pita spot

1585 Sepulveda Blvd, Torrance
(310) 517-9640

Recent Reviews

Chloe N.

I was not a fan. I only tried the gyro and it tasted like the meat was a frozen sausage patty. It did not taste fresh and I asked for extra tzatziki sauce but I barely got any at all. The other items might be good, I did not try them, but I would not go again.

Rechelle Jackson

Food was very good and fresh even my picky one year old ate most of all her chicken pita sandwich i had lamb chops very good as well

Rechelle J.

Food was very good and fresh even my picky one year old ate most of all her chicken pita sandwich i had lamb chops very good as well


Small portion,so expensive, salad not so fresh!

Jerel S.

I'm sorry it took me so long to testify of this amazing Mediterranean Spot. Absolutely delicious fresh and totally affordable. The hummus kabobs fresh salad dressing and homemade desserts. All are BOMB! Treat yourself heal yourself this place is serving fresh quality food. I can't wait to come back !

Janina G.

Excellent food! Ordered the mix plate. The quality of the meat is the best. Can't compare to chain Mediterranean restaurants. The hummus is so creamy and flavorful. I definitely come back.

Ashraf S.

Horrible owner plays favorite with customers. Micro transacts for everything sauce mint anything. They constantly mess up orders. Our orders have been wrong on 5 occasions. They made a falafel sandwich and forgot the falafel. He always laughs off his mistakes as being no big deal after charging double and triple the listed price. He justifies this thievery by saying "custom order". This includes any salt, pepper, sauce packets, mint. Food is also below average and not worth the listed price.

Gold M.

By far the worst Med food our family has ever ordered. Sorry to write this during these difficult times but holy fu**. Everything ordered was thrown away.

Joyce L.

Food was pretty good, with the exception of the pitas which were way too hard. We got a chicken gyro and a chicken shawarma plate, chicken was very moist but a little greasy, but we didn't mind. I'd take that over dry chicken any day! The pitas were pretty disappointing since I love my carbs.

Izaiah Jensen

Surely a place worth visiting, the food is fantastic and fresh, the cost is affordable and it is consistently well kept here. Highly recommended.

Germane G.

Happened to be in the area and was hungry for something healthy. Their menu looked good and reasonably priced. I had stuffed grape leaves and a shawarma wrap and my hubby had the lamb kabob combo. The lady who took our order was so nice and very soft spoken. The place was clean with beautiful lighting. The food was amazing!!! Will definitely be back!

Donna M.

Love the food here. I don't eat meat so I always order the falafel plate, which comes with rice, small green salad and hummus. The hummus is so good, the pita bread soft and fresh. I never see too many customers so I hope more people give them a chance. You won't regret it.

Michelle C.

Tasty spot, I've ordered from here quite a few times and it's very consistent. I have gotten the chicken and beef kabobs, Kafta, swarma - generous portions and the humus is good. My kids really like the rice, also very nice delivery people - I've done delivery maybe twice and they are so happy.

Jeremy L.

Stopped by here while my car was getting worked on. I really wanted to like this place due to the stellar reviews but my experience wasn't that great. First, food took 30 minutes to come out after ordering. I wasn't in a rush cause I was waiting for my car but still... it felt like forever. Not a big deal. Next, pitas were hard as a rock. Hummus was good and softened it up but I really couldn't tell if they did a poor attempt at toasting it or if it was stale. Chicken shawarma (2): it had decent flavor but it was super salty. It was cooked nicely and the long grain yellow rice was good, but every bite I couldn't get over how salty it was. I'm normally a fan of chicken shawarma, but this was not a good one. Salad (3): nothing really special here but I wanted to say that their homemade dressing was pretty good. Baklava (2): yes it was sweet, but not very flaky at all. Soggy in fact. Glad it was free for checking in. Lastly, when I was almost done with my chicken shawarma, I nearly cracked a tooth on something. Spit it out and it was a seed or pit of some sort. I didn't know whether to be grossed out or to check my teeth for chips. That could have really jacked someone up. I also ate something that I initially thought was a charred piece of chicken, after closer examination it was a small piece of wood. He said it was part of their spices but I wouldn't want any of those things back in my mouth. Needless to say, good effort but no bueno for me. Maybe they just had a bad day, but I'm not willing to find out again. So many other decent options in the area.

Bilkis Patel

Very good and fresh food

John F.

The beef sandwich, grape leaves, and flafel are all delicious. Shoookran for the lunch! Looking forward to having another meal here.

Tony L.

The Pita Spot has some of the freshest and most delicious Mediterranean/ Middle eastern food in Torrance. The food is all made from scratch and in house by the lady chef in the back that makes everything to order. The restaurant is not that big and only seats probably less than 10-15 people max. The menu is full of combo's which pretty much is one entrée with a side of fresh in house hummus and side salad with some pita bread. My wife and I usually opt for the kafta combo and the shawarma which are both heavily spiced and packed full of flavor that is accompanied by a bed of rice pilaf that has that amazing light fluffy texture. According to the chef even the tzatziki sauce is made in house by hers truly. The combo's are all fairly priced and if you come for lunch they have a few offerings for lunch specials which is almost half the regular prices. If you are looking for good fast Mediterranean/ middle eastern food the Pita Spot is really good offering. Make sure you check in on yelp for free baklava dessert.

Burhan S.

The fries are surprisingly really good, but also the sand which is just as good, juicy, warm and flavorful. Service is outstanding, looking forward to coming back with friends here.

Kyle Matthews

Stopped for lunch. Pleasantly surprised by the quality of food. You pay for the food not the settings.

Michael Joanitis

Excellent food. Better service. I cannot recommend this food enough! The beef shawarma is the best I've ever had. The restaurant is small, so if that bothers you, make sure to takeout or have it delivered.

Taunja Dickens-Harrison

I really wanted to like this place! The guy was really nice and patient while I figured out what I wanted. I ordered a gyro, kebbeh and an order of fries. I'll start with the gyro, it was a salad in pita bread... I had to actually move everything out of the way to even find the meat. I couldn't figure out how to eat it to get meat in every bite. The kebbeh... the meat was not tight when you bit into it, it all fell out and it just tastes like ground beef with Lipton Onion Soup mix, honestly. The fries... I don't even know what to say about the fries they were hard, tough and greasy so I only ate one and then threw them away. Now the hummus was on point I enjoyed it very much! I took the meat out of the kebbeh and put it in my gyro, I was also given their cucumber sauce which was yogurt based....only that's all I tasted was plain yogurt. Sorry, I really did want to like it.

Nick Marko

Excellent food! Always fresh and made to order! Definitely recommended!

Jasmin U.

Excellent food. Terrific Service. Highly recommend if you're in the mood for Mediterranean Food in the Torrance area.

Skyla Express Inc

Food really tasty and fresh. I will be back

Rayenne H.

I got Pita Spot to cater my family's celebration of my nikkah (islamic wedding). The owner was very professional and helped me carry all the food to my car. Everyone was very kind and gave salams, which was much appreciated. All the meat was very moist, tender and well spiced. Usually I stay away from ordering chicken because I find usually it is bland and dry but NOT HERE. I was blown away by how moist it was even after sitting for almost and hour after pick up. I am someone who does not enjoy eating rice (because again its usually bland and dry) but again, their rice was so aromatic and fluffy and had great flavors on its own. Their hummos was very creamy and did not have that slight metallic taste from canned hummos/beans. It tasted very fresh and you could tell it was all crafted with love and positivity. Every time I dry near Pita Spot my stomach aches for their delectable cuisine. I long to go back and hope that it will offer delivery through door dash or something soon since it is not close to my house. All in all best, most delicious and closest to homemade I have tasted. I pray all the best for their family. Barak Allahu feekum, As salamu al aikum wa rahmatulla wa barakatuh.

Tammy L.

This is a lovely little gem! Nabil, the owner is delightful! Their food is amazing! I got the Pita Spot salad and added chicken. Everything is so fresh. This salad has mint which really makes it a bit special and delicious! They care very much about their ingredients, recipes, and service. It's true quality and you will taste the difference! Please support this local family business. I know I'll be back soon!

Hector T.

Portions are very generous! One of the best lamb dishes I have ever had. Lamb meat is definitely coocked soft and delicious. Service is very attentive and kind. The place is small and it seems to be family owned.

Genesis P.

First of all the food is more then delicious! The food is excellent portions served very warm freshly made speechless about how delicious food is . I've been coming here for about 1 year and honestly one of the best customer service I have ever had . Employees are very nice and are willing to explain anything about foods . It's always a pleasure coming to pita spot ! Very recommend.

Noemi P.

This place was great! Great food, great service and all! I ordered the Chicken Shwarma which very flavorful and a great size, as well as a falafel appetizer which was also flavorful and delicious! Both the woman and the gentlemen offered exceptional service and even told us about checking in so we can get 2 pieces of the baklava!( which was also super yummy!) I highly recommend this place!

Mrs. P.

Found this place on yelp and decided to try it based on the stellar reviews. I'm always looking for new places for lunch close to work. At almost 1pm on a Wednesday, this place was empty, but at least it was easy to get a parking spot right in front (they have 2 dedicated spots in a busy plaza). The food is prepared to order so it took about 10-12 min for my wrap to be ready. It was tasty enough, decent size, but not large. Might not be enough food if you are a bigger eater or just plain hungry. $6.50 gets you just the wrap, no sides. I skipped the fries since many reviews complained that the 4.99 for fries was only a small order. I did however get the free dessert with yelp check-in. 2 small baklava. My 2 pieces were kinda sad. One was the end piece with almost no filling and the other was over cooked and too browned so almost tasted burnt. I love baklava, but this was such a sad ending to my meal. I almost feel like either you should cut it down to 1 non-defective piece or take off the check-in offer altogether because this left a bad taste in my mouth and I doubt I'll be returning. Sorry!

Charity L.

Thank you Nabil for your hospitality and most importantly amazingly delicious and healthy food! Heads up they also cater for weddings and other special events.

Flor Olea

Really great service and fresh food!

Daniel S.

Fresh made mediterranean at reasonable prices! Have been eating here since they opened in 2017! The rice is great, the hummus is homemade. The shawarma is full of flavor as is the kafta! Try it, big portions too!!

Hesham M.

Homemade quality food. Excellent hospitality, service is great. The seasonings are tasty and reasonable. Clean tables and staff is attentive. The only 2 things I think they should upgrade is the plastic silverware, and I think the bread could be more Mediterranean than the standard store bought pita bread. But will definitely go again, it's less than a mile and a half from my house and price is very reasonable.

Marc P.

Excellent middle eastern cuisine. Very nice owner, very accommodating to any special requests. Effort & hospitality goes above and beyond. Outstanding baba ghanouj, kebabs, Shawarma, salad, et Cetera. Stuffed Grape leaves and baklava are homemade. Highly recommend for lunch, we had dinner and we were on the late side, they close at eight, owner was very accommodating but we were the last ones in the restaurant and it felt like we were holding them up. Would like to go back and try their fattoush salad.

Jason I.

The food is really excellent, feels fresh and light. The staff is really friendly. I highly recommend for a craving for Mediterranean food, and the baclava is REALLY good.

Rachel B.

Picked this place on Grub Hub because they had a deal. I was so indecisive and just decided to go with the Small Family Special. They didn't have the beef which I was super sad about but replaced it with meat of my choice. The owner called about it and was very nice. The delivery was super quick as well. When I opened it up it was beautifully presented. And best of all it tasted delicious. Definitely going back and would recommend this place to anyone!

Richard R.

My new favorite spot! Even if it is a bit further, it is well worth the drive. The food is delicious and the staff is friendly and helpful. The rice is AMAZING, as is the chicken. You can't go wrong with this restaurant. Kaftka is good, as are the kebobs.

Shawna A.

The service is friendly.. it takes a min for them to prepare the food but it's made to order fresh and hot. The hummus is great. Good family restaurant

Marri V.

I ordered the gyro plate today and it was outstanding! The meat was really tender and I loved the hummus and pita bread. The guy who took my order was really nice and I will definitely come back here soon!