Pizza Hut

1173 W Carson St, Torrance
(310) 320-1590

Recent Reviews

Candice Bennett

Paid for No contact pickup and still had to go inside..smh.. And I gave a tip just for that.

Debbie Mitchell Tucker

We just had our first Pizza in 6 months, and it was so worth it! Fresh, hot, excellent!

Theryl Niles

Great service and pizza

rey cuevas

Good sized meals and fresh ingredients

Chanty C.

This pizza was beyond nasty. They didn't even melt the cheese properly. I asked for extra pepperoni and they literally stacked 10 pieces on top of each other. Who ever made this was just lazy. It really made no sense at all. I would never come back to this place again. EVER! I'm so over pizza. Taking a bite of that definitely made me want to gag. If your in the mood for this please go to dominos or another joint

S R.

The cashier is a hypocrite, the short skinny Mexican dude. He does not keep their "safety guidelines" and lets people without masks go in. Supposedly they enforce their rules on safety practices but they let some people slide?!?! The cashier is exposing all the paying clients to viruses by not keeping unmasked people out. There was a bum that walked in looked around the store and the cashier probably gave him a free pizza so he could leave, this bum did not have a mask on and the cashier didn't not even tell him anything. Why are they posting all these " safety guidelines" if they are not going to enforce them?

Jose L

Good =)

Robert Rojas

The place offers a nice range of delicious food. I enjoy eating here. Employees are always nice, rates are convenient and the spot is always clean.

P Lopez

Fresh tasting pizza, hot and delicious.

Crystal O.

Alfredo and Bernardo provided the best customer service! They were very patient and kind with my friend and I, forsure one of the best experiences when it comes to customer service! Thank you Alfredo and Bernardo!

Sandra Marquez

Ordered online, it said 60 minutes for delivery, then stated there was a problem with the order to please call, called no one answered only an automated response, placed on hold for 22 minutes and then was hung up on. Kept trying to call and was never able to get through!!!

Michael M.

Horrible pizza burnt greasy and hard as a rock. I called store manager Patrick asked for refund or credit back to my card. Patrick said he could only give me another pizza. I explained that this was our 3rd bad experience 1st time complaining and I am done with them I have no use for another pizza. Money back please or I will call corporate. Patrick said go ahead and call corporate they won't do anything. I don't know what's up with people and lack of customer service skills these days. No way would I want someone like that representing my franchise location.

Millie M.

This is our local Pizza Hut, or shall I saw was. We ordered a pizza today, nothing special at 11:00 am. When I got there to pick it up there were 4-5 other customers waiting, and only 2 employees. I waited for almost 10 minutes for either employee to even acknowledge me. When he did, he slapped an open box on the counter, and I paid, tried to re-assemble the box and went back home. Looking at the pizza, it had been sitting for awhile, with overcooked toppings and globs of grease. Part of the cheese for the "stuffed crust" had escaped when the pizza was scored (not cut- scored) this cheese was dried and cold. This was the worst greasy pizza I've ever had! Some bites had some BBQ which we didn't order and others had burned veggies. When we tried to call, multiple times, no one answered, when on try # 4 someone did, and the manager was located, He asked why didn't you call earlier!! He refused to give us a refund, wanting to give us a credit, but since it's not the first questionable pizza from this place, we don't want a credit, maybe some roll-aids, but not a credit. This store has been empty on previous visits, now I really see why!!! Needless to say, for food or Service, we won't go back, credit or no credit!!

Leonard Pope

Great pizza, always has specials and coupons, really good pizza and plenty of sides

Rachelle Mendoza

I never been try to buy brownie on pizza hut . To be honest I will make it zero start. More detail you have to on this matter confidential situation on industry.

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