Panda Express

3737 Pacific Coast Hwy suite a, Torrance
(310) 378-1878

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I've had 3 issues in the last few months. This We'll be the last time I come to this location and will continue to purchase from Lomita.I'm not sure if this is a franchise location or not but but the customer service is seriously lagging. I left 2 starts because if you Come in in the middle of the day as fine if you come towards the latter under the day it's just a shet show.Having less than 5 and 3 of those items are (White rice Brown rice and super greens) food choices more than an hour before closing is unacceptable.Calling Uber eats and Your food choice is not listed? When you call the suggestion is "you have to come in. "Due to a shortage"If I wanted to spend $20 on an Uber to come in and come back just to pick up a 9.00 meal that makes no sense to spend 29.00 for 2 items. Sounds ridiculous.One of you employees is very mouthy and she likes to argue. I would suggest you teach your employees to shut there mouth and learn basic customer service skills. Every time I come in it's the same mouthie B. I'll get her name and update this review.We are a year into the pandemic we can't keep using the pandemic as as excuse anymore. We had a year to adjust to the new world.

Svetlana Djokovic

This was my worst experience in Panda Express. I ordered double chow main and double chicken. Evelyn grabbed it so fastly that I got almost nothing. On my remark I was supposed to get more for $10.00 plate semi-empty, Evelyn didn't want to put more on my plate. She was mean and rude like one more woman. The third one was Asian women and she was the cashier. She was also very rude. I wasn't offered Teryaki sauce. They confused me in how fastely and with no care they poured the food on my plate. I sat in my car and drove off and after I saw there was no Teryaki sauce on my chow main I returned to get it. The three of them (Evelyn, another Hispanic woman and Asian woman I mentioned) were very rude, disinterested to serve the customer (myself) and very careless about the customer. The portion was small that I was hungry after I ate it.And also, I never eat the Panda Express cookie you always get as a courtesy but I noticed they failed to give me even the cookie. I mean, the service at this location is zero literally. Don't go there ever.The only nice woman was a light-haired skinny young girl. She was very professional.So today is Friday, September 17, 6.p.m. This is the information for the owner of this Panda Express location so they can conclude the names of the women working on today's afternoon shift.This was my last time to eat at this Panda Express location and I strongly encourage all of you reading this to never step in this Panda Express location ever, never mind to even order the food there.Thank you.

Missy Steinbeck

Good place for a quick bite when I'm hungry for Chinese food.

Cathy B.

Wow management must have changed at this location as the service has gone down hill. Awful attitudes by the staff especially Evelyn. I watched her rudely take an order from an older woman. The woman could not understand her and Evelyn gruffly kept saying "so what do you want for your order"? She was just as rude to me and of course messed my order up. Cashier was not much better. Plenty of help behind the counter, just didn't not seem like they really wanted to be there. Management needs to teach "Customer Service".

M Lopez

This place is very clean and has nice staff but its average

Donnarae D.

WOW. It's 8/25/2021 3:21 pm. The three girls working at the counter were so rude, not courteous. Had such a bad attitude!!! When I mentioned I didn't want of the items, her response was oh well, you were charged. I will never go there again.

Ivanka J.

I love this location! I consistently get my food from here and they never fail to disappoint! The employee's are very polite and nice! They serve you with a smile on their face and don't talk rude! The orange chicken was great! The noodles were freshly made and I throughly enjoyed the meal! The portions have gotten much bigger and better, which allowed me to share with my parents!

Janet L.

I am waiting for my food as I am typing this. I just wanted to do a quick appreciation post to the employees here. It's obvious they are understaffed. Even with the nonstop crazy lines out of the door, these employees can still be civil and patient with all the rude customers that are giving them a hard time. I'm sorry that some of your customers are blind and can't see that all of you are doing the best you guys can. I have mad respect for you guys on being able to remain calm and still offer great customer service to the inpatient ones. Some of the complaints on here are ridiculous. You mad for red peppers in your food? This isn't a Michelin star restaurant fine tuning their dishes to fit your needs. It's fast food with set dishes. You don't like red peppers? Don't order the dish WITH red peppers. If I were the employee, I'd probably hand the customer a pair of chopsticks and tell him this is the time to enhance his fine motor skills. I wouldn't last a day here. I'd probably be fired. Hats off to people who work in understaffed restaurants. - 1 star to upper management who can correct the issues that the negative reviews are complaining about, but didn't.

Anthony Sauceda

Good food. The staff works very hard here and it's greatly appreciated.

Regina G.

Horrible experience and customer service. They close at 9pm and stopped making food at 7:45pm. And were rationing the food they had. The lady after us was being helped and the they didn't have enough to fill the entree so asked her if she wanted to be "topped" off with another item. She agreed, and they scooped another entree and put it directly on top. She was shocked and they told her that is what it is meant to be topped off, and she just said "I thought you would atleast put it separately". Another gentleman came in and ordered the family feast and literally was not enough, but still managed to serve whatever they had. If anyone is familiar with this location, they know it's very busy. The cook was already cleaning the oven. After sitting there and witnessing this all...I went up and took pictures and asked them what time they closed and why do they close the kitchen so early? He told me, 9pm and that he could give me some chow neon and rice for the inconvenience. I declined, but explained that in don't fee it's right to shut down the kitchen at 8pm when there is a whole Hour left for business. I guess they wanted to get out of there at 9:05. Pretty disappointing.


Reasonably priced a quick line and good foodDecent for a chain chinese restaurant

Becky K.

I love me some Panda Express, in no way am I a person who turns up their nose at fast food. That said, this location consistently disappoints lately. At some point, they began seriously skimping on the meat and so consistently that it seems like they are doing it on purpose. It happened again when I ordered this time and out of curiosity, I fished out all the chicken I could find in my String Bean Chicken and put them to the side before I dug in just to see if I was overreacting or something. I kid you not, I had around 3 Tbsp of chicken and the rest was string beans sopping wet in sauce. I thought maybe I'm getting the last dregs but every time? No this has got to be an intentional cheapskate move. The side of veggies I always order is almost always old too, graying and soggy. And yes, they have always been a bit skimpy with their portions than other locations but I didn't care until this nonsense started happening. My suggestion is to skip this location and go to the one on Hawthorne and Torrance. Better quality food, nicer building, better service, and no funny business.

Dee Dee S.

It still had 30 minutes before closing and nothing was left. Broccoli beef& teriyaki chicken no fried rice and just a little chow mein. That's really not a good restaurant they must be in a hurry to close and have things all cleaned up. They can make small portions. Just offering you 2 choices 30min before closing time is bad. We won't be back. Get employees that are helpful to customers and like the job just a little.

Dawn Scott

Not very good. Rice and noodles were dry. Orange chicken was ok. The steak and shrimp well the shrimp was hot steak was cold along with the veggies. It was 8pm when I stopped . Worked a double shift and had not many choices on the way home. Let's just say going forward I will just go strait home.

barbara joshi

This is usually my go-to place for Panda but realized that ordering ahead of time for pick up is not the way to go! My husband picked up the order on his way home from work. When he got home 20 min later we realized they forgot one of the entrees and the wrong side was in the wrong box. I called and they said to bring it back and they will make it right. I drove 20 min back with my now cold food and the girl was just going to plop the missing entree in the box! I would expect a little better customer service than that since it was their mistake that i had to drive all the way back to the store. I will never order ahead again.

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