1171 W Carson St, Torrance
(310) 533-0972

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Katrina F.

FREE Puppachinos for your doggos!!! Just ask.

Staff had a really fun, chill vibe when welcoming us to their drive-thru. Their voice on the intercom made us feel like we were at Disneyland.

Sandy the Pom will definitely be back for another whipped cream shot!

Breanna G.

I totally bug when it come to my order but the cutest guy got my order right and I really appreciate it cuz I was having such a bad day and I'm a sucker for cute brown eyes  I just wanted to say thank you lol my friend was on the phone and couldn't grab my drinks and it was a blessed inconvenience cuz he was handsome af that's it  thxxx

Kathy Reynoso

I think her name was alex she was. Awsome very friendly

Kd A.

This morning at around 11:30 am I ordered a strawberry açaí with lemonade, the drink was literally finished after few sips only, it was more than 80% ice. I walked back in to the store and I said very politely that the drink was mostly ice only, "Anna" literally just kept staring at me did not even apologize or say anything, I said AGAIN that the drink was mostly ice only, she told me ok I can give you a refill "with attitude", I said I didn't want one it was all ice and I was not happy with the drink. She said in way which I felt was sarcastic: "oh but you drank it all" in a way I felt it was hinting towards that I was lying about not being happy with it and just attempting to get a free refill.  
Yes the drink was almost empty when I walked back in because it was all Ice that's why it was almost over  literally after 4 sips only!! I was just giving a polite feedback and I didn't ask for anything in return anyway. I felt very humiliated with her attitude, I'm not in need to lie or do all of that for a $3.5-drink. It's just about the attitude and service that I received today. It was very unpleasant experience. She did not apologize one single time and I told her I'm not attempting to get a free refill and that I didn't want a replacement- all she said was "okay". I wish I could give a zero star for this experience with Anna. By the way she was not wearing a badge that was visible to me and I had to ask her about her name.

Irms R.

Its Starbucks, what else can I say. Staff friendly, sometimes food is good, sometimes drinks are correct the first time.

Clara D.

Very disappointed and disgusted that I found a fly in my tea. I'm pretty speechless and makes me wonder how clean this Starbucks really is. Didn't notice till I got home since it's nighttime. So grossed out.

Austin Maritimo

I always have a good experience at Starbucks! Today, was the worst ever. I come from years of customer service experience and I love to inform my customers of policies and laws.I ordered two mistos, one for me and one for my mom. I would have been happy if the barista said, “Thanks for your order. Please wait outside due to COVID-19 restrictions. We will bring you your order.” I got no such thing other than, “thank you.” I was waiting inside for the order then was told to wait outside as a customer came in. I was ok with that. I came back in a few minutes later to check on my order when that customer left. The order wasn’t ready.I couldn’t believe that I was told to wait outside again for a 2nd time when there was not one customer in the store! The situation got the worst of me. I said, they should have informed me from the get go. How the [email protected] do they expect customers to know how the order will be handled unless a customer is informed. I asked for my money back and refused the drinks. Coincidentally, the order was 1/3 coffee not 2/3 coffee!The good thing is, I got my money back. I left unhappy and made a complaint with corporate.

Jose L

Fast and friendly service. Great for when in a rush to get to work on time.

Charlotte Lawson

By far superior taste and customer service. Not all SB are the same. Go check em out!

Nena Sibrian

I love this Starbucks because they are really friendly and there service is very good.

Jessica H.

Super convenient because it's literally right around the corner from my place and the line moves pretty quick. Omar has always been awesome! He wasn't working today but I can't forget him. Ben was the barista today and he was the positive energy I needed this morning! Super sweet and helpful!

M O.

Why is this store so inconsistent with its hours? The employees are nice and prob. Not to blame but I've been ordering mobile pick up forever now and suddenly they're saying I have to pick it up in the drive thru. Might as well not use the app and get a fresh drink made to order because I'm not saving time. They're across the street from a hospital so you can imagine how long the drive thru can take. Btw. The lobby opens at 7am

Cindy Cook

U all know that Starbucks is just a place to pay for overpriced coffee. Yes it's good and all. Once in awhile they need to sell, A buy one get one. Not once in awhile but everyday they need to have a special like this!!! Who agrees????

luis moreno


happyfixer d.i.y

Good place with fast service no complaints here

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