3535 Torrance Blvd Suite 1 & 2, Los Angeles
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Marlene D.

No stars i decide to walk to subway from 10 hour shift at the hospital to get myself a subway this lady called sonia was doing my sandwich it look like she was on a rush i was the only one in subway and the other employee was finish some other customer once o got back to sit down and eat it i open it the veggies dressing where outside the bread it look really discussing. i called back to advise her that we are not pigs with all the veggies and dressing sticking out of the bread.

Rached Zantout

I am not sure why, but they started accepting only CASH. Other than that it is excellent with excellent service

Sam Araujo

Went to Subway with my kids The Sandwich Artist was very impatient and rushed my kids when they were ordering their sandwich

Jonathan G

Terrible service never will return to this Subway

Michelle P.

I don't know why I see so many bad reviews because this subway is my fav spot. Idk about other workers besides one worker since she's always there whenever I go and she's super nice.

Kimberly T.

I've always had terrible customer service experiences at this location and I'm assuming the owner nor Corp cares enough to fix the issue. Today I get yelled at by the worker who's screaming at me when I walk in door that only 4 are allowed in at a time but when I do a head count there were already 7 inside. What happened to speaking to people with respect and you want me to follow your rules which you won't follow yourself. Now I've left a voice message for the manager, so let's see if I get a return call. I absolutely believe that service is a representation of what the manager expects of their workers. If I don't get a return call my next visit will be to get the store number and managers name to write to their corporate office. This is unacceptable.

Pranav Shetty

Lunch time with 1 person working. Over 30 minutes to get a sandwich that was preordered. Not acceptable. That one person was incredibly fast though!

Helmut Stiebel

Awesome food and service

David T.

THE WORST!!!!!!Terrible service.RUDE. Yelled at me when I was trying to access the Subway App.Screamed for me to go outside and order first.So I did. Then they refused to give the chips and cookie that their own App said came with the meal.To top all their incompetence, they added onions which I DID NOT order and which gives me an extreme allergic reaction. I had to throw the sandwich away.This location should be shut down or these employees fired!!!!!!

Eagle Zanotto kimura

I love Subway, but theres a lady that works on this store and she is always in a sour mood. My orders are always combos, she always tells me didn't order a combo, and i have to open my app and show her the order. I feel like im a suspect of burglary... I'm just going to avoid this place.

Alicia Coleman

Food fresh

Perla Romo

The experience here is usually fine but today when my husband and I walked in, it was so hot and humid inside. It was practically unbearable especially with a face mask on. They need better ventilation or air conditioning or something. I felt especially bad for the employees having to work in that environment.

Richard Maragni

Good meatball subs.

Mary Rodriguez

Can't go wrong with the sandwiches with a variety of veggies..?

wendy Reeves

I really dislike poor customer service and this place unfortunately had poor customer service today provided in particular by a young lady. She let me pay and keep a soup after she found out there were no spoons available and that’s also after finding out they had no meatballs order something else and she had to go to the “back” to get it! Slow and poor service.... would go in to more detail but this should give the gist of the experience.

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