Steve's Charburger

20055 Anza Ave, Torrance
(310) 371-8729

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The service here has really gone down hill. The girl working the drive thru today was completely useless. We repeated the first order a minimum of 5 times and she still kept repeating back wrong. She hands us 2 drinks that were wet, with 1 straw and that was soaking wet.. She must hate her job, at least she had pretty nails.

Eric Mendez

Hands down best burger size to price ratio. I recommend the double cheeseburger and fries or onion rings ?

Robert C

I ordered the steak salad with ranch on the side. All the lettuce was brown and they tried to cover it up with ranch dressing. I asked for the ranch to be on the side.

Jon P.

Just moved back into the area and had Steve's for the first time in about 8 years, food was still on point. Chili cheese fries and pastrami sandwich were excellent! Definitely my go to.

Greg J.

The worst BLT I have ever had. Who puts Thousand Island Dressing on a BLT? Fries were soggy and very bland. I will never go back to that dump. Neither should you..

C G.

Had the fish and chicken dinner. No idea what dark fish they use. Wasn't a very appetizing dinner. Can't say "I'll go back, because that was good!".

John Keener

Their breakfast burritos are ok but their drive thru is pathetically slow. I've stopped here twice on the way to work and waited 15+ minutes both times with one car ahead of me.

Leslie Hunt

Good food. Quick bite to eat.

SoCal S.

Best chili cheese fries in the South Bay in my opinion. I like their pastrami sandwiches as well. Staff has always been cool too.

Wendy Bell

Best milkshakes in South Bay! My go to place for a burger and a shake. And some chili fries or onion rings too. The drive thru can take a little while if there is a line, but it goes pretty fast and is worth it!

Vicki Callahan

HUGE menu. Who doesn't love a charbroiled buger?Want to try the fried chicken, but always fall back to the burger.


My first time ordering from Steve's Charburger...i had a chorizo breakfest burrito wasn't to happy, it came with hash brown and I added beans no cheese there was no chorizo in it but there was lil egg.

Rosie G.

I'm not from the area but so happy I decided to stop at Steve's burgers. Their drive thru service was friendly and speedy, and their burgers omg so good and fresh. Will definitely be coming during my lunch more often.


My wife and I have been eating at this Steve's for about 7 years but over the last 6 months we have noticed a change in the staff's attitude toward us. The main cook seemed to be bothered that we asked for our breakfast meat to be cooked well done. Initially when we asked for it to be cooked well done he burnt it. So for future orders we would ask for our meat to be cooked well done but not burnt so it would not be burnt again. So we noticed over time the staff taking our order began to become annoyed with our request. 2 weeks ago Saturday was Our last order at Steve's on Anza due to the fact the main cook had made a mistake with our order and he had to do it over. He has made mistakes on previous orders prior as well. While I was waiting for my delayed order I over heard him making fun of our well done not burnt order and saying to the staff how we are a problem. The staff laughed and they seemed very unfriendly to me even though they knew I was a regular customer. Also our order took 30 minutes to be ready. I had to ask for our food and the staff never said to me why my order was delayed. When I asked for our food is when I was told the cook had made a mistake on our order. Only 1 of the staff apologized but the rest of the staff didn't seem to care. I think the main cook purposely delayed our order because he was irritated by our request and his mistake. So due to prior mistakes made on our orders and the cook's and staffs attitudes we are No longer customers. Kyle & Vita.

Betty Perez

Don’t even bother wasting your money here. Management is unprofessional and very rude and they do not care if there is hair in your food. I called and let them know that there was a hair in my burger and asked if I could get a refund and the manager Jimmy said and I quote “I’ll give you another burger” and when I told him that I didn’t want another burger I would rather get a refund he said “oh I don’t know about a refund” and just completely ignored anything that I said to him and kept saying “another burger another burger” he must of said that at least 5 times. MANAGEMENT IS TERRIBLE AND THE FOOD ISN’T THAT GREAT EITHER. Never giving them my business again.

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