Steve's Char Burgers #1

1632 Crenshaw Blvd, Torrance
(310) 618-8979

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Sam M.

The food is great but the only thing is I just don't like it when the people working in the kitchen do not wear gloves when touching the food You know you have to realize we have a covic pandemic and seeing them using their bare hands without no gloves just really scares me So I hope that they start wearing gloves when doing the food like the burgers using their bare hands they're touching it without no gloves So just hope the owner understands that we have a pandemic coming around here and I just don't like to see that using your bare hands touching the food.. If I come back and see them without wearing no plastic gloves in their hands and that shows you I'm not going to come back here anymore.

Moi D.

Picked up some food for the fam . I ordered a chicken sandwich. And they burned it. . Look at the pictures. I paid $45.44. Total. Im not eating here anymore.

Jack C.

Love this place. A huge selection of great food and the nicest people around. We train at Gracie Jiu Jitsu and love to stop here afterwards. My granddaughter recently ordered something she didn't like which was not their fault she just didn't realize what she was ordering. I ordered her a different meal and when I tried to pay they wouldn't let me even though it was not their fault at all. Give it a try it is awesome.

Diego V.

I wouldn't give it a star just called whoever answered me gave me the worst attitude. Terrible place and also terrible food

Chelse S.

Not sure why I continue to come here. Only good thing is their fries as long as they have season salt, which you have to ask for. I usually get just a cheeseburger and small fries and for whatever reason that costs more than the combo that come with a drink. Today I ordered a cheeseburger with extra cheese and grilled onions and small fries. What did I get? A burnt burger with no extra cheese, raw onions, and avocado! Dumbasses can't make a burger or even follow an order or even give the right order! The owner is an asshole too. Very unhappy with his job and probably has to find the strength not to kill himself daily. Save yourself the time, money and disappointment and just go to the 7/11 down the street if you're starving.

Charles Carter

Good prices and food. Friendly service. Huevos ranchero is awesome.

Maggie Sanchez

The husband and I took some time away from the kids Sunday afternoon, dining room was empty, a lot of people taking take-out. I felt cute that day so we decided to sit in a corner and have a meal just the two of us, burgers were delicious fries were fresh, service was friendly and fast. The hubster had a California burger and I had a regular cheeseburger.

Allen Luedemann

The staff was so- so for friendliness.The diner was clean, but bathroom needs updating. Quality of food was good, but too much hash browns!

makisha w

Food had no seasoning, ordered a chicken burrito they gave me fried chicken! And I called in. But still had to wait 15 min smmfh never again

Leheart J.

Where locals eat … and it’s been darn good since 1985!

Henry M.

Wanted to try the pastrami sandwich. Read some good reviews on it so thought I'd try it out.! First off I read alot about how generous their portions were....NOT! $14.00 pastrami combo comes w/ small fries(no overflow) and a pretty small pastrami and regular drink. The pastrami was really dry and no flavor at all, one of the worse but not the worst, I've had worse. Pretty disappointing. But oh well, Next time If I have an urge for a pastrami I'll hit up the HAT or Johnnie's.

Lynda Amsell

Really good fresh charbroiled burgers and fries!! Old school.

Moses L.

This place has been here for years. It's a no non-sense grill that has solid burgers, hot dogs, chili fries, and my personal favorite the breakfast burrito. I have been coming here since 2005 and some of the staff are still here. I know there maybe some people that talk some mad smack about this place, but in all honesty, just because you can't post it on instagram and get 10 likes, doesn't mean this place isn't good. It's a solid local spot. Yeah the fries can use some work, but overall, it's a satisfying cheat meal.


Steve's Burgers are great! I've been going there for years with my family! I recommend you go and try them :]

Adam Sypien

Been going here since I was a child. Same guy running it.They make chorizo breakfast burritos that will knock your socks off. Big POG

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