18202 Prairie Ave, Torrance
(310) 542-9600

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Nancy Baba

Their club sandwich and fried zucchinis are the best!

Luis Mustelier

Burgers, BLT's, fries, chili fries& onion rings are all good!

carol morelos

Great food. Nice people. Love it.

Ute S

I called and ordered when we arrived she didnt give us the order we had to wait until she served another customer and we decided to eat in then she gave us our food after 20 min wait time it was cold my Cheeseburger as well until this time she didnt give us the drinks I had to wait 10 min more she was screaming at me that I have to pick up my order immediately after I call I did this but she didnt give me the food so I asked to make a new burger she was so mad she said at the end she will do it but it was again cold and it wasnt busy only us as well staff dont wear gloves as well I asked for Ketchup she gave me 1 and no napkins I had to ask again she gave me just 2 but we was 2 person very unfriendly

Rita Vedvick

Short line & moved pretty good ?Food was hot & yummy! Great service!

Luis N.

Do not come here. I don't know if the management changed, or if they had to cut costs, or if covid hit them particularly hard, but something happened to this location a few months ago. Ever since, the wait times have been extremely long and the food has been subpar. They don't even serve some of the menu items that they had before. It's sad and embarrassing to see what this location has become. Do not come here.

Rocio M.

My family's favorite go to burger spot!!! They have an extensive menu and everything is super yummy. My go to is the burger with grilled onions. The fries and onion rings are delicious, and if you like chili cheese fries don't miss these! The service is always very friendly and the restaurant is always very clean. If you are in the area and are looking for a yummy meal do not miss this place!

Paul N.

Delicious breakfast burritos, love the zucchini fries and onion rings! Great place for quick and easy drive through takeout.

Karen V.

This is the best Steve's around the South Bay. I will drive out of my own area to get a burger at this location. I have had the pleasure of having Alyssa take my orders a couple of times. She is awesome and always get the orders correct. And the burgers are right on point.

Jskgb B.

Best onion rings around, super good shakes, and amazing costumer service. The girl on drive through was super kind and asked me about a bandaid on my arm from working on my car earlier she was super sweet and gave me extra dressings. It can be hectic when it's busy tho so I don't suggest going at those times but if you want good portions and good drinks this is the place to go.

Maya L.

If you're gonna offer Mexican food, do it right. I got the 2 taquitos order, which at $4 I stupidly assumed it would come with all the works... you know, lettuce, sour cream, cheese, guacamole, and salsa, but nope, instead I got two small dry plain taquitos with what I think was a cold cut meat inside and a small container of fake runny "guacamole " salsa, LOL! I'm so mad, all can do is laugh about it. You should be ashamed for selling this off as "taquitos". Unbelievable. Take this option off your menu. It's a rip off.

hector rod

How hard is it to get a order right?? ? it's a simple plain double hamburger with baccon. Drive thru needs to listen better.

Warren N.

I was absolutely disgusted with the lack of hygiene! The two chefs in the back had no gloves on, fingers and hands were in the food they were preparing for customers. I brought it to the attention of the cashier and she just laughed, I ended up asking for my money back.

Danielle W.

So Covid friendly! Alyssa Arias was the best! She was so attentive with my family and all their food allergies. Very sweet. I'm definitely coming back upon her patience and her attitude to make sure my family had an enjoyable meal. Definitely recommending this place because of her.

henry Hananya

Good clean and quiet location . seems slower on weekends .good food but as other restaurants prices up almost doubled in the last few years due to the 15 dollars minimum wage lie .

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