2396 Crenshaw Blvd #G, Torrance
(310) 320-3366

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August Tinsley

Good experience, used a deal that gave me free chips and soda

Stewart Villegas

Owners need to work on the way they treat their staff . They take advance of good people . Need to work on cleanliness as well as professionalism . If I could rate a zero I would store needs a deep cleaning they had many employees who were out sick on COVID leave and never shut the store down to even sanitize

David Cordell

Fast service and a good sandwich.

August TinsleyYT

Good experience, used a deal that gave me free chips and soda

Tami Garcia

To be able to purchase any 3 foot longs for $17.99 and not have to cook dinner after a long day at work is simply a blessing!I took a picture of my flat bread veggie samich!I love their flat bread because I don't feel stuffed after enjoying my foot long!The variety of veggies they had were fresh and tasted so very good!!

Mark C.

This is your standard Subway. It feels almost like yesterday that I remember seeing those $5 foot long commercials. In this age of covid apocalypse though, my discounted foot long cost me $7. Their discounted items change every single day and they can't be discounted further with coupons either.

Lynda Bowman

Oh my lordttttt, first time here and def not gonna be the last. The wait is well worth it! We waited 75 mins on a rainy Tuesday afternoon (from the little kiddie quarter ride) and everyone says today's wait is significantly less than any other day. Maybe it's the rain, idk, but the line was still forming behind us. It's cause everybody knows what's up!

Anna Phillips

A shout out to Joseph great Customer Svc! U know how old folks like me frown at trying new stuff especially when it comes to food..Well Joseph wasn't having it. He heard my cry for help! He knew that I just needed reassurance that it was safe try new well drinks. Gave me a sample of the mango and ?! And wow! I loved it! Wasn't too sweet which was my original objection for fear of weight gain but surprisingly quite refreshing! Total hit! Now its opened the door to all possibilities. Thank You Joseph

Rich Silva

Took a bit of time for the staff to get to me even though i was the only person in the shop...

Jesse O.

I ordered a sandwich combo, and I got exactly what I wanted right away. The crew was very professional, and the establishment was very clean.Great service

Grace Lee

Tried app to order 3 meatball footlong sub. The app was easy to use but when we picked up the order, they came COLD. Very disappointing.

Tierra N.

I tried to give this place another try after multiple times of them doing a horrible job and it being dirty on the inside.. so I tried to order pick up to avoid humans cause ya know they are infected. I received the msg that the food was finished but that was a sad depressing lie to not only my self but to everyone in the world. The lady is all ALONE the line is out the door and it seem I still had to ya know wait for her to make the order because it wasnt even started. So if you are trying to avoid others during the covid pandemic just know this is not the place because I am still standing here next to some dude that has no idea what the horribly placed markers on the floor means. I don't know math but I can tell you this is NOT 6 ft at all. Not to mention she got my order completely wrong!! Missing main things requested and she added things she wanted me to have! It was an over all horrible experience. But trust me when I say this was the last time u sm going to this location

Logan Carter

Nice and clean not too crowded

Dorothy Brown

I love Subway its my favorite place to eat. Torrance, Thank You.

CM Galaxy Jam

This is the most well-managed Subway I've been to. The lunch rush line during the week moves very quickly, the weekends not so much. The dining room is small and sometimes uncomfortable, but they always make your sandwich perfectly, and they never say "we don't have that" or "our toaster's not working today." Sometimes the "music" is annoying and loud and obviously not catered towards the clientele, and that's the only reason I'd give four instead of five stars.

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