21157 Hawthorne Blvd, Torrance
(310) 316-4721

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Daniela Esquivel

Variety of toppings and great flavors. Bad thing is that sometimes the employees are in a bad mood

Carla Delgado

Love coming here because of their customer service!

Mia V.

Very delicious!! I love the small pomegranate with lots of toppings. The staff is supper nice and they are supper quick.

Jennifer Teng

I come to the same store all the time, but I think recently theres a chang of management, it's just not the same, the amount of toppings they gave was way last then what it used to be. The yogurt still tast great the only thing is that it melted so quickly by the time I drove home and I don't even live that far, even putting in freezer won't work.

Maria Torres

Used to be great.

Marri V.

Quick service and the fruit was also sweet. The guy that made my order was very kind.

Brian H.

I like Pinkberry and my review has nothing to do with the Pinkberry yogurt. I give a 2 for the guy who served us tonight and the last time we were here. Somehow he has been able to serve the yogurt and leave a big air pocket inside the cup of yogurt. Did he go to special training to learn how to do this? It's not served by weight because he didn't weigh the cups. He cheated us. If he does it again I'm going to throw the cup back at him and walk put.

Ali R.

Poor service today. Very confused server who didn't or couldn't understand order. I had a cone (small) and a mini cup. She made two cups then argued that I had asked for 2 cups and finally attempted to make a cone. At that point, ran out of the flavor, so set the cone on the counter, poured mix into machine from a bucket. Finally did get my order but the Wi-Fi was down so no points on the card. They are usually better but lately the service is going down. Unfortunate because I like Pinkberry and this is the closest one. Javier thank you for your response. Not sure how to message you but no worries, two points are not a big deal. Trainees should wear a badge no? I'm not sure if this was a trainee though. What irked me though was that at the end she insisted she knew I had asked for a cone but the extra cup she made was sitting on top of the machine the whole time. I reminded the cashier to throw it out. She nodded. So hopefully it got done.

Pierce Reutiman

Pinkberry is very delicious and their toppings are very premium. Much better than other yogurts!!

Natali R.

Just came here as I hadn't been in so long, I got a medium once the toppings were served it looked like she Natalie was gonna head to the checkout station with hardly any topping on the yogurt, I then asked if there was any more kiwi she could add, she said that was the last of it, she then added a bit more strawberry's and popping pearls. It would have been nice if she asked if I wanted more or less of the other toppings or even another considering there was no more of the kiwi, not the best service. Definitely won't be coming back here again.

Harry Irvine

Excellent customer service at this location. All the staff was very nice and very helpful. The store is super clean. The yogurt was amazing on this Saturday evening. I will be back soon again for sure.This goes to the owner of the Pinkberry, your staff is doing amazing job, greeting people and taking care of the customers. This makes us all feel good. You have a great team of workers there. Keep up with the great training here.Harry IrvineCalifornia Air Conditioning Systems25217 Narbonne AvenueLomita, CA 90717

Stevo O.

As Pinkberry stores go, this is average in appearance, with no toys or bangles hanging or mounted on the wall.  The quality of the yogurt is the same as others, and the selection of toppings quite impressing.  My closest Pinkberry had closed, so I found myself driving about 30 miles to this Pinkberry, with coupon in hand and completing my other Southbay stops prior to store opening at 11:00 AM.  The counter person was nice and pleasant, and ready for my order of a couple of quarts of original and mango Pinkberry frozen yogurt.  I like mine plain, but the next time, I'm going for all the toppings!

Liana P.

We had such a great experience! Customer service was great and the frozen yogurt was delicious. Our kids loved it here......a nice treat during these times. Will be back for sure!

Tiffany T.

I came today 11/8/2020 at around 4 pm or so. I asked for a mango flavor yogurt, and the girl working (a young Asian girl) filled it up but I guess some of the other flavor on the machine came out with it and she used her hand to scoop the top part away and then fill it up again... I didn't say anything at the time because I was shocked and truthfully, just didn't really want to make an issue since it's difficult enough to be at work these days. Given the current climate with covid-19, I think this was a really bad conduct and it really would have been safer to just dump the cup and start fresh. It was just a small yogurt and wasn't that much anyway. We ended up only eating the top few bites of the yogurt and threw the rest away since we were uncomfortable eating the rest. Flavor and quality is always on point, and employees are mostly friendly but I just had to write this review because of today's incident. I felt pretty bad wasting almost a whole yogurt also, but again, with covid, it's just better to be safe than sorry.

Darlene D.

This place is always consistent with their flavor. I'm not always in town but when I am I always crave this !

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