3737 Pacific Coast Hwy, Torrance
(310) 791-9777

Recent Reviews

Eddie G.

Their breakfast burrito is great! The other food items are decent. This place is right down the street for me so it's very convenient for a lunch time craving.


I stumbled this place as it was one of the few places around that had tables to eat (due to covid). They are outside for safety. However, I would come back for the good food and service. As a mexican, I approve. The breakfast burrito combos are a great deal (9-11am). Also, the workers are fast and so nice. I might come back to try the tamales they offering from tomorrow.

Al P.

Great place I like being able to order a breakfast anytime!! Also enjoy the tamales and Mex hot chocolate

Edgar H.

I went next door to get a coffee but a sign with "Tamales" caught my eye. Do yourself a favor and go get some yourself!

Shanna A.

This hotspot is similar to Chipotle. My family had a coupon so it was worth the try with a free drink. The burrito was average and the employees don't put as much toppings as requested. There is NO indoor seating. Pros - chipotle lime rice, shredded chicken

Keanu Ho

Great local spot for breakfast burritos and carne asada friesCarne asada fries are rare in this area but here you can build your own, and it’s delish. I recommend extra crispyYou’ll be lucky if you catch Jasmine on her shift she’s charming and makes the food tasty!Try it out!

Hannah Perez

My new go to restaurant for breakfast burritos! Excellent customer service and delicious salsa verde.

Greg L.

The menu looks good, but when I tried to order online they require you to add a $3 drink in order to buy a burrito. No thanks! I'll try again another time to see if it gets fixed.

A S.

I'll never be back and owner should be ashamed of this location. Staff has NO idea what they're doing here. The place is such a mess, signage is screwed up, coupons don't match the register selections. This location WILL go out of business soon, there's no way it's making money.

Fan R.

Food was good, I would love to come back if it wasn't for the terrible service. The one middle-aged gentleman was very condescending and rude, I have never encountered such rude bully attitude in a restaurant service. Edit: After reading some other comments, it seems that I am not the only one who have been treated rudely at this place. Yelling, rude and condescending bully.

Robert A.

The fact that I came back to this place cause I forgot to take a picture, speaks for itself. Food is great !!! Highly recommend. Been here 3 times already and haven't been disappointed, don't plan too either. The ‍ friendly attentive and very clean and smooth when he's cooking up your dish. Everything is made fresh and quick !! Flavors are off the roof. Great portions. The salsas delicious (habanero) is the one to go too FYI: haven't tried the carne asada fries, but heard great things. They even have breakfast !!! But open @ 9:00 am ‍


$8 breakfast burrito is ?... The potato's inside taste seasoned and amazing...

Nicole R.

I come here almost every week and the food is normally pretty good. Service from the cook is normally great. The lady processing payment not so much. Today I ordered a cheese quesadilla and ended up getting an item that looks like a burrito with Hardly any cheese when I said something I was advised by the check out lady that he rolled the quesadilla today, no offer to fix it. Then when I get back to my office and open the chips there is hardly any in the bag. $3 for chips and salsa and I got hardly any chips. Usually the bag is full. So disappointed.

Emily C.

Just stopped by to grab something quick but was pleasantly surprised by this place. The chef couldn't speak English they well but was still trying to strike up conversation with me because he genuinely wanted to know how i was doing. Would totally go back again and the food was great!

Katy r.

Just needed a quick taco ant I was next to at&t where I was trying to get iPhone fixed. Excellent customer service and the carnitas taco was one of the best I have had. Will come back to try more. Lots of breakfast items.

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