Steve's Char Burgers

1606 Crenshaw Blvd, Torrance
(310) 618-8979

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Leslie T.

I really tried, but NEVER EVER again. I really wanted a burger and I've passed this place 1776786 times and decided why not. I went inside and a man was behind the counter speaking with a customer who seem to be a regular. I waited patiently. The man behind the counter looked at me and never acknowledged me. I waited some more. He spoke and spoke to the guy about random stuff. I waited. Then the phone rung and he took down an order while I waited and waited. Now im getting upset because the phone order came before me and as we all know IM WAITING! When he felt like it, he finally ask me what I wanted. I received no hello or apology and at that point I wanted NOTHING! They lost my business before I even gave it to them! Horrible customer service

Michael J. G.

If you happen to be driving down Crenshaw and have a hankering for a burger or for any of the burger joint offerings, don't stop here, keep driving! This was just under mediocre. There are so many better stops and options around the South Bay!

Andrew F.

BEST BREAKFAST BURRITOS EVER. After a night of intoxication, my buddies and I will proceed to go to this Steve's the next morning and order sausage egg burritos. These babies are big and powerful, and come with some bomb sauce. Check them out. This location serves a higher quality product than the Anza & Del amo location. Good work guys!

Barbara E.

They're Onion Rings are the BEST around. Always have been. Used to stop by after school just for them.

Grace Thomas

My first experience was a pleasant one. Manager was welcoming. Food was perfect. Better than most places. I loked the burger, especially the fries. Nice environment.

Paul Alvarez

Got steak n eggs. Deeeeelisous..everything is good here

silvia Perez Perez

Food not that great today .usually better ..

Nate P.

I have known steve since he was a young whippersnapper, he always used to enjoy throwing golfballs at the lake back in october summers.... California?

Jordan Stokes

As far as mom and pop burger places go, I liked it. Bonus points for these guys actually knowing how to make a patty melt.

Melissa U.

I normally love the steak breakfast burrito. The staff that take phone orders, don't take orders correctly. One was a female and the other male. When you buy a $14 breakfast burrito you expect your order to be correct. So like anyone you call and complain and however the "manager" is gets on the phone and wants you to drive your food back for a new correct order. And to add insult other response from the non customer service staff is that you never ordered the meal like that. So you are lying... I don't need to lie about my order, I may not come back. There are plenty of places that need business if Steve's doesn't want to provide quality service and food there are plenty of places to go. Little suggestion Steve's... refund the $$$ when you make a mistake, no one is going to drive the food back.

Alexandro Valdez

Best burgers and Chilli cheese fries in the area

Geoff W.

Yeah this was a pretty good spot. Good burger and fries and ranch. Can't complain about that.

Rosemary Mathews

Great breakfast burritos and great burgers. Quick service and good prices

mario alvarez

Best burgers ? ever my favorite classic American burger spot


Great place to eat at. Love their fries.

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