli in LA. They also have crazy tall sandwiches for like $25...but it seems like you get what you pay for here, in a good way. I'll definitely be back to try their other sandwiches and of course for more Matzo Ball soup.

Condor Ventures

Goid price. Not a bad sandwich, actually pretty good and a good value for the money. Would definitely go again but not my favorite. Next time would try the cornbeef .

Lynn U.

New York Deli has the best corned beef Reubens in Torrance with amazing customer service! Their sandwiches are consistent and worth every penny!

Ashley Allen

These sandwiches are so good and they really pack on the meat. The potato pancakes were so delicious and huge. Do not miss this delicious. You must go here.

Robert P.

I've only been here two times within the last month. The first time was great, big juicy pastrami sandwiches that were amazing. The second time it was a big pastrami sandwich but it was as dry as cardboard, I guess it all depends on when you go and what the deli is trying not to through away. I wish for consistency in a restaurant more than anything.

Lisa Jeffery

Great sandwiches. Deli meats are fresh and tender. Egg salad is WOW!

Musa I.

I stopped for two beef briskets on rye, what Igot was two coned beef, not briskets, they were dry and no taste whatsoever, I am a brisket lover, the light reddish color, the corned beef were dark meat and no flavour. I wasted $34.00

Ki R.

Delicious!! How, I haven't been here after two years living here in southbay, is beyond me. We ordered a cornbeef on rye and a hot beef/French dip. These sandwiches are great, they are only rivaled by Langers Deli here in LA, and the NYC original delicatessens: Carnegie and Katz's. They even have a sandwich, offered from Carnegie called the New Yorker, that is three layered, corn beef and pastrami. The au jus, is fantastic, the breads are great, only Philippe's "the original" has better bread, as far as the French dip goes. This is a hidden gem. The pickles are not house made but are very crunchy and taste like they're home made. I must try there matzo ball soup, and latkes, next. Enjoy!!

Ryan M.

Another Immaculate Tuna Sandwich. I'm gonna have them put the Carrot Salad on My Sandwich Next Time. It Complemented Their "Sweet" Tuna Sandwich quite well. If you enjoy eating a bunch of sweet carrots , give their carrot salad a try. For the most part it's all thinly shredded carrots & raisins.

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