Red Lobster

21233 Hawthorne Blvd, Torrance
(310) 316-3133

Recent Reviews

Johnny Marquez

Great food but I won't be eating outside next to moving vehicles. I'll take out.

Jeffrey B. Strong

First, it's a small place. From the outside it looks decent sized, but there isn't much space to once inside to walk around with comfort. I know that part of a great restaurant is the constant switching of dishes, but there should be some great constants.

Jennifer Hall

I'm VERY tempted to give them 4 stars... our favorite dishes were out-of-this-world (with one slight relative disappointment) & the service was GREAT. But it's incredibly pricey & so hard to get in (though we completely lucked out). I loved my meal but wouldn't necessarily go regularly - a good special occasion spot for the splurge!

Grant S Sowell

Our group of three split the roasted calamari (to die for), a salad (salad dressing reminiscent of my grandmothers' salad dressing), and of course, the flat bread. There was also another type of bread on the table that I couldn't stop dipping in the sauce that was drizzled on the calamari.

Paul Rubin

This time we were 4 people and ordered the octopus stew, doubled down on the bottarga pasta, and had the squid ink fettuccine and the pork gnoccheti. Everything was delicious but the pork was a bit salty and again, the others just overshadowed it. What we ordered was more than enough for the 4 of us.

Jonathan P. Donahue

2nd visit to Red Lobster, after way too long of a wait. A warmly welcoming experience with very high standards.... Red Lobster is a gift to Torrance,

Ronald Picou

We had reservations Friday night at 6pm. Reserved it 2 weeks in advance and it was one of two reservations left available. Such a good sign with promising Yelp reviews. We arrived promptly at 6 and our table was ready for us. We sat in the corner of the restaurant near the door which was a little cramped, but the restaurant itself is not that spacious.

Evgeniya Bozhko

This restaurant is SUPER delicious. It was one of those rare cases when we actually ate everything because we couldn’t leave any leftovers. Our waiter was very friendly and helpful, and atmosphere of the restaurant was very inviting and relaxing. The only negative was that we had a very loud family sitting near, but the overall experience was excellent.

Lisa Storey

It was ok, nothing changed much but the face mask, social distancing and paper menu with I guess their most popular items. I watched someone clean out a booth, he cleaned off the table with paper towels which is fine but he used the same towels to wipe out the seat which he barely did. Service was good.

Amanda Angelica Ruiz

I made a reservation check in but yet I still have to wait and people that don’t have reservations are being seated before me what’s the point in making a reservation when there is not table reserved when you arrive? Like do you understand the definition of reservation because this is all wrong will never come to this location ever agin and I will be sure to tell my friends and family about my experience at this location

LaWanda Boutte

I decided I had a taste for Red Lobster after having attended our daughter-In-Christ's 2020 Graduation Parade! Hence, my husband and I ordered from the Togo Menu. Even Though RL was following the COVID-19 Guidelines and there weren't that many people in the bar area, my husband was not ready to sit down and enjoy our dinner just yet. The Togo Service was splendid and the staff was friendly! LB

Martha Hernandez

Great food service was wonderful

Sharlene U

Horrible curbside pick up service. They give you a pick time option and a phone number to call once you get there. We ordered the food at 1030 for 1200 pick up. We got there at 1215 and the hostess answering the curbside hotline is rude. She says they have hundreds of orders and she cannot estimate the time it will be ready in a very rude tone. Okay I understand that but It's been an hour past the promise time and still no food. It's not like we did not give them enough prep time. I have to go to work at 1pm with no mother's day lunch at least. This location does not have a good Curbside pick up planning sorry ?.

Necha X.

Mother's Day Meal Ruined. I planned on writing a very very long complaint about my experience with online ordering on Mother's Day but I am choosing to keep it short as I see there are hundreds of people with the same complaints. I will say my order was scheduled to be ready at 3:09pm and I did not receive the order in my hand until 8:58 pm. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE. I stood outside for almost 6 hours to wait for food. There was a serious breakdown in communication. I was told it would be a 2 hour wait, which I was willing to do. By hour 3, I still waited. By hour 4, I was furious but was told it would take 15 days to refund. By this time other restaurants were no longer an option. By hour 5, I'm physically in pain from standing. There was NO SOCIAL DISTANCING as everyone was unsure if they would be next. It was a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. Approaching hour 6, I finally received my order. Will Red Lobster offer refunds or gift cards? I would like to say that the staff were VERY VERY KIND AND UNDERSTANDING. The manager was very professional and apologetic. Can you imagine having to explain a situation like that to hundreds of people for hours. I WOULD LIKE TO SAY THANK YOU TO A STAFF NAMED LEE. She personally went to search for my food and handed it to me. Thank you Lee. I hope Red Lobster will do something about the situation, provide a gift card or refund to the customers and provide a bonus to the staff. Thank you

Gerard H.

Some of us who waited for food 5 whole hours waiting outside on mother's day will never forget this.

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