Star Plaza, 2370 Crenshaw Blvd, Torrance
(310) 212-3150

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Tristan Seeney

Worst frappacino I've ever had at a Starbucks

Stevo O.

There is no way this Starbucks would ever lack customers, as it's located at such a busy intersection of Crenshaw and Sepulveda Boulevards. The inside is rather localish with nothing spectacular in particular, but does have a hometown atmosphere where locals can get their caffeine fix while going or coming home from work or just a nice easy day of relaxing.

araceli m.

Pésimo servicio muy poca gente en atender pague por un café se tardaron más de 20 minutos y nunca me dieron mi café y todavía me preguntan si ya me lo dieron nunca me dieron el café pague por algo que nunca me dieron y todavía les dejé propina muy mal servicio muy desordenados

Frank C.

This is gotta be the slowest drive up Starbucks in San Diego County

Carly M.

I worked for Starbucks as a manager for 11 years. This store sucks!! I always ask for extra cold foam, and they even put the amount that is supposed to come on it. I've asked for it to remade more than once, but don't always have time to do so and shouldn't have to. I've been going to this store for over a year as it's across from my office and still have no idea who the manager is, which shows poor leadership. I will literally be driving out of my way to go to another store going forward. These drinks aren't cheap, and should be made correctly. I'll follow up with a call to the DM.

Mary Bradley

Service here is always great! Friendly and quick

Christine T.

Went for the half of Tuesday cold drink deal. The barista said it was buy one get one 1/2 off. Not true, but I didn't want to make a fuss. Won't be visiting this store again.

Natalie Pistole

This location happily served me my drink in my reusable cup, and they also have a touch-free water bottle refill station! Bring your own cup/keep one in your car to cut down on unnecessary plastic. Unfortunately not all starbucks locations do this, but fyi this one does.

Mark S.

This is my local Starbucks. They helped my blind friend and kept him protected when he got unexpectedly evicted( his girlfriend basically looted him and never paid the rent.) I couldn't get there for a while and he had no money. When I arrived they refused my cash. He was safe and sound in a nurturing environment. Got him to a shelter so he could get the big time help he needed. Thanks, Starbucks Staff!

Jim W.

The crew was extremely rude and even felt it was appropriate to laugh at me - even as the manager sat in the lobby. I'll give the manager credit, he did not witness the crews conduct. He was kind and professional when I spoke with him. I'll consider amending my review, later, but this crew has a lot of work to do.

Vanessa E.

Starbucks finally won me over lol Took about 10hrs years for me to go back..I refused to go before because of bad experiences and lack of flavor. But I've learned how to modify my drink since I was a barista for nearly 4yrs at CBTL. This location followed exact directions for my "complicated drink". Using their mobile app is the best so there's no mistakes (unless someone doesn't read it correctly). No complaints here though! Oh and their breakfast sandwiches are bomb!! That's what got me to go back, I wanted to try their food. And I just say, I don't mind paying for a good sandwich! #Yum I forgot to take a pic cuz I was hungry! Lol But it was perfectly made and super fresh that I saw the steam!!


I would rate this a 3.5-4.0, why? Because yes it is close by, cause I transferred to sherry to catch up on 2 failed classes, it makes my life easy, i just have to walk down the alley way and boom! Starbucks, takes a good 2-4 min walk down there, another thing is I didn’t give 5 stars because they mostly don’t have anything in stock i guess…? Last week I ordered a dragon mango drink and a frapp chocolate with a vente water, the guy said I believe we gotta charge you more or something to change a drink or idk, but then he was like nevermind we got it! He also got my drink size or something confused, got a white dragon mango fruit, it still tasted like it but it was just all white…. But they are still great!

Marshall M.

IT's great that their bathroom is usually open. A lot of other places Are keeping the out of order sign on the door. Marshall Maor

Freeman Fly

Pro: Customer service is wonderful.Con: THE MOST BASIC Americano taste is Terrible. This is the most important thing for the coffee taste, but worse than my drip coffee my home.

Jax Kellington

Everytime I come in here somehow the staff manages to make me laugh while purchasing my coffee! Love the vibe love u guys!

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