3535 Torrance Blvd Suite 1 & 2, Los Angeles
(310) 792-2431

Recent Reviews

Richard Maragni

Good meatball subs.

Mary Rodriguez

Can't go wrong with the sandwiches with a variety of veggies..?

wendy Reeves

I really dislike poor customer service and this place unfortunately had poor customer service today provided in particular by a young lady. She let me pay and keep a soup after she found out there were no spoons available and that’s also after finding out they had no meatballs order something else and she had to go to the “back” to get it! Slow and poor service.... would go in to more detail but this should give the gist of the experience.

Michael Escoto

It's says hours are from 7am to 9pm and it's 7:25am and its closed with a worker inside just looking at me not saying anything. What kind of service is that. Wow!!!

Beatrice Hicks

I love the burger in this place! I always visit this every rush hour!

Gina K.

I don't normally review fast-food restaurants, but had to share the worst experience I've ever had at a Subway!! Went in for a veggie delight and the woman who was making my order kept saying "what next" but wouldn't listen to my response so I had to repeat myself, which irritated HER!! I asked for vinegar and oil three times and still didn't get it. There was a bottle of dressing that looked like salad dressing and asked what it was (since vinegar and oil was lost on her), she just stated at me - a customer said it was garlic oil. I asked for it she poured, then asked what next... still never got vinegar. She was rude and clearly didn't want to be there. There are so many Subways, why would I subject myself to rudeness? I would not and wanted to share so you can avoid a bad experience too!!

Therese V.

After paying for my footlong sandwich, I asked the cashier to take my telephone number so I could get credit for my reward points. She insisted I needed a "card" and I said I only use my telephone number. So, no points for me and I sent an email after complaining on the survey. I get a generic response, NEVER addressing the issue/problem I had. Won't be going back to this location and telling everyone else to do the same.

M. Lulu Spicy Eyes Navarro

When making my, the BMT I asked a mere to use the shredded cheese... To which he barely used any sparingly. He proceeded to add a normal amount of cheese to sandwich and charged me $3 extra. WTH....SMH!!! UNBELIEVABLE!! he was the only one behind the counter apparently the other person was on break. The place does not look sanitary whatsoever. I will not be coming back to the subway!!

Arexy G.

Ladies working in front were rude while attending me with my order. Specially Elizabeth. They don't have public restroom available in this location and they didn't let me use it being 8 months pregnant.

Martha Jones

I get the tuna sandwich made to my liking and they have a New Bread

Jeff M.

It's a subway. They're pretty much all the same.. so why the 5 stars? They have a staff member Sammy, who makes my sandwiches with care, pride, and an attention to detail that I don't see anywhere else. For this reason alone, I'll go out of my way to get my subway fix. Thanks Sammy! Keep up the good work!!

Dominique A.

I go to subway at least 3-4 times a week and this is by FAR the worst location!! I came in today for lunch and there was a long line okay cool no problem it's lunch time and everyone else probably wants a sandwich like I do. While waiting in line you can hear the 4 female employees arguing about who's sandwich is first and where they should stand. Like how hard is it to pass the sandwich down to the next person without mixing up who's order it is?! Still whatever it's not my problem I wait and order my chicken chopped salad the girl who made my order did a good job and put in everything I wanted. I'm next to pay in line and the guy behind me had his sandwich finished before my salad but who cares I'll pay and wait. WRONG the cashier then tells me she has to ring him up first cause his is done so I'm already irritated he proceeds to tell the cashier the guy behind him is with him and his sandwich is still being made. This cashier seriously made me WAIT for his sandwich to be done pay and then I could pay all while my salad was sitting right next to her!! I take my food to go so I can eat before getting back to lunch and they gave me a spoon instead of a fork so now I spent my whole lunch with food I cannot eat. This place has horrible customer service, employees who do not care about their job and are there solely to collect a check, and obviously a general manager that does not take any reviews on yelp seriously as it looks like everyone has been having the same problems. To the general manager get your SHIT together or you would be out of a business. Retrain your employees and take constructive criticism and fix all of your issues! I will stay clear of this subway!

Dianne S.

Don't visit here if you're a Eat Fresh Club member and able to get a free sub and a free drink for the birthday because when I asked them about it, they said they don't do free meals. I'm not sure if a store can reject to follow its rule.

Eddie L.

The lady employees were rude had no respect for customer and she was arguing with me cause I want my meal tosted. also she gave me an Attitude and said something in Spanish that was offensive they need to be fired and I will never go there again.


Fast and easy, friendly staff. Everything you'd expect from a quick service restaurant.

Scott Frank

Fast and easy, friendly staff. Everything you'd expect from a quick service restaurant.

Karen MAriano

This location has long lines and very slowl service.

Maggie S.

Most of the other 1-star reviews are accurate in my opinion. I have visited this location about 20 times in the last 5 years! It is a difficult choice because the location is more convenient than any other Subway, yet the service is totally unacceptable. True, the employees are poorly trained here, barely understand English, let alone speak it, and are hired entry @ minimum. wage. You have to repeat the ingredients on your order each one at least 3 times. They say they can't hear when the reality is: they aren't paying attention, don't understand English, and just want to collect their paycheck. Luz, the manager will give you good service, but isn't there most of the time. So, you're going to luck out with trainees! Next, no way can you contact Luz, let alone the franchise owner, Xavier, to give feedback or complain. Employees onsite decline all information when asked. After a "way-crispy" sandwich w/o the dressing I wanted one day, and a shouting match last time, I won't be back. After i went into detail to describe the multiple frustrating experiences I've had here, Xavier claimed it was the first he's heard. Small wonder, since he directs his employees to give no information. Further, Xavier's customer service is no better. After spending a lot of time to research his contact (on-line!) to give him some detailed feedback, he couldn't even give me a free sandwich. He was more than happy to tell me to contact the Corporate office. More of my time! That's because Corporate has no influence over their franchisees. It'd have to be something offensive like a health or harassment issue before they would take any action against a franchisee. . You get it...Go somewhere else....please!

Hector Tellez

Employees are very nice! Friendly and attentive. Regarding the food, well, it is a Subway, it is what it is, these places are everywhere and they serve pretty much the same thing all the time. The menu is fine, the sandwiches are tasty. I have always enjoyed this very particular Subway.

Tyler Johnson

Good food, clean store.

Scott F

Fast and easy, friendly staff. Everything you'd expect from a quick service restaurant.

Richard Otten

No restrooms?? Even for paying customers?

AbdelHadi Isaid

Very nice service

Bobby C.

Omg this is the worst Subway I've been to! Not only was it hard to find because it was hidden, there was very few seats and it feels like your sitting on concrete. The employees lagged to make my sandwich and weren't very happy to serve customers. The food was bland and found several hairs in them which was disgusting. Do not come here, there is a McDonald's next door. I'm sure they care about customer service

Brittany N.

Not feeling this location at all. Ma'am I'm speaking in English not Spanish. If you can't understand please work somewhere else. Hey subway get some quality ingredients also. And people while you're at it with no attitudes.

Mayra C.

The manager is rude . I placed an online order for 2 6 inch oven roasted chicken sandwiches through the app. It told me they'd be ready at 12:15. That's the time I got there . I went on my lunch break from work and when I got back from picking them up they were both extra soggy (NO, THEY DIDNT HAVE DRESSING) and they gave me shredded chicken. What the hell. When I go complain they tell me since I don't have the sandwiches I can't get a refund nor a sandwich for my troubles . First of all why is she a manager when she has no problem solving skills . No wonder they only have 2 stars. She tells me that I got there late or I ordered dressing and that's why they were soggy. WRONG. Neither did I get there late or order dressing . This place is a joke.

Carolina Sánchez

Bad service and today that I went I was going to go buy 3 sandwiches but there was only 1 lady working and there was a long line and the lady that was working was very nice and telling us the costomers to wait cause she was the o my one working not enough employees

Andrew W.

This location does not have any seating area. That's a major improvement that is needed.

Matthew P.

Fast and solid service at this Subway on Torrance Blvd next to the popular Rascals Teriyaki and Shakey's Pizza. Had a fresh foot long, nicely done, parking lot can be packed during peak hours (due to above mentioned food spots in the plaza), but on off hours, this is a good choice for a quick lunch on the go if you are in the mood for a subway.

Tamar V.

this used to be my favorite subway to go to since the location is convenient and the workers are friendly but i won't be going there anymore. i was really enjoying my sandwich till i found this avocado sticker in it. i'm honestly disgusted

Carolina Sánchez

Bad service and today that I went I was going to go buy 3 sandwiches but there was only 1 lady working and there was a long line and the lady that was working was very nice and telling us the costomers to wait cause she was the o my one working not enough employees

Led Zepper

Accessible area. Service could be a tad bit better, but not bad.

Nunya B.

830 pm on a Thursday 11/1/18. I walk in and the girl is mopping the floor and ignores me. The other staff person is sitting in her car. Thus, I left. Is that a way to do business? What idiots on staff this night.

Kathy Q.

I called to find out about EBT cards accepted at Subways and it's sad that this Subway don't accept EBT cards from disabled handicapped people these kids are handicap to begin with and they're not working so sometimes the EBT cards are nice to have so that they can have a hot meal during the day but this Subway refuses to accept EBT cards went on the web page to EBT cards website it says Subway is accepting EBT cards very sad

Rebecca W.

I know better than to go to this location every time there is an issue. If I could have given a negative 5 stars that would have been better. My daughter gets subway so much she can eye ball shorter 6 inches she learned that they all have a measuring stick stays on cutting board for anal people like her. On Sunday one of the ladies we will call her Eli since that is what they said her name was. Neither one of the two ladies was wearing a name tag. When she pulled out the half it looked little we asked to measure she slammed her hand down & said it is six inches what do you want. I said really I want you to measure because it doesn't look like 6 inches. She pulls out a foot long and proceeded to cut it picks up the bread puts it down says six inches then starts with all the kinds of attitude towards my daughter. I asked for a manager which was meet with blank stares. When they finally understood what I said it too so long just to get information. We went to another down road the one I normally go too. I am done going in this location even if on the way will go out of way to another location or go to another sandwich place.

Kelly O.

Customer service is by far the worst of any Subway I have ever been to. They are also very stingy on their veggies. Even though it is right by my house, I would rather drive further for better service

Christy Wilcox

I haven't had Subway for a long time, and from the past remembered crispy bread, with generous amounts of fresh deli meat. This time around, bread was soggy, the portion looked smaller and nothing like what's pictured on the banners.

Barry Durkee

Good, but not great. Size and quality could have been better.

Mina G.

Luz is absolutely amazing, greatest customer service ever. She's about to go on break and she stopped all what she was doing to help me out and make 15 sandwiches for me and save my party... Luz and the lady helping her you were my heroes. Thank you

David R.

Very slow at night, not sure if employee was staffed alone or came during break time, but it was rough for everyone