3737 Pacific Coast Hwy, Torrance
(310) 791-9777

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Keanu Ho

Great local spot for breakfast burritos and carne asada friesCarne asada fries are rare in this area but here you can build your own, and it’s delish. I recommend extra crispyYou’ll be lucky if you catch Jasmine on her shift she’s charming and makes the food tasty!Try it out!

Hannah Perez

My new go to restaurant for breakfast burritos! Excellent customer service and delicious salsa verde.

A S.

I'll never be back and owner should be ashamed of this location. Staff has NO idea what they're doing here. The place is such a mess, signage is screwed up, coupons don't match the register selections. This location WILL go out of business soon, there's no way it's making money.

Fan R.

Food was good, I would love to come back if it wasn't for the terrible service. The one middle-aged gentleman was very condescending and rude, I have never encountered such rude bully attitude in a restaurant service. Edit: After reading some other comments, it seems that I am not the only one who have been treated rudely at this place. Yelling, rude and condescending bully.

Robert A.

The fact that I came back to this place cause I forgot to take a picture, speaks for itself. Food is great !!! Highly recommend. Been here 3 times already and haven't been disappointed, don't plan too either. The ‍ friendly attentive and very clean and smooth when he's cooking up your dish. Everything is made fresh and quick !! Flavors are off the roof. Great portions. The salsas delicious (habanero) is the one to go too FYI: haven't tried the carne asada fries, but heard great things. They even have breakfast !!! But open @ 9:00 am ‍


$8 breakfast burrito is ?... The potato's inside taste seasoned and amazing...

Nicole R.

I come here almost every week and the food is normally pretty good. Service from the cook is normally great. The lady processing payment not so much. Today I ordered a cheese quesadilla and ended up getting an item that looks like a burrito with Hardly any cheese when I said something I was advised by the check out lady that he rolled the quesadilla today, no offer to fix it. Then when I get back to my office and open the chips there is hardly any in the bag. $3 for chips and salsa and I got hardly any chips. Usually the bag is full. So disappointed.

Emily C.

Just stopped by to grab something quick but was pleasantly surprised by this place. The chef couldn't speak English they well but was still trying to strike up conversation with me because he genuinely wanted to know how i was doing. Would totally go back again and the food was great!

Katy r.

Just needed a quick taco ant I was next to at&t where I was trying to get iPhone fixed. Excellent customer service and the carnitas taco was one of the best I have had. Will come back to try more. Lots of breakfast items.

Woes M.

Terrible tacos here, not fresh the fish tacos was undercooked. The frozen shrimp they used for the shrimp tacos had no taste, wasted my money. Stay away go to rubio's.

Vanessa H.

Food was okay. Very greedy portions. Very expensive. Definitely not worth it. Not coming again.

nikki w.

Used the PCH MEXICAN GRILL APP to place order to ensure food would be ready in time for lunch break. Ordered the most expensive salmon tacos (6 of them) and a tostada with salmon, and added lots of extras. The price came out to over $70+. Arrived 20 minutes after food was supposed to be ready, but nothing was started. Why, you ask...because there was no salmon. Adding phone number to the app does not mean you will be called if there is no salmon, just means you gave your phone number for no good reason. Not a good experience. Why was I not informed there was no salmon PRIOR to arriving? Lesson learned. Can't use the app for this store, because I won't be informed of shortages, nor offered alternatives to have the meals prepared in a timely manner. Don't expect food to be ready by the specified time. Placing order online means food will not be prepared unless I am present. If someone walks in 10+ minutes after the order is placed that person will be given priority over my previously placed app order. Phone ringing will not be answered when customers are present. Only one person working and I felt sorry for him, but we were late due to order not being ready and having to wait for the order of the first person to finish being prepared before our app ordered could be handled. Four people came in while the employee prepared our order, and the others all had to wait, so one person left. The food is good but only if you have no other plans for the hour, or if there is no one else ordering. The food is prepared sort of to order, but I have to make sure I have plenty of time to wait, no other plans or work, and check to see who is working and how many employees are on duty before I place another order here. I hope the owners read this review and remember that the employee called to ask for the refund for all the salmon ordered on my meals and I was told it will go back to my card. I am still awaiting a response stating anything has been refunded to the card. Stick to the Panda Express and the Starbucks for now if you are on lunch break or have plans for the day.

Valerie M.

Yesterday I order a burrito de asada con bean jalapeños and some queso and i have to say what a disappointment my food tasted like fish yes FISH!!! disgusting !! The queso was watery! Im not sure if the queso was bad or if they not washing the utensils right but I'm pretty sure a burrito de asada didn't suppose to taste like FISHH!!! Thank God im not allergic to fish!

Matt J.

Checked YELP to see what time they closed. The listing claimed they were open until 8pm. We drove out there and arrived around 6:50pm. Place was closed. Sign on the door said they were supposed to be open until 9pm. No other explanation. Thanks for nothing, PCH Mexican Grill. Very disappointing.

Yvette Perez

As a Mexican I am truly and obscenely disappointed with this "Mexican Grill"My mom and I had this for lunch. My mom ordered the shrimp soup. The menu has a picture of this soup dressed in veggies and all kinds of extras. It literally comes with tomato soup and a handful of shrimp. Your veggies are the cilantro and onions that come as "condiments" for your soup. Oh and its spicy too which also isn't mentioned on the menu.The salad bowl. You get to create your bowl like chipotle. However let's start with the lettuce, the choice is ROMAINE lettuce, but instead it's the regular iceberg lettuce. Everything in the bowl tasted bland except the shrimp. Well at least the 7 that were neatly placed on the top. Yes, you can count how many shrimp are in the bowl. They have the audacity to charge you for the fajitas, sour cream, cheese and all the ESSENTIAL ingredients needed for a burrito bowl. I ended up having to make tacos out of the bowl so my mom and I could have a decent lunch.The bowl and soup were both around $13 each. I will NEVER EVER eat here again. Google has it rated high however take a look at the demographics of its location and understand WHY others think this place is amazing.My mom called to let them know how disappointed she was and not a refund or anything was offered for their misrepresentation of their menu.

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